De Mangol, Enjoy Stunning Natural Panorama While Culinary at Gunung Kidul

Ticket price: IDR 15,000 Operational hour: 15.00-21.00 WIB, Address: Jl. Raya Patuk Ngoro-Ngoro KM.1.4, Sumber Tetes, Kec. Patuk, Kab. Gunung Kidul, DI Yogyakarta; Folder: Location Check

The concept of tourism that offers natural beauty is indeed very interesting to visit. Especially when combined with a restaurant that provides a variety of delicious food menus, such as at De Mangol Jogja. This tourist attraction is always crowded with visitors, both for those who bring family groups, or young people with partners. Nature combined with the restaurant allows visitors to relax while enjoying the delights of each menu served.

Yogyakarta always gives surprises when it comes to tourism. It can be said that one of these special areas provides quite complete tourist needs. In addition to the natural scenery in the form of beaches, many also carry the concept of hills. Moreover, the hills which are used as tourist attractions this time provide a view or view of the city of Jogja from a height. At night, the city lights are clearly visible, which gives its own beauty.

De Mangol is indeed not the only tourist attraction that carries the concept of a restaurant with natural views. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing special, almost all of the man-made building concepts provided can be used for interesting photo spots. This natural restaurant provides two options for visitors, namely indoor and outdoor. Of the two choices, the outdoor section is a favorite choice for many visitors. The reason is simple, namely because visitors can clearly see the scenery from the outside without the slightest obstacle.

The Attraction That De Mangol Has

De Mangol's Fascination
Image Credit: Google Maps Herny Rajagukguk

Jogja seems to be a magnetic field for tourists, both local and foreign tourists. This is because each tourist attraction has its own charm, just like De Mangol. For those who have never visited the location, maybe they think that this tourist attraction is suitable as a place for culinary tourism.

It is true because there is a restaurant as the main concept that was built. However, after visiting and seeing everything in the location, you can be sure that its main function is not only as a restaurant, there are other attractions that make it always crowded with tourists.

1. Natural Scenery

The natural panorama that is presented is the main attraction of this tourist spot. In the daytime, the landscape of the city of Jogja is clearly visible from a height. On the other hand, Mount Merapi is also clearly visible, which stands tall and towering. Green scenery always adorns every eye that sees, both from trees and grass and plants.

Not only can you see the natural scenery from the top of De Mangol Jogja during the day, it is also very beautiful at night with the lights of the city of Jogja illuminating every house and street. From a distance, the lights seemed to be small candles with a slightly dim light. This view is very interesting and can be seen at any time, as long as the weather is good, in the sense that it is sunny and not cloudy.

2. Beautiful weather

Its location at the foot of Mount Nglanggeran Purba makes the weather still natural and fresh. Even though it is not the main attraction for local residents, the coolness of this tourist attraction is attractive for tourists outside the city of Jogja. Especially for those who live in densely populated urban areas, where hot weather always adorns their days.

The coolness is getting more when there are many shady trees whose function is not only as a decoration, but also as a producer of oxygen in the surrounding environment. During the day, the function of the trees goes even further, namely as a shelter. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a decent place to take shelter, because De Mangol also provides artificial shelters with unique and attractive designs. It’s just that the sensation under the trees is more of an option for many tourists.

3. Close to other tourist objects

The attraction of asking that can’t be ignored is the proximity of this tourist location to other tourist attractions. Visitors who are satisfied with enjoying its beauty can continue their vacation list to the tourist spot in question. Among the closest is Bukit Bintang which also presents a natural panorama from the height of the hill.

At the same location, namely Pathuk Gunung Kidul, there is another object awaiting your arrival. Especially if it’s not Watu Amben with unique natural products without human intervention. You can capture the moment in this place, which is what most tourists do. Please be careful when taking pictures because the location of Watu Amben is located on the edge of a cliff.

Address and Route to Location

De Mangol's address
Image Credit: Twitter mahdi binu avandy™

In order to get to De Mangol Jogja, please direct the vehicle to Jl. Raya Patuk Ngoro-Ngoro KM.1.4, Patuk District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. It is highly recommended to use a private vehicle when heading to the location. This is because there are many accesses that can be reached from any direction you come from.

