Dempo Park, a Beautiful Park with Various Exciting Rides in Pagar Alam

Ticket price: IDR 5,000 Operational hour: 08.00-18.00 WIT, Address: Dempio Makmur, Kec. North Pagar Alam, City of Pagar Alam, South Sumatra; Folder: Location Check

Dempo Park is not the only tourist destination in Pagar Alam, South Sumatra. However, because of its beauty and attractiveness, this place is never empty of visitors every day. Even on weekends, visitors come from various regions to enjoy what is on offer.

This place is getting more and more hits and is the talk of many tourists, especially those who are active on social media. Not without reason, visitors who have come will definitely want to show off their charm. Beautiful flower gardens, instagramable photo spots, and lots of rides are the main attractions.

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The Attraction of Dempo Park

Attraction in Dempo Park
Image Credit: Google Maps Adriansyah Putra

Dempo Park is a recreational park that offers a variety of interesting things so that it is visited by many tourists from various regions. If you are curious about what the attraction in question is, please take a quick look at the following explanation!

1. Enchanting Natural Scenery

As the name implies, this tourist hit in Pagar Alam is at the foot of Mount Dempo. No wonder the location is filled with stunning natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy views of the hills with their distinctive winding contours. From a distance, this row of hills looks so exotic and very beautiful.

Another view found at Dempo Park is the expanse of green tea gardens. The steps of the land which are called terracing are also quite clear to see, their charm is even more riveting. As for the air quality, it feels cool and refreshing here. For city dwellers, this is a relaxed atmosphere, which is certainly not found in urban areas.

2. Children’s Play Area

In addition to the beautiful scenery, this beautiful tour is equipped with a large and safe children’s play area. The existence of this area makes the reason visitors come from families. So in essence, Dempo Park is suitable for all tourists to visit, including young couples who want to hunt for beautiful photo spots.

Children can play safely in this playground. As with playgrounds in other public places, there are also swings, slides, suspension bridges, seesaws, and many others. Even though it is said to be safe, as much as possible you still pay attention to what children are doing while playing.

3. Spot Beautiful Photos

The next attraction of Dempo Park is that there are many beautiful and instagramable photo spots. For those who like photography, this place should not be ignored, meaning you must visit. Among the many spots, the ones that attract the most attention are the hobbit houses, suspension bridges, and various unique statues.

Even though it is not a spot devoted to taking pictures, the beautiful flower garden has become an idol for tourists. How could I not, the colorful flowers fascinate anyone who sees them. Moreover, at some points it presents a beautiful view, for example, a row of soothing shrubs.

4. Recreation Facilities

The number of recreational rides or what can be said outbound rides is also one of the attractions of Dempo Park. Here there is a flying fox, which allows visitors to feel the sensation of flying across the valley using ropes and harnesses. In addition, there are also ATVs that can surround the tourist area on special off-road motorbikes.

Not only land rides are available here, but also water play rides. For example, the swimming pool is quite large and equipped with several facilities such as water slides and showers. In addition, there are also water bicycles that allow you to enjoy all the beauty of tourist attractions while relaxing on the lake.

Address and Route to Location

Address of Dempo Park Pagar Alam
Image Credit: Google Maps Tomy Heryandi

Dempo Park is a natural tourist destination combined with rides and various photo spots. The address is in Dempio Makmur Village, North Pagar Alam District, Pagar Alam City, South Sumatra. Visiting this place is very easy, because the place is quite strategic even though it is at the foot of the mountain.

The distance from the city center or Pagar Alam Square is only about 10 kilometers. This distance can generally be reached in just 20 minutes. The best route if you depart from the city center is to go to Jalan Mayjen S Parman first, then to Jalan DI Panjaitan.

Straight on following the main route until you arrive at Jalan Depati Renasin. Your next destination is to Jalan Soekarno Hatta, then continue until you arrive at Jalan Muntung Raje. After following the main route for about 500 meters, you will arrive at a tourist spot. It is located on the right side of the road, not far from the Mangkok Waterfall area on the left side of the road.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

After finding the Dempo Park location, please find a comfortable parking space according to the vehicle you are under. Please go to the counter to buy a ticket, because visiting this tourist spot is not free. But calm down, the price of a tourist entrance ticket is not expensive, one visitor is only required to pay Rp. 5,000 rupiah.

As with tourist attractions in general, the parking area used for motorized vehicles is not free. You have to prepare additional funds for this, motorbikes are IDR 2,000 and cars are IDR 5,000. The price of the entrance ticket also does not include photo spots, which are priced at IDR 5,000 to IDR 10,000 per spot.

Interesting Activities to Do at Dempo Park

Interesting Activities at Dempo Park
Image Credit: Google Maps Leof Rhmn

Dempo Park is a tourist spot with the concept of a recreational park that offers a variety of interesting activities. This also includes the reasons why many tourists visit it, apart from the attractions described above, of course. Of the many activities, here are recommendations that you shouldn’t leave behind!

1. Try the Game Rides

The first activity that is guaranteed to be fun is to try the available games. For example, cycling, this tourist attraction has beautiful and wide bicycle paths, so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of the park. Because of the swimming pool, you can feel the sensation of fresh water that you might not find anywhere else.

The two rides mentioned above are not free, you have to pay extra. If you want something free, please visit the playground area. Dempo Park provides a complete children’s play area. For example slides, swings and other playgrounds, perfect for families who want to relax while watching their children play.

2. Photo spot hunting

With a backdrop of green trees and beautiful gardens, this hit tour is the perfect place to take photos. The goal is none other than to capture holiday moments with family or friends. Among the many spots, the most interesting are artificial waterfalls, wooden bridges, and flower gardens.

3. Enjoy Local Culinary Servings

Dempo Park provides various stalls and food stalls selling various foods and drinks. The existence of this shop can also be used as an interesting activity, especially if it’s not culinary hunting. You can enjoy delicious food and drinks while enjoying natural beauty presented.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Facilities at Dempo Park
Image Credit: Instagram Dempo Park

This nature tour that combines the concept of rides and photo spots does not only offer beauty. In addition, there are also facilities that are considered adequate. The existence of a parking area is the main facility, you can easily park your vehicle because it is quite wide. Other facilities available include toilets, photo spots, gazebos, and food stalls.

That’s what we can say about one of the tourist destinations in Pagar Alam, namely Dempo Park. For those of you who are planning a vacation and haven’t found a suitable place, there’s nothing wrong with visiting this place. Besides being cheap, the location is very strategic so it’s easy to find, moreover there’s a lot of fun in it.