Ciwidey Rabbit Park, Exciting Tour to Play with Cute Animals in Bandung

Ticket price: IDR 15,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Cimbangan, Panundaan, Kec. Ciwidey, Kab. Bandung West Java; Folder: Location Check

Seeing a rabbit eating in a cage is so cute and adorable, especially when you see him eating and jumping outside the cage with a large area. For those of you who want to play with cute, fluffy animals in open spaces, take a vacation to the Rabbit Park Ciwidey is a fun and exciting place.

This tourist destination is a vacation area for families, very appropriate for children’s play zones while honing their gentle souls. However, not a few teenagers flocked to this fun and interesting picnic location, especially carrot and vegetable eating animal lovers.

The Attraction of the Ciwidey Rabbit Park

Attraction of Ciwidey Rabbit Park
Image Credit: Google Maps Shincinin Samurai

Various vacation spots for families, at Ciwidey Rabbit Park, tourists will be presented with a variety of attractions that can amaze travelers. In addition, this tourist area is also in great demand by travelers of all ages, ranging from small children, teenagers to adults.

1. As Educational Tourism

One of the most effective strategies to keep children from being addicted to playing gadgets is to invite them to play outside. When holidays from work or school have arrived and the family invites them to have a picnic, this park is an alternative that must be tried. Because apart from being a place of recreation, this area is also used as an educational tour.

When children play in the park, they can more freely express themselves in the various activities they do. Parental assistance is really needed by giving directions on the importance of protecting, caring for and protecting nature, so this is a simple but effective way of education.

Especially if in the green, clean and comfortable open space there are various types and colors of animals that jump, namely rabbits. They can play by chasing, holding and feeding these adorable animals. In addition, parents can also teach them lessons on how to care for and care for rabbits.

2. Complete Rabbit Species

Not only educational tours, but there is another attraction at Ciwidey Rabbit Park, which is that there are complete species of rabbits. Tourists don’t only enjoy local rabbits, but various types from abroad are also here. So that visitors will know more about the various types and colors of rabbits from other countries.

The rabbit species in this family tourist destination is Lion Head. These cute and funny animals come from America and Belgium. Its distinctive feature is that it has a head similar to that of a lion, but travelers don’t have to be afraid of being pounced on. Even though it has a face like a lion, the softness and cuteness of this animal still radiates strongly.

3. Neat Rabbit Park Arrangement

Another Attraction of the Ciwidey Rabbit Park
Image Credit: Twitter Moh Irvan Frdynsh

Another interesting thing about the Ciwidey Rabbit Park is the neat arrangement of the location, so as to provide comfort to tourists and to protect these animals. This arrangement can be seen from making cages of a certain size in an open garden area. Apart from that, the interesting thing about this place is that each species of rabbit cage is different from the other types.

So, when tourists want to enjoy local rabbits, there is an area dedicated to seeing various types of domestic rabbits. However, for visitors who want to see foreign rabbits, there is a special cage to look at the rabbits gently. However, usually they are not allowed to enter the cage, because the manager anticipates unwanted things.

4. Cold, Cool and Beautiful Location

As a complement to the attractions in Ciwidey Rabbit Park, this tourist destination is located at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level. This existence is not only for the convenience of tourists, but these soft fur animals also need cold, cool and beautiful weather conditions. Because rabbits are animals that are physically weak and tend to be fragile in a hot atmosphere.

In addition, being at an altitude of thousands of meters above sea level provides another advantage, that is, visitors can enjoy stunningly beautiful natural scenery. Various types of trees are green and beautiful, the residents’ rice fields that look cool and stretch can also be enjoyed. Automatically the travelers get a bonus of oxygen-rich air.

Address and Route to Location

Ciwidey Rabbit Park Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Oh Suharto

The Ciwidey Rabbit Park family tourism destination is in Cikembang Village, Panundaan, Ciwidey District, Bandung Regency, Province West Java. For tourists traveling from Jalan Gambung, Bandung Regency, the distance they have to travel to arrive at the location is around 40.3 km. As for the time required for 1 hour 50 minutes.

