Curug Hordeng, Enchantment of Exotic Waterfalls with Stunning Panoramas in Bogor

Ticket price: IDR 35,000 Operational hour: 07.00–15.00 WIB, Address: Jl. Gunungwangun, Cibadak, Kec. Sukamuka, Kab. Bogor, West Java; Folder: Location Check

If you visit Bogor, don’t forget to take the time to go to Curug Hordeng. The natural beauty presented by this waterfall will certainly not make you disappointed. The waterfall is still in the Sentul area, so don’t be surprised when you encounter lots of shady trees along the way. For those of you who like to travel while testing your guts, this waterfall in Kampung Cibeureum provides a sensation of challenge that is different from the others.

Many tourists visit there, especially on holidays. Most are not disappointed with what is presented, both from the natural panorama and the fresh mountain air. In addition, it is not too far from big cities, such as Jakarta, Depok and Bekasi. It’s just that most of the roads are not paved and there are many steep climbs and descents. Therefore, you should be careful for the sake of safety.

It is called Curug Hordeng because its shape is similar to Hordeng, which is a curtain in the local language. Interestingly, the waterfall does not go straight down, but rather diagonally. This is because the current is quite swift and there are also rocks at the end, just before the water heads into the pool. The water is clear with a greenish tint, you can see the rocks at the bottom of the pond. The depth is about 2 meters for the pool which is directly under the waterfall. Meanwhile, the pool around it is quite shallow so you can play in the water there.

The Attraction of Curug Hordeng

Curug Hordeng Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Uya Setiawan

Each tourist spot has its own charm, including this waterfall. That is the reason why many people visit, even willing to come from far away. Here are the attractions of Curug Hordeng that you can find, both on location and while on the go!

1. Natural Panorama of Mountains and Forests

Where else would Curug be if not in the forests and mountains! During the trip, you will get natural scenery in the form of pine trees and other types of trees that are generally in the forest. The Sentul area is still natural because it has not been touched by many humans. Even the population there is still minimal, especially those who are still in tourist sites.

The air there is still pure, there is no pollution from factories or similar activities. Even if there is, maybe it’s just smoke from passing motorized vehicles. Moreover, the location of the height of Curug Hordeng is around 700 meters above sea level, the cold and cool air must be felt. For that it’s good if you are not used to cold weather, it’s better to wear a jacket.

2. The beauty of Curug Hordeng

When you arrive at the location, you will be amazed by the beauty presented by one of the waterfalls in Bogor. The water is very clear with a bright green color, the clarity is able to penetrate the rocks under the pond. Don’t worry, for a pond that is some distance from the waterfall it is quite shallow. Suitable for playing children or those of you who can’t swim.

This waterfall consists of two steps with each step having its own pool. The first steps are of course close to the waterfall, you are not advised to swim in the pool because the depth reaches 3 meters. While the second pool is in the flow after the first pool which forms a mini waterfall. But it’s not a waterfall because the water flows through sloping rocks.

From above, you can also see the beauty of the waterfall which is covered in plants. Mostly ordinary plants, which are not too big and tall. The roots of the tree sometimes stick out from the rocks. The natural scenery presented at Curug Hordeng is complete. Don’t be surprised if the weekend arrives, many tourists come and go from tourist sites.

3. Curug series

Attraction Owned Curug Hordeng
Image Credit: Instagram Ridwan Adimuliya

Not just one waterfall, but several locations that are not far away, that’s why it is called a series of waterfalls. Before or after enjoying the scenery at the main waterfall, you can head to the Twin Waterfall. Exactly as the name suggests, there are two waterfalls side by side. The water flow from the same river, that’s why it’s called Curug Kembar.

It doesn’t take much time to reach the location, just 10 minutes through the footpath. Make sure you are vigilant because the road you are going through is quite slippery, especially during the rainy season. The condition of the pond there is not much different from the main waterfall, it is still clear and the color is slightly white. The depth of the pool is not too deep so it is safer to swim.

Next, there is the Ciburial Waterfall which can be reached on foot for about 15 minutes. Just like other waterfalls, don’t expect an asphalt road when visiting it. Dirt roads with small and large stone contours are ready to block your efforts to enjoy its beauty. The waterfall in this location is not very high, but the depth is not recommended for swimming. About 4-5 meters, make sure you are an expert swimmer or better avoid it. Moreover, the current is also quite strong, even stronger than all the waterfalls in that location.

