Dirgantara Sculpture Monument, Historical Monument Full of Myths in Jakarta

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Jl. Gatot Subroto, Kel. Menteng Dalam, Kec. Pancoran, City of South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta; Folder: Location Check

The Dirgantara Statue Monument, or better known as the Pancoran Statue is not a tourist spot in Jakarta. However, because of the uniqueness and distinctive shape of the building, this place is visited by many tourists. The goal is only used as a place to relax while enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city Jakarta getting denser.

In addition, visitors also use this statue as a photo spot. The background is indeed suitable as an interesting and unique spot. But behind that, there is actually a long history of the construction of this monument. This statue with a distinctive shape has a philosophical meaning about the struggle of the Indonesian nation in general.

It is located on the edge of the main road, anyone who passes must see this historical monument. How not, the total height is estimated at 38 meters. The height of this statue that stands alone is about 11 meters, while the foundation where this statue stands reaches 27 meters with a very unique curved shape.

The Attraction of the Aerospace Statue Monument

Attraction at the Aerospace Sculpture Monument
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Even though it is only a statue that stands on a tall building, the Dirgantara Statue Monument still has its charm. This is what makes many visitors take the time to stop by with various purposes. Before heading to the location, it’s a good idea to listen to the following interesting things!

✦ History of the Aerospace Sculpture Monument

Indonesia is known as a cultured country and highly values ​​history. Every place or location has a long history, both name and otherwise. Likewise with the statue in this Pancoran area. The idea of ​​making it was initiated directly by President Soekarno who was still active at that time.

He wanted to make a statue as a symbol of the nation’s courage to explore outer space. It is for this reason that it is called the Dirgantara Statue Monument, which means more or less exploring outer space. This statue was made by a well-known artist who is an expert in his field, who else if not Edhi Sunarso.

The making of the statue as well as the monument was carried out in Jogja in 1964. The process actually only took one year, which means it was finished in 1965. However, because at that time the tragedy of the G30S PKI rebellion occurred, the delivery of the statue from Yogyakarta to Jakarta was hampered, so it was sent and installed in 1965.

✦ As a Symbol of the Nation’s Spirit

As previously explained, the Dirgantara Statue Monument was created as a symbol of the fighting spirit of the Indonesian nation. The existence of this statue is expected to provide inspiration for all citizens not to be afraid to explore and study anywhere, especially for the Republic of Indonesia’s air force.

This statue faces north, to the Kemayoran National Airport to be precise. The shape of this standing statue uses the model of President Sukarno, while the face is taken from Edhi Sunarso himself. The material for making the statue is none other than bronze, so it remains strong and sturdy even though it is tens of years old today.

✦ Hidden Myths

Many think that President Sukarno came up with the idea of ​​the Dirgantara Statue Monument not only to inflame the nation’s spirit, but to have a hidden purpose. The direction of the statue facing north is not without reason, it is said that it points to a place where Sukarno’s treasure is.

On the other hand, there are those who argue that this statue actually points towards Russia. As we all know, Russia was one of President Sukarno’s political meccas at that time. Whatever the intent and purpose of the shape and direction of this monument, there is certainly a lot of uniqueness that becomes its attraction.

✦ As Photo Spot

Because of its unique shape and very tall size, the Dirgantara Statue Monument is often used as a photo object. The statue weighs a total of 11 tons, each piece weighing 1 ton. The installation was carried out defensively on a curved monument resembling a curve without any support pillars at all.

If you look closely, there are only two parts of this monument, namely the monument and the statue. This unique and distinctive shape certainly deserves to be one of the landmarks of the city of Jakarta. So do not be surprised if visitors who come aim to make it a photo background. Moreover, there are many towering buildings around it.

Address, Route Location and Entrance Ticket

Address of the Aerospace Statue Monument
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Its strategic location makes it easy for anyone to visit the Dirgantara Statue Monument. Those of you who are crossing the Pancoran area can certainly see this statue standing proudly. The address itself is on Jalan Gatot Subroto, Pancoran Village, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta.

The distance from the center of South Jakarta is estimated to be only 6 kilometers. You should be able to do it in just 15 minutes. However, since this area often has traffic jams, you will most likely arrive within 30 minutes. For those who are not native Jakarta residents, maybe a little confused in looking for it.

The route to the Dirgantara Statue Monument that you can take is via Jalan Pangeran Antasari, then onto Jalan Prapanca Raya. Continue the journey to Jalan Bangka Raya, then to Jalan Captain Tendean. Continue to follow the main route until you arrive at Jalan Gatot Subroto, from here you can see this monument standing tall.

While visiting this alternative tour in Jakarta, you don’t need an entrance fee. The only mandatory fee that must be incurred is for parking fees. That’s also if you come using a private vehicle, be it a motorbike or a car. You can come here anytime, be it morning, afternoon, evening or night.

Interesting Activities to Do

Interesting Activities at the Aerospace Statue Monument
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The Dirgantara Statue Monument was actually made not for tourist purposes, but there are still many visitors who come. Partly out of curiosity with a distinctive and unique shape. Some of them want to do various interesting activities, here are some of them!

1. Relaxing Picnic Spending Vacation Time

Of the many tourists who come to the Dirgantara Statue Monument, most of the goals are for a relaxing picnic. Around the monument there is a fairly large green park, indeed suitable for relaxing activities. Visitors are usually not alone, but bring their children or partners to spend vacation time.

2. See the uniqueness of the Aerospace Statue Monument

There are many uniqueness from the Dirgantara Statue Monument, it doesn’t hurt to see it in more detail. Although you can’t directly observe the shape of the statue because the distance is too high, you can see it from a distance. You can also observe the unique part of the monument, without pillars and its shape is curved with angles resembling a curve.

3. Photo spot hunting

While visiting this monument, you definitely don’t want to leave it without a memento. This is also done by most of the visitors, one might even say all of them. Hunting for photo spots while you are here is a mandatory activity. You can use a monument as a backdrop, or it could be a green garden that is quite refreshing to the eye.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Facilities at the Aerospace Statue Monument
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Not many facilities are found while you are at the Dirgantara Statue Monument. Naturally, because this time you are not visiting official tourist attractions like in other places.

The facilities found are parking areas, which also use land belonging to the surrounding area. Likewise with toilets and places of worship, you can find them around the monument.

There are many places that you can visit to fill your vacation time. But before that, there are many considerations that must be done. For example attraction, distance, and interesting activities that can be done while at the location. The Dirgantara Statue Monument can still be considered as an alternative tourist attraction, considering that there are no costs that you have to pay and its strategic location.