Cikao Park Tourism, Amusement Park, Pride of Purwakarta Residents

If Moms are in Purwakarta or want to go on vacation to the city, it won’t be complete if they miss Cikao Park.

Cikao Park is an educational and recreational tourist spot that is perfect for spending holidays with family.

There are many superior rides such as water parkAnimal Park, to Garden Lanterns which children like.

Thanks to its complete rides, it’s no wonder this tourist spot can be full of visitors on weekends.

Are you curious about what’s going on at Cikao Park? Read more below, Moms!

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Activities and Rides at Cikao Park

Swimming Pool at Cikao Park

Photo: Swimming Pool at Cikao Park (

There are quite a number of activities and rides available at Cikao Park and are suitable for children, including:

1 . Swimming pool

The swimming pool at Cikao Park is different from the rides water park in general.

Because, swimming pool it is asymmetrical in shape with a rocky pool edge like a river.

However, these stones actually look beautiful and aesthetic because they are painted in various colors.

Besides that, water park in Cikao this is even more unique thanks to the presence of thatched gazebos provided for resting.

Swimming is even more exciting because it is disturbed by artificial waves, so it is similar to swimming on the beach.

Once you enter the pool, Moms and your little one will feel the sensation of being tossed by the waves.

Not only a sloping pool, there is also beach sand which makes the coastal atmosphere even more real.

Well, Moms can invite your little one to play while being creative in making sand castles.

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2. Foam Pool

If Moms and Dads want a more exciting game, invite your little one to play foam together, come on!

Yes, visitors can feel the sensation of a similar bubble bath snow here.

This game is even more exciting with water gushing from the shower.

Apart from the foam pool, there are also various other fun games such as spiral slides race slides.

If you want to relax, Moms can also rent pillows bean bags and a ledge over the pool.

3. Animal Park

Cikao Park Wildlife Park

Photo: Cikao Park Wildlife Park (

Apart from exciting games, Cikao Park also provides educational rides for children, you know!

There is an Animal Park ready to entertain while providing education for the baby.

The animals are also quite complete, ranging from kangaroos, monkeys, iguanas, to tigers.

Children are guaranteed not to get bored looking at the animals here.

In addition, there is also a Bird Park with a fairly complete collection of birds.

Your little one can see parrots, turkeys, peacocks, and ostricheven can feed the animals too, you know!

So, Moms and Little Ones can have a vacation while interacting with animals directly at this animal park.

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4. Hobbit House

Apart from swimming pools and animal parks, there are destinations that are no less interesting, namely the Hobbit house.

Starting to enter the vehicle, Moms can see a house with a round door like in the movie The Hobbit.

There are also colorful mushroom houses and adorable bunnies.

So, don’t forget to capture it by taking pictures at the Hobbit House, Moms.

To make it funnier, don’t forget to use the polka dot hat provided.

5. Colorful Garden Lanterns

Who says that Cikao Park can only be enjoyed during the day?

In fact, if you visit at night, you can enjoy the beautiful colorful lights in the Lantern Garden.

In fact, this place is touted as a park lantern the biggest in West Java, you know Moms!

With a large area, visitors can walk around to see lanterns of various shapes.

Starting from cartoon shapes, animals, to flower gardens.

The atmosphere is dim and romantic, making this park suitable for visiting with your partner.

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Location, Entrance Ticket Prices, and Opening Hours of Cikao Park

Cikao Park Purwakarta

Photo: Cikao Park Purwakarta (

The Cikao Park family recreation park is located on Jalan Raya Sukatani, Cisalada, Sukatani, Purwakarta Regency.

Thanks to the presence of this tourist spot, now the people of Purwakarta don’t have to bother leaving the city to just have a vacation with their family on the weekends.

In fact, it is hoped that people outside Purwakarta will also travel to Cikao Park.

Even though it offers complete rides and activities, the price of admission to this recreational park is quite affordable, namely:

  • Entrance Ticket for Main Door & Flower Garden: IDR 20,000 for weekdays and weekends.
  • Waterpark Entrance Ticket: IDR 30,000 for weekdays and IDR 50,000 for weekends.
  • Mini Zoo/Dino Park Entrance Ticket: IDR 20,000 for weekdays and IDR 20,000 for weekends.
  • Illusion House Entrance Ticket: IDR 30,000 for weekdays and IDR 30,000 for weekends.

Not only adults, children aged 2 years and over are charged the normal fee, Moms.

This tourist park is open from 8 am to 6 pm.

So, to be more satisfied playing, come early in the morning with your family.

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That’s a review of Cikao Park, which is a favorite tour in Purwakarta. Happy holidays, moms!