Address and Route to Location

Address Curug Hordeng Bogor
Image Credit: Google Maps Ray Restu Fauzi

Curug Hordeng’s address is at Jl. Gunungwangun, Kp. Cibeureum, Cibadak Village, Sukamakmur District, Bogor, West Java. Many routes that can be passed, depending on which direction you come from. If you start from the Jonggol area, please take the Sukamakmur route which leads to Cibadak. Continue the journey to Cibeureum, you can see the signboard from there to get to the tourist site.

As for those from Sentul, take the road to Jungle Land and direct the vehicle to Mount Pancar. You will find Loji Village before arriving at the Cibeureum area. The road here is uphill, you have to be careful to continue your journey to the entrance post. It’s different from those coming from Citerap, take the Tajur route that goes to Cibadak, then ends at Cibeureum.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Hordeng Ticket Prices Bogor
Image Credit: Google Maps hasan sadiq shahab

To enjoy the natural beauty and enchantment of a waterfall, of course there is a price to be paid because the local residents have managed the location well. With 35,000 rupiah, you can enjoy everything in this tourist location. The ticket price also applies to holidays, meaning there is no difference between weekdays and weekends.

However, for the convenience and satisfaction of doing activities at Curug Hordeng, it would be better if you come on an active day because it’s not too crowded. Also try to come during the dry season. Not only is the access road slippery when it rains, but also the pool water is still clear during the dry season. This is due to strong currents and greater water discharge during the rainy season, making the water flow and ponds murky.

Interesting Activities to Do at Curug Hordeng

Bogor Hordeng waterfall activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Sugeng Riyanto

Not only beautiful and amazing natural scenery that can be enjoyed when at tourist sites. The many interesting activities that can be done are also the reason why many tourists are willing to come all the way from out of town. For those of you who are visiting natural attractions in the form of waterfalls for the first time and are confused about choosing fun activities, here are our recommendations!

1. Swim in Curug Hordeng

If you are in a pond, either a public bath or lake pond pretty waterfall In this, an activity that should not be missed is definitely swimming. You are free to swim in that location because the water is not too deep, as long as it is not directly under the waterfall. Apart from reaching a depth of more than 2 meters, the current is also quite strong. Playing in the water by the pool is also fun, especially for children.

Besides swimming in Curug Hordeng, you can also play water in Curug Kembar. The depth of the waterfall pool which is located about 70 meters from the main location is only ankle-deep. The pool under the waterfall is not recommended for swimming because it is too deep. Likewise with Ciburial Waterfall which can only be used as a place to play water or take selfie photos. The depth of the pool reaches more than 4 meters so it’s better not to swim there.

2. Challenging Tracking

The smooth and flat road turns out to be far from expectations, you are instead treated to a winding road with extreme ascents and descents. Even though motorized vehicles can pass up to the gate, it’s better to be careful because the road is sometimes slippery. In addition, make sure the condition of the motorbike is prime or choose a car that is not too big. Not without reason, the road is quite narrow if passed together, or when you pass another car.

Vehicles cannot go directly to Curug Hordeng, you must first park and walk to get to the location. The road that is traversed is also not smooth, rocks typical of mountain contours become friends during the trip. There are advantages during this trip, namely the beautiful scenery of the forest and plantations belonging to the residents. Occasionally you can stop to just rest while enjoying the beautiful green nature of the plantation.

3. Selfie photo

Many tourists capture the moment with selfies or taking photos. Nothing wrong, because the natural panorama around is always tempting to do that. Moreover, many beautiful photo spots await, both on the way to the location or when you arrive at the location. For example, when you are on a trip, there is a unique spot in the form of a wooden deck or bridge. The background taken is in the form of green forest trees which definitely makes photos worthy of uploading to social media.

There is also a pavilion in the shape of a flower that can be used as an alternative. Both offer promising natural beauty and make perfect photos. A spot that is no less beautiful is of course when you are at the Curug Hordeng location. The large rocks beside the waterfall can be used as a shooting point. Good or not the results of the actual photo depends on the angle of shooting. But this time you don’t need a professional photographer because every point has a beautiful angle that is guaranteed.

Facilities Available in Curug Area

Hordeng Curug Bogor facility
Image Credit: Google Maps Muhammad Yoan Al Rashid

The facilities provided are quite guaranteed because the manager also does not want to disappoint visitors. Starting from places of worship, toilets, and parking lots, everything is available there.

In addition, there are also food stalls around the parking area that you can make provisions for during the trip. There is no accommodation yet, but you can spend the night camping at Masigit Peak, which is not far from the location of the waterfall.

Discussing natural attractions in the form of waterfalls is indeed endless. Therefore, you should come directly to the location to prove its beauty yourself. Apart from that, to do exciting activities at Curug Hordeng according to what has been recommended above.