Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism, Favorite European-style Tourist Destinations in Jogja

Ticket price: IDR 25,000, Operational hour: 09.00-17.00 WIB, Address: Jl. Kaliurang, Sawungan, Hargobinangun Village, Kec. Pakem, Kab. Sleman, DI Yogyakarta; Folder: Location Check

Yogyakarta is one of the regions in Indonesia that has the most complete tourist objects from various categories. In this special area, you can get tours, history, natural scenery, to educational tours. From the educational tourism category, for example, there is Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism with the concept of nature while carrying the theme of education for children. For those of you currently in sleman Yogyakarta, this option is perfect if you are visiting with your family.

This tourist attraction was built in 2015 on an area of ​​5.2 hectares. There are many tourist spots or buildings that are worth visiting, maybe they won’t be finished in just one day. A comfortable atmosphere makes most visitors willing to spend a lot of time. Especially if they get a lot of knowledge directly, both from personal experience while at the location, as well as explanations from the management.

Carrying the concept of nature and livestock, Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism has never been empty of visitors since it was first inaugurated. This is inseparable from the attraction that makes visitors even willing to come back, or at least longing to return to have an exciting experience while at the location. Most of the existing attractions are a building with its own concept that visitors can use, both for activities or simply taking unique photos with a beautiful background.

The Attractiveness of Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism

Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps arie ayeeta

No need to expect natural scenery that is still naturally formed at this tourist location. All the spots that exist are the result of human hands. However, the concept that is carried is very unique and educational. What are the attractions of Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism in question? Please refer to the following short summary!

1. Langlang Buana

A well-known building from all over the world is presented in one complex at this tourist attraction. The spot is called Langlang Buana which is taken from the word wandering around the world. Both of these words can be interpreted around the world, of course not in the real sense. There is the concept of Mediterania Street, where there is a village in the Mediterranean era, complete with knick-knacks to make it look like the original.

In the same spot, there is a building that takes the concept from a house in Switzerland, in the Alps to be precise. It is said to be similar because the existing houses are composed of stone and wood, similar to classic European style buildings. The roads used are also almost the same, consisting of piles of natural stones arranged unevenly. To add a beautiful impression, various potted plants adorn every corner.

In addition to the Mediterranean and Swiss concepts, Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism also carries a Greek village called Santorini. The dominant blue and white colors make visitors feel as if they were in Greece at that time. Moreover, the building of the house on the location makes the concept carried exactly like the original. Not only walking down the corridor, visitors can also rest on a bench placed in one of the houses.

2. Mural Paintings

The attraction which is also used as the main photo spot for visitors is the Mural Painting. Maybe you think that there is nothing special about this painting because you can find it in several other locations. Maybe it can be justified, it’s just that the theme that is being stretched this time is more romantic. The theme in question is Romeo and Juliet who lived in the Middle Ages, otherwise known as the Renaissance. It becomes even more unique because the painting is on a wall with a height of 6 meters.

3. Hydroponic Garden

Attractiveness Owned by Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism
Image Credit: Google Maps arie ayeeta

Hydroponic gardens are an attraction for those who like gardening activities. From fruits and vegetables, you can get them at Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism. Interestingly, visitors can not only see or enjoy the plants on site, but also gain knowledge on how to plant and care for them. The management is ready to answer all your questions that are still related to the preservation of hydroponic plants.

For those who want to feel the freshness of fruit or vegetables directly, this garden allows you to pick them. Not only that, for those who are interested after getting knowledge from the garden owner’s explanation, you can buy the garden equipment needed to be preserved at home, including the types of plants you want to cultivate.

4. Livestock Cultivation Area

Not only plants, various livestock are also at this educational tourist location in Sleman. Please enjoy the cuteness of the animal behavior provided, there are goats, rabbits, reptiles such as turtles and snakes, and many more. You can also get important information about each of these animals from the management, both how to care for them, how to breed them, and also what kind of food they eat.

Not only is it an attraction for children, adults are also suitable for visiting one of the spots in Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism. for animal lovers, for example, you can get to know more about various animals and their characteristics. Of course, each animal has its own characteristics. Everything needs to be learned so that you don’t take care of it wrong and invite it to interact.

