Celosia Garden, Peeking at the Beauty of the Garden with Various Celosia Flowers in Semarang

Ticket price: IDR 25,000 Operational hour: 08.00-17.00 WIB, Address: Jl. To Gedong Songo Temple No.KM, RW.5, Beroken, Kec. Bandungan, Kab. Semarang, Central Java; Folder: Location Check

Inhabitant Semarang Surely many know Celosia Garden, a tourist spot that offers a lot of beauty. Although not a natural beauty, this place is still worth a visit. As the name implies, the flower garden is the main attraction. Combined with the concept of photography, so you will really lose if you miss this beautiful place.

This Celosia flower garden is located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, so the weather is guaranteed to be cool and refreshing. In addition, its natural beauty is quite clear from the various green trees that are neatly lined up. Plus the mountain panorama makes it even more beautiful, it’s no wonder that many tourists come from various regions.

The beautiful natural charm is immediately obtained as soon as you arrive at the entrance. Rows of beautiful ornamental plants are the main sight here. Celosia, this flower is what you see mostly here. Interestingly, this hits tour has many photography themes so that tourists get a different sensation.

The Attraction That Celosia Garden Has

Celosia Garden Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Dinar Setya Pratama

Celosia Garden is a stunning flower garden known for the striking beauty of celosia flowers and vibrant colors. This park has a strong attraction for visitors, especially for those who seek the beauty of nature and want to enjoy a calming and refreshing atmosphere.

1. The beauty of the Celosia Flower Garden

Celosia flowers are very beautiful flowers with striking colors and unique shapes. There are several types found, including celosia argentea, celosia cristata, and celosia spicata. Each type has a unique and different beauty, but all add to the beauty and charm of this hit tour.

Moreover, the manager makes several unique themes so that this place is not boring. Call it miniature landmarks from several countries, for example the Eiffel Tower and the Merlion Statue from Singapore. This place also has a special area called Little Amsterdam with a typical windmill building like in the Netherlands.

2. Calm and Peaceful Atmosphere

Celosia Garden is a very calm and relaxing place. Surrounded by beautiful flowers and green natural scenery, visitors can feel calm and serene. The park also offers the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll or sit back and enjoy the view.

The atmosphere is calmer when the weather here is very cool. Especially if it weren’t for the many shady trees that thrive around the site. It’s no wonder that many visitors make it a means of healing. Visiting this place not only gets beauty, but also a much fresher mind than before.

3. Ideal Place for Photos

Because of its beauty and charm, Celosia Garden is often used as a place for photography. Visitors can take pictures with beautiful celosia flowers and stunning natural nuances as a backdrop. Many people use this tourist destination in Semarang as a place for pre-wedding, family photos, or even for social media content.

So many interesting spots, because basically the manager provides many spots that you can choose from. An example is the Little Korea spot which was specially built like Ginseng Country. Apart from that, there is also the Lantern Garden which displays hanging chandeliers surrounded by beautiful Celosia flowers.

Address and Route to Location

Celosia Garden address
Image Credit: Google Maps Janet Kawai

You can easily go to Celosia Garden, which offers natural beauty and beautiful colorful flowers. This is due to its strategic location and not far from the city center. The complete address is in Beroken Village, Bandungan District, Semarang Regency, Central Java. From the center of Bandungan it is only about 3 kilometers.

However, if you depart from the center of Semarang, then the distance that must be taken is around 45 kilometers. The main benchmark that you can make the route is the Diponegoro Stadium. From this point, please head to Bung Karno Square. Continue to Pasar Babadan, then follow along the main road of Jalan Mayor Soeyoto.

Your journey is still long, please head to Jalan Jimbaran, then to Jalan Kalimosodo. Follow the main road until you arrive at Jalan Veteran, then pass Jalan Sukorini. If you find a gas station on the way to Gedong Songo Temple, it means that your destination is near, please follow the provided signs.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

The Celosia Garden entrance ticket price is actually quite cheap even though it offers a variety of beauties and has many attractions. One tourist is only charged a rate of 25,000 rupiah on weekdays. Meanwhile, if you come on a holiday, the applicable rate is 30,000 rupiah. Like tourist attractions in general, an additional fee is required for parking fees.

The fare depends on the vehicle you bring, motorbikes are 2,000 rupiah, cars are 5,000, and buses are 20,000 rupiah. This beautiful tour is open every day from morning to evening. But if you want to enjoy maximum charm and beauty, it is hoped that you will come in the morning because the flowers still look fresh.

Interesting Activities to Do at Celosia Garden

Interesting Activities at Celosia Garden
Image Credit: Google Maps Adi

Behind its beautiful charm, visitors can do many interesting things at Celosia Garden. The existence of this activity makes visitors feel more comfortable, especially since there are many spots available. Here are some of the activities you can do while visiting here.

1. Enjoying the Beauty of Celosia Flowers

This hits tour combines flower gardens with a variety of interesting spots. You can enjoy the beauty of flowers consisting of various types and various colors. Some of the colors that you can see here include red, yellow, pink, and purple.

To enjoy the beauty of flowers at Celosia Garden Semarang, you can sit back and relax on the available benches. Even though it looks passive and doing nothing, this activity is very important because it can calm the mind. Many tourists use it as a healing medium to refresh their mind after being busy for several days.

2. Travel around the park

Besides enjoying the beauty of celosia flowers, visitors can also take a tour around the park. The area here is very large and there are many a beautiful place to see and explore. There are many beautiful photo spots and there are also some unique buildings, such as gazebos and small wooden buildings.

3. Photo spot hunting

The main activity and should not be left behind while you are visiting Celosia Garden is hunting for photo spots. The reason is, there are many spots provided by the manager for photography lovers. Call it the miniature landmarks mentioned earlier, or special areas with Korean concepts. All angles in tourist areas are perfect for taking pictures, so make sure you bring the best camera.

4. Shop for souvenirs

There is a gift shop that sells various kinds of souvenirs made from celosia flowers. Souvenirs available include necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and wall hangings. This souvenir is very suitable to be used as souvenirs or gifts for those closest to you. You can also buy flower seeds to plant at home if necessary.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Celosia Garden facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Saiful Malfino

The facilities at Celosia Garden are very complete, because this beautiful tour is very well managed. The parking area is quite large, can accommodate motorbikes, cars and even buses at the same time. Other facilities provided are toilets for self-cleaning, prayer rooms for worship, food stalls, and of course various beautiful photo spots.

Visiting tourist attractions is one of the things that is quite important for some people. Not only to fill vacation time and have fun, but also to refresh the mind. There are even times when the purpose of traveling is to fill in social media content. If you are one of those who have this goal, then Celosia Garden must be visited.