Como Park, Get to Know the Modern Pet Playground in Jakarta

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 08.00–20.00 WIB, Address: Ex. Bangka, Kec. Mampang Prapatan, City of South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta; Folder: Location Check

Como Park in South Jakarta is a tourist park that has a unique concept and you may never find it anywhere else. This park is large, but its main function is to invite pet dogs to play. There are several zones provided, namely play zones, restaurants, cafes, and many others.

Visiting this place is better to bring a dog to walk and play. But that doesn’t mean those of you who don’t have these furry animals can’t come. Because there are cafes and restaurants, all tourists are welcome to stop by. Visitors who come without their dogs usually enjoy the food served.

This park is never empty of visitors, every day someone always comes. The busiest time is in the afternoon, which is usually free time for many people. On holidays, this place which is also a tourist attraction is increasingly crowded with tourists from various regions.

Como Park’s Attraction

Attraction in Como Park
Image Credit: Google Maps Joseph “Simeon” Dwi

Before visiting, you should first pay attention to the attractiveness of Como Park. At least you get an idea of ​​the situation here. Because every day there are many tourists, of course there are many attractions that you have.

✦ Dog Playground

It cannot be denied that most of the visitors who come mostly bring their pet dogs. This is because there is a special zone that can be used as a playground for these cute animals. Interestingly, you are allowed to let go of the rope so that the animal is more free to run around while playing with its kind.

However, you still have to look after and supervise it for mutual convenience. At Como Park, you don’t have to play with your dog, but also interact with other dogs. There are several areas available, usually classifying the size of the dogs and also the character of them, whether aggressive or quiet.

This park has quite a large area with soft soil and it’s all real grass. Inviting dogs to play here is sure they like it, because for them interactions with other animals are rare. No need to worry about these animals escaping from observation, because the park area is given a high enough iron fence.

✦ Resto with a Variety of Delicious Food

The next attraction of Como Park is that there are restaurants and cafes that provide a variety of delicious food menus. This park is actually a combination of shops, cafes, and restaurants in the back of which there is a special area for dogs to play. The restaurant here provides regional and foreign specialties, guaranteed to be delicious.

While enjoying the food served, you can watch the dogs playing even without a leash. You don’t have to order food, just drinks are also allowed. One of the favorite menus provided is delicious American-style pizza. For traditional food types, there are also fried bananas, cakes, and anchovy chili rice.

✦ Beautiful and Clean Atmosphere

The beautiful and clean atmosphere complements the attractiveness of Como Park. As explained above, the park area is quite large with a base of green grass. Each barrier is equipped with a fence that is high enough so that dogs cannot get out easily. At some points there are trees that thrive, although not too many.

There aren’t many seats or benches available, but you can relax while watching the dogs play on the grass in the form of steps. In every corner there is trash to keep the park clean. Even though pet dogs are free to defecate while playing, the owner still has to be responsible for cleaning it up.

Address, Route Location and Entrance Ticket

Address Como Park Jakarta
Image Credit: Google Maps Treffyn Koreshoff

The strategic location is also the reason why Como Park is visited by many tourists who take their dogs to play. This park is located at Jalan Kemang Timur No.998, RT.1/RW.3, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan District, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta. The distance from downtown South Jakarta is only about 3 kilometers.

This distance can generally be reached by private vehicle for 10 minutes. Of course, if at that time the road conditions were normal and not jammed. Please come with your private vehicle or public transportation. However, it is more advisable to use a private vehicle, considering that you have a dog that you are traveling with.

If you depart from the city center, the route to Como Park is via Jalan Pangeran Antasari. Then take the direction towards Jalan Puri Sakti I, and continue to follow along the main route to Jalan Kemang Selatan. Your next goal is to head to Jalan Kemang Timur while looking at the signboard for the intended location.

Visiting this dog park is free of charge, meaning you are free to enter without buying a ticket. However, there is definitely a parking fee, motorbikes are required to pay 2,000, while cars are 5,000 rupiah. Even though there is no entry ticket, you need a budget to buy food or drinks available at restaurants and cafes.

Como Park does not require visitors to buy food and drinks, but of course it is not ethical if you only invite your pet dog to play. Prices for food and drinks provided here vary, on average between 10,000 and 50,000 rupiah. For operating hours, this place is open from 8 am to 8 pm.

Interesting Activities to Do

Interesting Activities at Como Park Jakarta
Image Credit: Google Maps Bercy P

You can definitely imagine what activities can be done here right? The point is to play with pet dogs and let them interact with other dogs. But there are several other activities that are no less interesting, here are the details!

1. Playing with the Dog in the Park

It can be said that Como Park is a restaurant or restaurant concept that has a dog playground. So the most interesting and suitable activity to do here is inviting these pets to play. You can train it, play normally, or have it interact with other dogs who are also visitors to this place.

2. Enjoy Indonesian Cuisine

Of the many restaurants here, some of them provide local specialties. One of them is called Loka Deli which provides a menu of special foods from various regions in Indonesia. Not only is the food filling, this restaurant also offers Indonesian snacks or snacks which are known to be delicious.

3. Try the delicious American pizza

Como Park also has a restaurant that offers foreign specialties, so it’s not just local food. One that is always busy is Pizza Place with a minimalist building concept. It’s not without reason why this restaurant is full of customers, this is because you can taste or buy sliced ​​pizza at a more affordable price.

4. Relaxing Coffee at Como Park

It doesn’t have to be food that you buy while visiting this place. There are also various drinks available, both cold, hot, and warm. The term drinking while relaxing is none other than coffee. You don’t have to order and drink coffee, tea, milk, iced juice, and the like. It can also be said to be coffee when enjoyed at a café.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Facilities at Como Park Jakarta
Image Credit: Google Maps Dyra Raihan

Como Park facilities are quite adequate and can be said to be complete. There is a comfortable and safe parking area for visitors who bring private vehicles. In addition, there are also clean toilets specifically for dog owners.

Other facilities available include cafes, restaurants, taverns, and the like which sell a variety of food and drinks to meet the needs of visitors.

Jakarta is known as a metropolis that never sleeps. That is, residents here always take turns in their activities. To get rid of fatigue from the daily grind, you should determine when it’s time to go on vacation. You don’t have to go far, just visiting Como Park while taking your dog to play is entertaining enough.