For example, when you come from downtown Jogja, please go to Penembahan Senipato Street which leads to Jalan Sultan Agung. Continue the journey to Jalan Gedongkuning. From that point, take the direction towards Jalan Wonosari which leads to Jalan Nasional III, then turn right and a few meters you will arrive at the location.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

De Mangol Ticket Prices
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Surely you have thought that to enter these tourist sites is not free. Even though they are subject to retribution rates, the price is still relatively cheap compared to the interesting experience you get. Until now, the price of admission for normal days is 15,000. Meanwhile, on holidays it is slightly more expensive, namely 20,000 rupiah.

The above prices do not include vehicle parking which is charged at a rate of 2,000 rupiah for motorbikes, and cars are charged at a rate of 5,000 rupiah. After you enter De Mangol, all facilities can be enjoyed for free. However, this does not include the available food menu with predetermined price variations. The price range for food and drinks is also not too expensive even though the location seems luxurious. For food, you can enjoy it starting at the cheapest price of 20,000 rupiah, while drinks are around 10,000 rupiah.

Interesting Activities to Do at De Mangol

Activities at De Mangol
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For the activities carried out, in fact almost all of them are almost interesting. But of course every visitor has their own mainstay in carrying out activities while on vacation. Due to the beautiful location of the natural landscape and the artificial design of the manager, the activities that can be done are not far from things that smell of natural panoramas.

1. Enjoy the natural beauty of De Mangol

It is almost certain that visitors who come to De Mangol Jogja want to see the natural panorama that is presented. There is a different impression when you come to another tourist attraction with an asthmatic natural landscape. Is a combination of the concept of a restaurant with a modern style that makes it different. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature from the top of the hill where the location is decorated with artificial ornaments.

Whether day or night, the impression given is quite different. During the day, the natural scenery clearly looks beautiful with the distinctive contours of the hill. Meanwhile, at night it’s not only the decorative lights that illuminate the city of Jogja, but also the location is decorated with beautiful lights and a garden that seems romantic. If you want to enjoy the warm feel of the sunset, please come in the afternoon.

2. Camping

Apart from providing a restaurant with a variety of food menus, De Mangol also provides a camping area for visitors who want to get a more holiday sensation. This activity is usually crowded with visitors on weekends or weekends. Unfortunately, the manager still doesn’t provide camping equipment, so please bring your own from home. Enough tents, sleeping bags, and blankets are needed. The rest, you take advantage of the facilities provided by the manager.

3. Culinary Tourism

Interesting Activities at De Mangol
Image Credit: Google Maps Coal Pancha

The culinary activities that you are doing this time may be different from before. Not only food that you can enjoy, but also the natural scenery around. Although it is not mandatory to buy food or drinks while on location, it is better if you do. At least, just ordering a drink that can warm the body can get a different sensation. There is no typical Jogja food here, all the menus available are modern foods taken from various countries.

4. Photo spot hunting

Apart from seeing the beautiful natural panorama from the top of the hill, De Mangol Jogja is also suitable as a place to hunt for beautiful photo spots. All can not be separated from the natural panorama that is presented. Moreover, it is supported by the many spots that were built specifically for photography purposes. On a side location hits tour Today, there is a swing specially designed for photo spots. It’s not just a swing, but it’s been designed with a heart-shaped iron ladder.

There are also photo spots that you must try with the backdrop of the Jogja city landscape which is built quite uniquely with a clear, reflective floor style. This spot is known as a viewing post whose function is not only for photos, but can also be used to enjoy the natural panorama from the top of the hill. Not far from the location of the photo spot, there is also a spot that is no less interesting. Almost all colors used are white to give a clean impression. At that spot there are also bicycles that can be used for photo poses to make it more interesting.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

DeMangol facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps made yuda

Speaking of facilities, De Mangol provides the best for visitors to feel at home for long. Evidenced by the presence of toilets that are always kept clean. All visitors are free to take advantage of these facilities and are not charged additional fees. There is also a prayer room for those who don’t want to be left behind in fulfilling their obligations. Another mandatory facility that must exist at every tourist location is a parking area that is well-maintained and quite spacious.

Apart from what has been mentioned, there are also several gazebos that are usually used by tourists to rest while breathing fresh air. This facility is free and is still in one entrance ticket package. If you come on the weekend, an acoustic music concert from a local band will also complete your vacation. Do not forget the restaurant facilities which are also an important bargain from tourist sites in Gunung Kidul district.

Of all the explanations given above, De Mangol Jogja is worth a visit for those of you who want to get a different holiday sensation. While enjoying the natural scenery from the top of the hill, while enjoying the food available at the restaurant as well. Living in harmony with nature, that is the slogan of the tourist attraction which is the main topic this time.