The route that must be followed is to direct the vehicle to Cimaung, then continue the journey to the Cangkuang area. After arriving at Cangkuang, then head to Jalan Ciputih and all the way along the Provincial Road, you will arrive at Jalan Ciwidey. When arriving in the area, use low speed because there are signposts leading to the location, to make it easier for this vacation spot not far from the Jami Al Mujahidin Mosque.

Ciwidey Rabbit Park Entrance Ticket Prices

Ciwidey Rabbit Park Tickets
Image Credit: Google Maps Hendra Karunia

Even though Ciwidey Rabbit Park has a variety of unique and interesting attractions, the price of admission to this location is not expensive, only Rp. 15,000 per person. The creativity of the manager is felt, namely every visitor who pays an entrance ticket will be given two carrots to feed the rabbits.

However, for visitors who chat longer with the rabbit, 3 carrots are provided for Rp. 5,000. It should be remembered and if it is necessary to note that this family tourist destination is open from Monday to Friday at 10.00 WIB to 20.00 WIB. Meanwhile, on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays it opens at 09.00 WIB – 21.00 WIB.

Interesting Activities to Do at the Rabbit Park

Ciwidey Rabbit Park Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Rini English

If you look at the attractions available at Ciwidey Rabbit Park, of course, it has a variety of exciting activities to do. Because the image of the allure there is so tempting and makes tourists impatient to arrive at that location. Some of the interesting activities that can be done include:

1. Playing with the Rabbit

The main thing that is a favorite, popular and popular with tourists when they are here is playing with rabbits. There are various rare species, so many visitors play chasing, holding and feeding these cute and gentle animals. This exciting activity made visitors spontaneously capture the moment with their cameras and cellphones.

2. Enjoying the Cool Natural Atmosphere

An altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level at the Ciwidey Rabbit Park makes it a destination interesting tour it has a cool and fresh area. Therefore, an interesting activity besides playing with rabbits is enjoying the cool natural atmosphere. That’s what parents usually do when they’re there. While waiting for their sons and daughters to play with the rabbits, mothers and fathers reminisce about enjoying the natural scenery there.

3. Culinary Tourism

Other Activities Ciwidey Rabbit Park
Image Credit: Google Maps Shincinin Samurai

When you have done playing with the rabbits and enjoying the cool natural atmosphere at Ciwidey Rabbit Park and your stomach feels hungry, it’s time to hang out at the food stalls. This family tourist destination is also equipped with a variety of food stalls that can be enjoyed by tourists, so you can also do culinary tours in these places with your family.

Moreover, food stalls in this area are in green, clean and beautiful open spaces. Culinary lovers will feel a different sensation when enjoying food on location. Feed after bite will always be accompanied by green trees, clean grass, cool air and fresh air.

4. Shop for Souvenirs

While on vacation to Ciwidey Rabbit Park many people know, even though there are no entrusted items from friends, family or neighbors, buy souvenirs for them. So, when various interesting activities have been carried out and there is still a lot of money left, don’t go home empty-handed, go shopping for souvenirs.

This family tourist destination does not only sell souvenirs and regional specialties, but in the area it also sells rabbits at cheap prices. Therefore, for visitors who are interested in caring for rabbits, it is not difficult to find a place to sell these animals there.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Ciwidey Rabbit Park Facilities
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The supporting facilities at Ciwidey Rabbit Park are quite complete which can provide safety and comfort to tourists. These facilities include a parking lot for motorbikes and cars. Apart from that, there are also public toilets, a prayer room for places of worship and also benches for relaxing to enjoy the natural scenery.

If you are looking for a family vacation spot that is fun, interesting, exciting, exhilarating and adorable, a vacation to Ciwidey Rabbit Park is the right choice. Because this tourist attraction has a variety of attractions and interesting activities that are suitable for various ages ranging from small children, teenagers and adults.