Address and Route to Location

Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Beautiful Vienna Pratami

After you know the various attractions and want to immediately visit these tourist sites, the address is at Jl. Kaliurang KM.20, Sawangan, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman, In Yogyakarta. The location is under the foot of Mount Merapi, so it’s not too difficult to reach it. There are many routes that you can take with fairly good road access.

Make the center of Yogyakarta city the main benchmark, then take the road towards Kaliurang. Arriving at Jalan Kaliurang, point the vehicle to the north until you get to Jalan Kaliurang KM 20. At that point, there is a clear sign that can be used as a guide to get to the location of Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Attractions

Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism Ticket
Image Credit: Google Maps Ivan Haniyoto

As with other tourist attractions, there is a price to be paid to enjoy all the facilities at the Bhumi Merapi location. Because the facilities available are quite complete, including several games for children, the entry ticket price is also quite expensive.

The entrance ticket price charged for one visitor is 30,000 rupiah. This price includes all spots in the location. However, to take pictures with certain animals, there is another price that you have to pay.

Interesting Activities to Do at Bhumi Merapi

Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism Activities
Image Credit: Google Maps Sungging Nanda P

Almost all the activities in this tourist attraction are interesting to do, both for children and adults. Most of the activities lead to direct education in the field. But of course it’s not only that, there are special spots described earlier and are not included in terms of education. One thing is for sure, all activities are very interesting to do when you are at Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism.

1. Field Trips

The main purpose of building this educational tourism site is for school students to get to know the natural surroundings, both plants and animals. So it is not uncommon for various schools to hold educational tours in this place. Field studies or field trips are very interesting to do, where there are lots of animals and plants that school-age children may not yet know.

They can also interact directly with these animals, as long as they are from the category of tame animals. An example is the Etawa type goat which is also a mainstay pet at the object interesting tour this. Besides being able to touch it directly or take photos together, the children can also directly see the process of milking the Etawa goat which contains many benefits for the body.

2. Horse Riding

Not only learning is an interesting activity at Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism, children can also ride specially provided ponies. No need to worry, this type of horse is one of the most docile, of course also cute and adorable. In addition, there is a handler for each horse being ridden. So you can be sure the safety of children is always guaranteed.

The horse track is quite long, so children can be satisfied riding it. Please note, the ponies that are used as tourist facilities only walk leisurely, not run as you might imagine. Unfortunately, this horseback riding facility is not included in the entrance ticket package, so there is another price to pay.

3. See the process of making coffee

Fun Activities of Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism
Image Credit: Google Maps Coni Yanto

For coffee enthusiasts, it is mandatory to see the process of making coffee so that they can better appreciate every coffee they enjoy. It’s not just coffee that you can see how it’s made, but from the type of civet coffee. You can see from the beginning of the manufacturing process, which starts with the mongoose being fed coffee beans.

The next process is to take the droppings from the mongoose, where the coffee beans are not destroyed due to the metabolic process of the animal which is also called the weasel. After being washed and made sterile, the seeds are then dried in the sun to dry and ground before serving. Uniquely, you can enjoy civet coffee directly on location, or take it home as a souvenir by buying it.

4. Photo spot hunting

From the little explanation of the attractions of Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism above, of course you also think about ignoring the moment when you are at the spot in question, right? Of course it’s a shame to miss the various spot offers that are presented. Apart from those already mentioned, namely the villages of Greece, Switzerland, and mural paintings, there are other spots that are no less interesting to use as photo backgrounds. The spot in question is a beautiful flower garden with a Hobbit house around the location.

If you want something more unique, there is also the Underground concept, which takes the subway theme. The Spot is made exactly like the original with narrow subway tunnels. In addition, buildings made of bricks make the atmosphere more attractive. This location is perfect for those who like classic style photography.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism, Favorite European-style Tourist Destinations in Jogja
Image Credit: Google Maps Risang Aradea

Various facilities are available to support tourists visiting Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism. The facilities in question include public toilets that are kept clean, a large parking area that can accommodate many vehicles at once, as well as a prayer room which is used as a place of worship.

There are also many other facilities, such as restaurants or food stalls for those who run out of provisions, as well as a camping ground area specially provided for visitors who wish to stay overnight. If you want to go around to save energy, there are Jeeps that can be rented at a predetermined price.

There are still many interesting things that you can find at this educational tourist location. It would be better if you immediately visited Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism so that it would be clearer and get direct experience. All explanations from this article are only limited to basic knowledge before you head to the tourist sites.