Curup Pinang Indah, Beautiful Waterfall with Exotic Rocks on the Right Way

Ticket price: IDR 5,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Gunungsari, Kec. Rebang Tangkas, Kab. Way Kanan, Lampung; Folder: Location Check

Vacationing to tourist attractions that are already popular is common, however, picnics to new tourist areas are still rarely done by tourists. Like Curup Pinang Indah, this tourist destination with a waterfall concept is still relatively new, very beautiful and has a very strong rural feel. So that the natural panorama is so beautiful and enchanting.

At first this tourist area was only visited by local residents, because they received less attention from related parties. However, in the last few months the beautiful and exotic waterfall tourist area is now starting to be known by many people, even domestic tourists have started to flock. The tourists who visit this location feel satisfied and have new experiences.

The attractiveness of Curup Pinang Indah

Curup Pinang Indah Attractiveness
Image Credit: Google Maps Reg 13

Even though Curup Pinang Indah is relatively new, the allure it offers dares to compete with popular vacation spots. Because this waterfall tourist destination is surrounded by plantations, so a green, beautiful, cool and fresh atmosphere always surrounds this area.

1. Big Rock Under Waterfall

The main attraction is that there are large rocks under the waterfall. The natural arrangement of hard objects gives an exotic and artistic impression, so this curup tourist destination looks beautiful. In addition, the location of Curup Pinang Indah which is quite wide provides satisfaction for tourists to carry out various activities.

For visitors who want to collect natural beauty, especially waterfalls, this vacation zone is perfect for taking photos and videos. However, if tourists only want to find peace and tranquility of the soul, this waterfall is also very appropriate as a place. Especially those who want to find new inspiration, a serene atmosphere can stimulate the emergence of new ideas.

2. Has a Height of 15 Meters

Besides there are large rocks under the waterfall, Curup Pinang Indah also has a height of 15 meters. An interesting mix and rarely found in other waterfall tourist locations, the height of the waterfall which gives a beautiful impression is supported by large artistic rocks. These two naturally created concepts provide an exotic natural landscape.

Apart from that, another thing that amazes and amazes tourists is that there are many clean and clear water streams in the curup area. So that every eye that looks will never be bored and tired. Not only that, the cool air around the location and the sound of flowing water can provide freshness and calm to the soul.

3. Surrounded by Residential Plantations

The beauty of the Curup Pinang Indah waterfall does not stop at a height of 15 meters and large rocks under the waterfall, but this destination is also surrounded by local plantations. Various elements such as clear flowing water, cool and fresh air, and fertile land marked with plantations around the waterfall, make this place so perfect.

So that this waterfall natural tourist destination is very worth visiting, because the basic needs of tourists are fully available here. Starting from the need for clean and clear water, oxygen-rich air, and green and beautiful natural scenery. All available attractions are needed by the body and soul of tourists.

Address and Route to Location

Curup Pinang Indah Address
Image Credit: Facebook Curup Pinang Indah New

The Curup Pinang Indah natural tourism destination is located in the Gunung Sari area, Rebang Tangkas District, Way Kanan Regency, Province Lampung. If tourists want to visit and start their journey from Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Way Kanan Regency, the distance they have to travel is around 44.6 km. While the time needed to arrive at the location is 1 hour 44 minutes.

The access road to the area is not traversed by public transportation, therefore use private vehicles, either motorbikes or cars. Even though this tourist area cannot be accessed by the Google maps application, tourists don’t need to worry. Due to the existence of a picnic zone that is still near the village, local residents will help point out the tourist area.

Curup Pinang Indah Entrance Ticket Prices

Curup Pinang Indah ticket
Image Credit: Facebook Curup Pinang Indah New

A long and tiring trip to Curup Pinang Indah will pay off with beautiful and exotic natural scenery. In addition, the ticket price for entering this location is Rp. 5000 per person Monday to Friday. However, on weekends or Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays it becomes Rp. 7,500 only.

These prices may change one day, depending on the policies issued by the manager. Feeling tired and exhausted during the trip, suddenly disappeared when paying a cheap entrance ticket and witnessing the natural beauty of this almost perfect waterfall. That’s what all visitors feel when on vacation to the waterfall’s natural tourist destinations.

Interesting Activities at Curup Pinang Indah

Curup Pinang Indah Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Khayr Anam

You can do various activities while in Curup Pinang Indah, because this fun picnic area provides its own satisfaction for tourists. Even just sitting and relaxing enjoying the natural scenery can give you peace. But there are several other interesting activities that are more exciting, namely:

1. Playing Water And Swimming

The main and popular activities that are often carried out by tourists are playing in the water and swimming. A clean, clear and natural waterfall that flows directly from the mountains makes visitors reflexively carry out interesting activities by playing with water. Even for travelers who have made preparations to bring a change of clothes, they do not hesitate to soak and swim.

The long and quite far trip paid off with cheap tickets and was relieved when chatting and enjoying the freshness of the flowing water and the cool air while at the location. Even the pleasure that is felt when doing water play activities, bathing and swimming, cannot be replaced with anything.

2. Hunt Instagramable photos

Anyone who is in Curup Pinang Indah, both young children, millennial youth and adults, will definitely spontaneously go on an instagramable photo hunt. Because it is a natural tourist destination pretty waterfall this seduces the fingers and photography soul of the visitors, so that without a command they take out their camera or cell phone.

The green and beautiful natural landscape of the people’s plantations, clear water, streams of water that plunge to the bottom of the rocks are victims of tourist photo and video documentation. Because the various natural beauties are very worthy and must be captured and socialized on social media. Many visitors also take selfies with plantations, waterfalls and other beautiful and exotic backgrounds.

3. Relax Seeing Natural Panorama

Another interesting activity at Curup Pinang Indah is relaxing looking at the natural panorama. Yes, just sitting relaxed in this area, can give its own satisfaction. Because this activity is accompanied by beautiful natural scenery, the wind blows, the cool air is rich in oxygen and the sound of flowing water gives peace of mind.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Curup Pinang Indah Facility
Image Credit: Google Maps Eri Kristanti

Even though Curup Pinang Indah has not received serious attention, the facilities at this location are quite adequate. The supporting facilities are a large parking area for motorbikes and tourist cars. In addition, there is a prayer room for places of worship and also public toilets.

There are many natural tourist destinations that have high potential and are still hidden in Indonesia, one of which is Curup Pinang Indah. Even though it is not very popular among the ears and eyes of the wider community, the beautiful and artistic natural scenery in this area will amaze anyone. So, this tourist area with a waterfall concept is worth visiting.