Beauty Salons In Bali Indonesia: All You Need To Know In 2023

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Visiting Bali, Indonesia in 2023? Looking to get a makeover or a much-needed pampering session? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Bali has some of the most amazing beauty salons in the world. From traditional Balinese treatments to modern beauty treatments, you’ll find everything you need here.

Beauty salons in Bali offer a wide range of treatments and services. From hair cuts, coloring and styling to facials, waxing, manicures and pedicures, you’ll find everything you need at one of the many salons. Most salons have a full range of services, so you can get everything from a simple trim to a full hair makeover.

Types of Beauty Salons

There are a few different types of beauty salons in Bali. There are traditional Balinese salons, which offer traditional treatments such as herbal facials and body treatments. Then there are modern salons, that offer a more modern approach to beauty treatments such as waxing, threading and laser hair removal.

You’ll also find salons that specialize in certain treatments, such as hair coloring or makeup application. Some salons also offer spa treatments, such as body wraps, massage and reflexology. No matter what type of beauty treatment you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it in Bali.

Prices of Beauty Salons

The prices of beauty salons in Bali vary depending on the type of treatment and the salon you choose. Traditional Balinese salons tend to be the most affordable, as they don’t use expensive products or equipment. A basic facial or massage will cost around $20 USD, while a full hair makeover can cost up to $200 USD.

Modern salons tend to be more expensive, as they use more sophisticated products and equipment. A waxing session can cost around $50 USD, while a laser hair removal session can cost up to $500 USD. Of course, the prices may vary depending on the salon you choose.

Finding a Salon

Finding a beauty salon in Bali is easy. You can ask your hotel or guesthouse for recommendations, or you can look online. There are many websites that list the best salons in Bali, and you can read reviews to find out which ones are the best.

Once you’ve found a salon, make sure to ask about their services, prices and any special offers they might have. Most salons offer discounts for multiple treatments, so it’s a good idea to ask about this before you book an appointment.

Best Beauty Salons in Bali

Some of the best beauty salons in Bali include:

Bali Beauty Salon

Bali Beauty Salon is one of the most popular salons in Bali, offering a full range of services from hair styling to waxing. They also offer traditional Balinese treatments such as herbal facials, body scrubs and massage. Prices are reasonable and their experienced staff are very friendly.

Puri Indah Beauty Salon

Puri Indah is a modern beauty salon in Bali, offering a range of services from waxing to makeup application. Prices are slightly higher than other salons, but their experienced staff are highly trained and the quality of their services is excellent.

Zen Beauty Salon

Zen Beauty Salon is a traditional Balinese salon, offering a range of treatments from herbal facials to body wraps. Prices are very affordable and their staff are friendly and welcoming. They also offer free consultations, so you can discuss your needs with the experts before making a booking.


If you’re looking for a beauty salon in Bali, you’re in luck. There are many salons to choose from, offering a wide range of treatments from traditional Balinese treatments to modern beauty treatments. Prices vary depending on the salon and the treatments you choose, but you’ll be sure to find a salon that suits your needs and budget. So, what are you waiting for? Get pampered and enjoy some much-needed relaxation in Bali!