Curug Sangiang, The Enchantment of Beautiful and Exotic Waterfalls in Kuningan

Ticket price: IDR 5,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Sagarahiang, Kec. Dharma, Kab. Kuningan, West Java; Folder: Location Check

The charm of a waterfall or waterfall always catches the attention of travelers everywhere. One that is in Garut district and Brass currently being hits is Curug Sangiang. Its unspoiled location and covered with shady trees provide its own natural scenery. How could it not be, this waterfall still belongs to the Perhutani area of ​​Garut district.

According to the story, the formation of a waterfall which has the full name Sangiang Lantang was the result of the eruption of Mount Papandayan in 2002. So it can be said that this tourist destination is still new. However, its beauty is able to attract the attention of many tourists, both from within the country and abroad.

Previously, this waterfall with amazing natural scenery was named Curug Sanghyang Lontang. However, with other considerations, it was finally replaced with the Sangiang Lantang Waterfall and until now it is known by the wider community. It’s not too far from the village settlement, so it’s not difficult to reach the main location point. Moreover, the road access is quite good and a unique footpath has been made by the manager.

The Attraction of the Sangiang Waterfall

Sangiang Waterfall Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Muhammad Alviansyah

Of course there is a reason why every day the waterfall which is located in Cikajang Village, Garut, is always crowded with visitors. Not only on holidays, but also on active days. This is because the attraction is so broad that it becomes a strong magnetic field.

1. The beauty of the Sangiang Waterfall

This natural tourist attraction is certainly from the beauty of the waterfall which can be said differently. Even though you often visit tourist spots in the form of waterfalls, you are sure to be amazed by its beauty. The hallmark of this waterfall is the terraced rock where the water flows. On the right and left, you can clearly see boulders that seem to protect the flow of water so that it is always maintained.

The swift water discharge towards the pool is also another attraction. Various trees grow around the waterfall indicating the fertility of the soil there. Likewise for the pond, the shape is simple but very beautiful even though the water is not too clear. As with waterfalls in general, the water is very cold to the bone.

2. Still New and Natural

If you visit an old waterfall tourist location, of course there are other buildings so that the natural impression has faded. Not so with Curug Sangiang because it can be said that it is still a virgin. There are no buildings around the waterfall, even the rocks are still natural, both in shape and location.

Even though it is not very high, the water flow is long enough so it is suitable for rafting or Papalidan in Sundanese. To keep it natural, the management even made a path with bamboo slats. Indeed, the road does not go directly to the location of the waterfall, but it is enough to make the impression even more unique.

3. Beautiful and Comfortable Atmosphere

It is located at the foot of Mount Papandayan, so you can be sure that you will get a cool and beautiful atmosphere. Trees thrive around the location, even when traveling. The tree also functions as a producer of oxygen so that the air in the location is very healthy.

As is known, Mount Papandayan is located far from urban areas. This makes it more pollution-free and suitable as a refreshing place. The roar of the water stream makes the mind calmer and fresher. If you want to unwind from your daily activities, visiting Sangiang Waterfall is highly recommended.

Address and Route to Location

Route to Sangiang Waterfall Location
Image Credit: Google Maps Ryan Nurohman

It should be known and must be remembered carefully, the waterfall we are discussing this time is different from the Sanghyang Taraje Waterfall. Even though they are both in Garut, they are in different districts and villages. For Curug Sangiang itself, the address is Balewangi, Cisurupan, Garut Regency, West Java.

The distance from downtown Garut is approximately 19 kilometers and can be reached by motor vehicle for 45 minutes. You can go to the location using the help of Google Map because there is already a pin point there. To make it easier, direct the vehicle to the Mount Papandayan area and follow the directions to the waterfall.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Sangiang Waterfall Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Adhe Habudin

It is still newly discovered and used as a tourist destination. However, because it has been managed properly, there is a fee that must be incurred as an entrance ticket. Quite cheap, of course, only 5,000 rupiah for one person. After entering, you are free to play around the location of the Sangiang Waterfall.

