Ciwidey Valley Resort, A Memorable Travel Destination for Families

Ciwidey Valley Resort is one of the recommendations for lodging places located in the Regency BandungWest Java.

In addition to stunning natural scenery, this place also has cool air, you know.

Ciwidey Valley Resort is famous for its hot springs and views from the highlands that are not to be missed.

Besides as Recreation areasCiwidey Valley Resort is also used for places outbound or family gatherings.

The cool air and comfortable place make Ciwidey Valley Resort a favorite recreation location.

To get to know more about the facilities, prices, and location of Ciwidey Valley Resort, let’s see the explanation below!

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Ciwidey Valley Resort Entrance Ticket Prices

Ciwidey Valley Resort

Photo: Ciwidey Valley Resort (Instagram @resortciwideyvalley)

To enjoy the stunning natural beauty and the pool warm bathsvisitors need to buy an entrance ticket.

Tickets offered have varied prices.

Visitors can simply enter and enjoy the warm water pool or rent a room to stay.

For the entrance ticket along with the warm water pool, Moms and Dads need to pay IDR 70,000.

However, Moms and Dads are interested in staying overnight, the costs to rent a room range from IDR 650,000 to IDR 3,750,000.

Quite affordable, right, Moms?

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Activities That Can Be Done at Ciwidey Valley Resort

Ciwidey Valley Resort

Photo: Ciwidey Valley Resort (Instagram @resortciwideyvalley)

Here are some activities that Moms and Dads can do while visiting Ciwidey Valley Resort:

1. Walk while Enjoying the View

By carrying out the concept of a vacation, Ciwidey Valley Resort is not only used as a place to stay, but also as a place to stay tourist attraction.

Stunning green scenery can be seen from a distance.

Added with the shadows of mountains and trees, Ciwidey Valley Resort is a very interesting tourist destination to visit.

Not only that, this place is also close to the white crater tour.

So, Moms and Dads can also stop by the white crater area which is not too far away.

2. Enjoy Waterpark with Warm Water

Enjoying the cold atmosphere while swimming in a pool of warm water can be one of the activities that you can try while visiting Ciwidey Valley Resort.

Apart from swimming, Moms and Dads can also try some of the available water rides, such as slides and spilled buckets.

The manager also opened a rental place floaties with various kinds of funny shapes, with a rental price of IDR 25,000.

3. Relax and take pictures at the Bird Park

If you are satisfied playing in a pool of warm water, visitors can come to the bird park to enjoy the atmosphere there.

In this area there is a playground for children, so there is no need to be afraid that your little one will get bored and fussy.

The bird park has a wide variety of birds. However, by and large, it consists of pigeons.

The birds are placed in a large and circular cage.

Moms, Dads and Little One can see birds from outside the cage area.

The children’s playground also has various photo spots instagramable with statues of various cartoon characters.

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Types of Rooms Available at Ciwidey Valley Resort

Ciwidey Valley Resort

Photo: Ciwidey Valley Resort (Instagram @resortciwideyvalley)

If you feel satisfied walking around and enjoying the atmosphere, visitors can book available rooms to stay.

Ciwidey Valley Resort also provides various types of rooms to suit your needs budget Moms and Dads.

The available room types are definitely made as comfortable as possible, so that visitors can rest comfortably.

1. Cottage Room Type

Room type by type cottages can accommodate 2 guests.

Equipped with a wide mattress, Moms and Dads can feel the sensation of staying in a small but still comfortable hut.

The facilities available are also fairly complete, starting from welcome drink, sand bath spa, parking lot, and breakfast.

In addition, additional facilities are available, such as wifi, air conditioning, LCD TV, and visitors can also enjoy the swimming pool to their heart’s content.

This room type costs from IDR 950,000 per night.

2. Superior Room Type

Superior type rooms have almost the same facilities as the other types cottages.

However, the difference here is, visitors can feel the sensation of staying at a hotel.

Superior room types can be occupied by 2 people and are priced at IDR 850,000 per night.

3. Deluxe Room Type

Room by type deluxe made for visitors who bring more people.

Room type deluxe It has a capacity of 4 visitors.

The facilities offered are also not much different from the previous room.

Starting from LCD TV, Wifi, AC, breakfast and many more.

For here, Moms and Dads have to spend IDR 1,500,000 per night.

4. Camping Ground Ciwidey

If Moms and Dads want to feel the sensation of staying in a tent, then there’s nothing wrong with trying CampGround Ciwidey.

There are 2 types of rooms offered to visitors.

First, a standard room for 2 people costs IDR 650,000 per night.

Second, family camping ground which fits up to 4 people.

The facilities provided are the same as the previous rooms.

If you want to feel the sensation of a luxurious stay with your family, Moms and Dads have to pay IDR 1,500,000 per night.

However, for type camping, Moms and Dads don’t get an en suite bathroom so they have to use it together with other visitors.

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Ciwidey Valley Resort Locations and Contacts

Ciwidey Valley Resort

Photo: Ciwidey Valley Resort (Instagram @resortciwideyvalley)

If Moms and Dads are interested in visiting Ciwidey Valley Resort, This tourist location is located at Jalan Barujuangl KM. 17 Rancabali, Ciwidey, Bandung Regency.

If you want to make a reservation or ask for further information, Moms and Dads can directly call (022) 859-20-222.

Apart from that, Moms and Dads can also visit the website, or by sending an email at [email protected].

That’s all of Ciwidey Valley Resort. Are Moms and Dads interested in visiting this tourist spot?