Batu Mandi Beach, a beautiful beach flanked by exotic hills in Pesawaran

Ticket price: IDR 5,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Batumenyan, Kec. Pandan Bay, Kab. Pesawaran, Lampung.

Batu Mandi Beach is also one of the famous tourist attractions in Pesawaran. As we know, Pesawaran is an area that has beautiful landscapes. There are quite a number of good tourist destinations in the area. Especially tourist attractions that smell natural.

To find beautiful beaches in the area offer also not difficult. One of them is Batu Mandi Beach. It is located not too far from two other popular beaches, namely Klara beach and Sari Ringgung beach. So it is very natural that in the end this beach also began to be known by many people.

What’s more, access to tourist attractions is also good. Even the route to this beach is not complicated. Just like when you wanted to go to the two previous beaches. It feels like the possibility of getting lost is also small. Given that there is currently an application called Google Maps.

The attractiveness of Batu Mandi Beach

Attraction at Batu Mandi Beach
Image Credit: Google Maps Frisca Devi

Batu Mandi Beach is of course no less good than Klara and Sari Ringgung beaches. There are various things that make this place quite special for most people. Next, we will describe the appeal of this place.

1. Flanked by Several Hills

Being on a beach surrounded by green hills because of the grass is certainly quite interesting. You can look anywhere and will only find beauty. Calm sea water is also comfortable to watch. In the sense that there are no such big waves.

Because of this, in the end, many people make this beach a family tour. Surely playing in water with your baby will no longer feel anxious. In addition, the white sand that complements it also makes this beach even more perfect.

2. Charming Islands in the Surroundings

This beach is even more special because of the several islands around it. Having a small uninhabited island is quite interesting, isn’t it? So it’s a shame if you don’t visit it. You can rent a boat to go around visiting the islands around the place.

3. Wide Photo Area

Another attraction is the beautiful photo spots. There is a photo spot with the words “Batu Mandi Beach”. An artificial spot that is widely used by people to take photos. Besides that, there are quite a lot of beautiful corners that you can capture from this beach.

Address and Route to Location

Batu Mandi Beach Address
Image Credit: Google Maps Hadie Danker

Batu Mandi Beach is right on Jl. Way Retai, Batu Menyan Village, district. Pandan Bay, right? Pesawaran, Province Lampung. If from Bandar Lampung to this beach you need to spend about 2 hours traveling with a distance of 33 km.

If from Bandar Lampung, the route you can take is through Teluk Bening towards Padang Cermin Pesawaran and follow the existing road. The route is in the same direction if you want to go to Klara and Sari Ringgung beaches. Even very close to Klara beach.

To make it easier, you can just take public transportation. From Bandar Lampung you can take a Pick Up from Teluk Betung. The rates charged are only around Rp. 20,000 only.

So if you come from outside Lampung, getting to this place is much easier. From the Bakauheni port, you can look for a bus to the Rajabasa terminal. The rates charged are only around Rp. 30,000 only. Then you can go to Teluk Betung with an online motorcycle taxi. Continue the journey to the beach with the help of Pick Up.

Beach Tour Entrance Ticket Prices

The price of the entrance ticket is always a question for everyone when entering certain tours. So, to enter Batu Mandi Beach, you are only charged Rp. 5,000 only per person. For motorbike parking costs around IDR 15,000 and cars IDR. 35,000.

In addition, other costs that you may incur are Rp. 35,000 to rent a hut on the beach. You can use the cottage as much you know. For the cost of renting other facilities, say hello to tires and boats, of course it’s different.

Interesting Activities to Do at Batu Mandi Beach

Interesting Activities at Batu Mandi Beach
Image Credit: Google Maps Anton Creativeland

Have you gone to the beach, of course you have to do lots of exciting activities, right? So, confused about what to do until later? Calm. Here are some recommendations for activities that you can do on the beach.

1. Enjoy the View of the High Seas

The first and most basic thing if you don’t want to play in the water is to sit and enjoy the natural scenery. Yes, you can see the charm of the open sea in front of you without fear of overheating. Relaxing with your family in a beachside gazebo might be the right choice if you don’t bring a change of clothes.

2. Playing Water

Other fun activities that you can do at Batu Mandi Beach are playing in the water and swimming with your family. Given that the waves are not big and tend to be calm, of course it is very suitable for playing around. You can invite your kids to play in the water as much as they want.

Even so, don’t let your attention escape the children. Always be near your baby to make them play comfortably and safely. Make sure not to swim and play in the water too far out to sea. Being on the outskirts of playing in the sand together seems to leave a beautiful memory.

3. Traveling by Boat

Apart from being able to swim, play in the water and rent tires, there are other activities that are no less exciting. Yes, you can rent a canoe to get around to the nearby islands. Don’t just see the island. You can also go to Kiluan Bay to see cute dolphins.

4. Take as many photos as possible

The last thing you have to do is take pictures. Beautiful natural scenery with water that is so clear, it’s a shame not to capture the moment in this place. You can take photos with a beach background or fine white sand.

In addition, several angles from beautiful beach This is also very suitable to be used as a photo location. For example, the spot regarding the writing Batu Mandi Beach. This spot is one of the most visited places by visitors.

Facilities Available in the Beach Area

Facilities at Batu Mandi Beach
Image Credit: Google Maps Abdillah Bramaywa Ahmad Manudipta

Being on one of the popular beach resorts in Lampung, of course the Batu Mandi Beach facilities don’t disappoint. It’s even quite adequate. The facilities available include vehicle parking, gazebos or inns, toilets, photo spots and places to rent tires and boats.

One more facility that complements this place is the prayer room. Yes, a place of worship is also provided. So you don’t have to worry about missing obligations to the creator.

Batu Mandi Beach is a very comfortable family tourist destination for sure. Apart from being a place to rest, worship to the available food stalls, the landscape also does not disappoint.