Batu Mahpar, Exotic Nature Tourism Destination with Millions of Enchantments in Tasikmalaya

Ticket price: IDR 20,000 Operational hour: 08.00-17.00 WIB, Address: Sukamulih, Kec. Sariwangi, Kab. Tasikmalaya, West Java; Folder: Location Check

Batu Mahpar is a natural tourist attraction in Tasikmalaya that offers a million charms. This place is always visited by visitors, some even come from outside the area. When it’s a holiday, tourists come jostling as if they fill all the areas. Not without cause, all because of the attractiveness that is owned, especially in terms of beauty.

As is known, there are lots of tourist attractions that can be found in Tasikmalaya. Each has its own charm, some offer beauty, rides for games, waterpark concepts, and many others. Before visiting, you should first determine what your vacation goals are.

When viewed from what it has, Batu Mahpar is suitable as the main destination if you want to get rid of fatigue due to daily activities. Its natural beauty may not be found elsewhere even though it has the same concept. Exotic rocks, shady trees that make the atmosphere green, and even waterfalls are here.

The attractiveness of Batu Mahpar

Mahpar Stone Attraction
Image Credit: Google Maps Deni Hidayat

Before being known as a tourist attraction and visited by many tourists, the place was considered haunted by local residents. However, this assumption gradually diminished, until finally it was made a vacation spot. Of course there are various interesting things to be found here, as well as a reason for those who come.

1. Exotic Stone Mahpar

Mahpar Stone is a group of rocks formed by the eruption of Mount Galunggung several decades ago. Lava flows flowed from various points, one of them towards the river. When flowing in the river, the lava that settles over time becomes a rock. Its length is estimated at 400 meters, too far to explore on foot.

Although it was originally a river, today only a little water flows. Instead, the flow of water turns into rock that looks very exotic. This stone is also formed like a river, where there are waves in some parts. Visitors are free to do anything, whether relaxing on the rock or walking along it.

2. Beautiful Natural Scenery

As one of the natural attractions, of course the next attraction of Batu Mahpar is the scenery around it. This place is so beautiful because there are many shrubs that surround it. The scenery is all green, only the rocks look gray. The atmosphere is so beautiful, suitable for healing activities for those who want to relieve fatigue.

The green scenery is further strengthened by the presence of wild animals that inhabit this tour. It’s not too much, only from birds flying around while singing, as well as some insects that enliven the atmosphere. Visiting this place is guaranteed to make you feel at home, anyone would be reluctant to go home.

3. Beautiful Waterfall

The beautiful scenery and the exoticism of the former lava flow stones are not the only attractions of Batu Mahpar. In addition, this tourist spot in Tasikmalaya has a very beautiful waterfall. Not just one, but four waterfalls with their own characteristics. Even though the water flow is not too heavy, its beauty is still clearly visible.

The four waterfalls referred to respectively are Curug Manawah, Curug Kahuripan, Curug Mahkota, and Niagara Sunda Waterfall. Interestingly, you don’t have to travel far to visit all of them because they are located close together. All waterfalls have pools with clear and calm water, suitable for water play.

4. Game rides are available

Batu Mahpar is indeed worth visiting to fill holidays with family or loved ones. There’s no shortage of what can be found here, you can even find rides suitable for children. Some of the available playgrounds include slides, tree houses, and swings.

In addition, there are also outbound rides that are suitable as educational facilities. This hits tour has a mini zoo with a collection of tame animals that are cute and adorable. Not only that, there is also a swimming pool equipped with a water slider. For those who like photos, please use the photo spots provided by the manager.

Address and Route to Location

Mahpar Stone Address
Image Credit: Google Maps alif M

It is not difficult to find Batu Mahpar Galunggung natural attractions, even though the location is far from urban areas. This is because the place already exists in the Google Maps application or digital map, so all you have to do is type the name of the destination. The full address is in the Village. Sukamulih, Sariwangi District, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java.

The distance from the city center is quite far, you have to travel for 1 hour. The length of time needed to cover a distance of approximately 25 kilometers. Please come by private vehicle, either motorbike or car, because until now there are some areas that are not passed by public transportation.

Nature Tourism Entrance Ticket Prices

Before entering the Batu Mahpar tourist area, you need to prepare funds to buy an entrance ticket. There are price differences as tourist attractions in general, depending on the day of visit. If you come from Monday to Friday, the entrance fee required is 20,000 rupiah.

It’s different if you come on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, the price of admission increases to 25,000 rupiah. This place is open every day with the same operating hours, which is open from 08.00 to 17.00 WIB. But specifically for Friday, this place is open from 13.00 with the same closing time.

Interesting Activities to Do at Batu Mahpar

Interesting Activities at Batu Mahpar
Image Credit: Google Maps Udar1der Channel

Visiting Batu Mahpar Galunggung is guaranteed to make you feel at home, as we explained earlier. In addition to the attractions that are owned, there are also many interesting activities that can be done. Here are some of the activities in question!

1. Enjoy Beautiful Natural Scenery

Because of its beauty, it’s a shame if you only look at it with one eye. The beauty that is in this tourist spot is worth enjoying, and anyone will definitely feel peace. The exoticism of the rocks that are formed along the river flow becomes the main one. Coupled with the shady green trees, the charm is more perfect.

2. Casual Picnic

Batu Mahpar is suitable for all walks of life, be it families, lovers, or even close friends. But certainly, this place is more fitting when visited with a group. The most suitable activity is a relaxing picnic, while enjoying food brought from home or ordered on location, this activity is guaranteed to be more exciting.

3. Photo spot hunting

Relaxing while enjoying the natural scenery is a must do here. But there is something more interesting and should not be left behind, namely hunting for photo spots. The manager provides several special spots for those who like photography. For example, a spot called Gelodog Asih is made to resemble the concept of a throne.

4. Swim in the Pool

The next exciting activity at Batu Mahpar is swimming in the pool. It’s not too wide, there are only a few pools that are adjusted to the age of visitors. However, this pool is equipped with adequate facilities, for example a mini water slider for children. In addition, there is also a waiting room for parents, changing rooms and toilets.

Available Facilities

Mahpar Stone Facility
Image Credit: Google Maps 21 katazi

A tourist spot is more worth visiting if it has adequate facilities. As long as you visit here there is actually nothing to worry about. The reason is, there are many facilities that you can use according to their functions. For example, a large parking area, toilets for self-cleaning, prayer rooms, and games. In addition, there are also stalls that provide a variety of food menus and a gazebo to rest.

There are many things that need to be considered before visiting a tourist destination. Starting from the attractiveness that is owned, access roads to reach it, to the facilities available. If you look at all the reviews above, Batu Mahpar is one of the places that you should visit. What’s more, it doesn’t require a lot of money to enjoy all the beauty and exciting activities in it.