In addition to the entrance fee, there is also a parking fee for those who bring private vehicles. Access that is difficult for public transportation does require you to use a private vehicle, both motorbikes and cars. The parking fee for motorbikes is only 2,000 rupiah, while for cars it is 5,000 rupiah.

Interesting Activities to Do at Sangiang Waterfall

Interesting Activities Curug Sangiang
Image Credit: Google Maps Riyan Febriyana

This is where the fun lies when visiting a waterfall, various activities can be done. Surely you already know that most activities are still related to water. There are also activities that are not related to water and are suitable to do at Curug Sangiang, here’s a full review!

1. Relax Enjoying the beautiful Natural Panorama

Not a few visitors who come from far away just to relax. You may be surprised by this activity because it doesn’t have a fun part. In fact, relaxing while enjoying the scenery is very much needed for the body, especially when you want to refresh your mind.

The beauty of the wilderness overgrown with shady trees makes the eyes always cool when looking at it. When you are at a waterfall, the swiftly flowing water certainly gives an amazing impression. Especially if there are large rocks that flow water all the time. Occasionally the water is split by the rock.

Meanwhile, from another angle, the majestic Mount Papandayan is clearly visible. You can see this view when the weather is clear. When it’s cloudy, the mountain will be covered by clouds. Of course it’s no longer interesting if so, therefore, make sure you come when the weather is sunny.

2. Swimming and Playing Water

Another interesting activity to do when visiting the Sangiang Waterfall is swimming. Some tourists visit it with the main purpose of this activity. For those who are not good at swimming, you should just play in the water on the edge. Actually, the depth is not that great, it’s just that the currents might be dangerous.

One more thing to pay attention to when swimming is the rocks around the location. Make sure to be careful stepping on it because it is very slippery and not a few are accompanied by moss. For those who cannot stand cold weather, it is not recommended to linger. Due to its location in the mountains, of course the water is cold as ice.

3. Papalidan exclaimed

Interesting Activities at Sangiang Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps Abdul Qadir

What does Papalidan mean? In Sundanese it means to drift away using a vehicle. In this case, rubber tires provided by the management are used. This activity is very exciting and suitable when visiting Curug Sangiang because the contours of the waterfall are not vertical, but creep over the rocks.

However, it is expected to be careful when doing this activity. Pretty waterfall which is not so wide that it allows the body to collide with the rocks around it. Unfortunately, there is still no safety equipment in the form of helmets or knee protectors. So you have to bring it yourself from home to be safer.

4. Hunt for Natural Enchantment Photo Spots

Another activity and certainly mandatory when on vacation is taking pictures. Especially if there are many beautiful spots that adorn the photo background. Call it a symbol of love made of wood equipped with two leaves next to it. Right next to that spot, there is a bench or seat that can be used to make the right pose.

You can also find spots with the same symbol while on the way, to be precise on the bamboo path. Many visitors use this point for photos because the view directly leads to the forest. In addition, the rocks around the Sangiang Waterfall are also suitable as a photo background. There is even a point on the rock which is a favorite spot for most tourists.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Sangiang waterfall facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Ryan Nurohman

As a newcomer does not mean minimal facilities, the manager has provided important facilities to support the needs of tourists. Among them are food stalls that provide a variety of delicious menus at affordable prices. Apart from that, there is also a toilet with a fairly clean condition that can be used to relieve oneself or change clothes.

Another facility is the prayer room as a place of worship for Muslims. Enough parking space is ensured. The land can accommodate hundreds of motorcycles and dozens of cars. Unfortunately, the facilities around the waterfall are still not available. You can get the facilities mentioned earlier when you are in the residents’ village.

But actually it’s not too much of a problem because the location of the waterfall is not too far from the settlement. It’s just that in terms of provisions, make sure you have enough when you are at the location. If you are tired and want to take a short break, please use the hut or gazebo around the waterfall.

From the explanation above, there is nothing wrong if you take the time to visit Sangiang Waterfall beautiful in Brass. For active days maybe not too crowded, so you are free to do any activity. A few tips, use thick clothes and jackets because the weather is very cold.