Bukit Bintang Jogja | Entrance Ticket, Location, and Lodging

For Advontura friends who are on vacation to the city of Jogja, it won’t be complete if you haven’t visited this tourist location. Yup, especially if it’s not Bukit Bintang Yogyakarta.

Located in a hilly area located at Jalan Wonosari KM 15-17, Patuk District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta (39 minutes from Malioboro). This tourist location is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations by tourists.

Because apart from that you can see the charm of the sparkling stars in the sky and city lights, as well as being equipped with cool, cool breezes. Guaranteed this atmosphere will make you feel at home to linger in this hill tourist location.

Intrigued by the full info of the object Bukit Bintang tour Yogyakarta? Let’s see this article to the end!

The Beauty of Bukit Bintang Jogja in the Day and Night

There is no doubt about the beauty of Bukit Bintang Jogja during the day and at night. Because of its location above the hills, visitors can enjoy it freely the beauty of the city of Yogyakarta from above.

Then what are the things that Advontura friends can do at this tourist location? Here are activities that visitors can do during the day or night.

Beauty in the Daytime

Jogja Star Hill
Bukit Bintang jogja (Photo by Google Maps -lee suwanda)

The view during the day provides its own experience for visitors. You will be presented with a panoramic view of the city of Yogyakarta which is so green and beautiful.

Coupled with a cool and fresh breeze, this experience will of course be invaluable for those of you who want to relieve stress for a moment from the hustle and bustle of the city.

For those of you who want to come early, don’t worry if you feel hungry because you haven’t had breakfast. Because here visitors can also find it easily places to eat and a place to rest.

Beauty at Night

Visiting this hill at night is the most appropriate choice. Because as the name suggests, Star, visitors will be spoiled by the twinkling lights of the city of Yogyakarta that look like stars and will look even more amazing from the top of this hill.

Beautiful light, cool air, coupled with a glass of coffee or tea at night, will certainly be a pleasant experience for anyone who comes to visit.

Because of its beauty at night, it is not uncommon for these tourist sites to be hunted by tourists to find them instagenic photo spots to add to their collection of photos.

Hunt Sunset and Sunrise

Apart from enjoying the morning and evening atmosphere, visitors can do other things besides relaxing and taking pictures. For visitors who are lovers of sunrise and sunset, then the location of this hill is the most appropriate choice for you.

This location, which is famous as a tourist destination to see the sunset and sunrise views, has a large courtyard so that visitors can freely enjoy the stunning natural panorama.

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Entrance Ticket for Bukit Bintang Jogja

Entrance ticket for Bukit Bintang Jogja is 0 rupiah, or FREE. For this reason, this destination can really be a cheap and fun vacation option.

You only need to pay for parking. The parking fee is also cheap, IDR 2,000.00 for motorbikes and IDR 5,000.00 for cars with a large parking area. How to stay affordable right?

Available Facilities

Spot photos on Bukit Bintang Jogja
Jogja star hill photo spot (Photo by Google Maps -denia bernika evanda)

Complete facilities available for visitors such as toilets to prayer rooms. So, you don’t need to worry if you suddenly need to go to the bathroom or want to perform worship for Muslim visitors.

This tourist spot also offers many photo spots and places to relax that visitors can enjoy without paying a penny.

Visitors also don’t need to worry about getting hungry, because even though it’s on a hill, this place provides lots of culinary options that can be enjoyed.

Restaurant Menu Prices in Bukit Bintang Jogja

The choice of Bukit Bintang Jogja restaurants is also diverse. You can choose from fancy restaurants to dinner with your partner, family restaurant for a big meal, or just want to enjoy coffee in a simple small shop.

Some restaurant recommendations include Bukit Bintang Restaurants and Hotels, Bukit Indah Bambu, WA2IN1 Food Stalls, Bukit Bintang Rest Area, and so on.

Food prices in Bukit Bintang Jogja also vary widely. Ranging from under Rp. 10,000.00 to above Rp. 100,000.00 is also available.

The types of food offered also vary, just choose which one suits your taste and occasion.

Starting from Indonesian home cooking food and restaurants, various culinary specialties of Yogyakarta to foreign cuisine. For those of you who don’t want to eat heavy, sharing snacks and snacks is also easy to find.

Whatever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and really enjoy the atmosphere of being together…

Hotels in Bukit Bintang Jogja

There are quite a lot of hotel choices in Bukit Bintang Jogja. Because this tourist area is one of the areas actively developed by the local government of Gunung Kidul. So you don’t need to worry about lodging problems.

Some hotel recommendations that you can make for your overnight stay include OYO 1159 Bukit Indah Hotel and Restaurant, Core Hotel Yogyakarta, Kopilimo, and many more.

For those of you who want to stay overnight, it’s a good idea to prepare a fee starting from Rp. 150,000.00 to Rp. 250,000.00 for one night’s stay.

Thus information about one night tour at Bukit Bintang Yogyakarta this time. Hopefully the information above can be useful and can provide information for Advontura friends who want to take a vacation. See you in the discussion of the next tourist destination!

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