Baros Beach, Beautiful Beach with Panorama of Mangrove Forest in Bantul

Ticket price: IDR 10,000 Operational hour: 24 hours, Address: Beach, Tirtohargo, Kec. Kretek, Kab. Bantul, DI Yogyakarta; Folder: Location Check

For residents Bantul, Baros Beach is a tourist destination that is a source of pride. Every day many local residents visit, some even come from outside Yogyakarta. Not without reason, because of the various attractions it has. When on holidays, this beautiful beach is increasingly crowded with tourists from all walks of life.

Tourist objects in the form of beaches are still in great demand to fill empty holiday time. The reason is, there is a lot of beauty that is owned. Although there are many beaches in the archipelago, visiting them one by one is not boring. This is because each has its own characteristics which are also its charm.

As an example that we discussed this time, namely Baros Beach. Its distinctive feature is from the mangrove forests that almost surround its coastline. With the various shrubs that adorn it, the beautiful and comfortable atmosphere is often used as a reason for visitors to come to the location. Inviting your family or partner on vacation here is guaranteed not to disappoint.

The attractiveness of Baros Beach

The Attraction of Baros Beach, Bantul
Image Credit: Google Maps Tyco Kocononegoro

When discussing tourist attractions, it cannot be separated from the attractiveness that is owned. Maybe someone thinks that the attractiveness of a beach is only a stretch of sea with rolling waves. Not wrong indeed, but there are still many others that need to be discussed.

1. Lush Mangrove Forests

Mangroves are a typical coastal plant, but there are rarely any monitors in Indonesia that have them. Most of it is only decorated with white sand, coral, and of course sea water with waves. Not so with Baros Beach, all of this beauty is complemented by the presence of lush mangrove forests and looks very green.

The function of the mangrove plant itself is to withstand coastal or land abrasion from sea water. In addition, this fibrous-rooted plant also produces very good oxygen. Thus, the ecosystem of marine life is increasingly well preserved. This plant is deliberately planted by local residents and in collaboration with nature lovers.

Visitors who come here are not only presented with the beauty and green scenery, but also various birds that often perch on mangrove branches. Occasionally they would chirp while shouting, the atmosphere of Baros Beach was even more crowded. Plus the boisterous atmosphere of the visitors who come is certainly very pleasant.

2. Beautiful Views of Baros Beach

Overall, this beach in Jogja is very beautiful with almost perfect views. Even though the coastline doesn’t look like other beaches which are usually elongated, the winding shape still looks exotic. There are not too many rocks, most of them are covered with green grass.

This beach is classified as having the character of calm waves, the rolls slowly approach the shoreline. Seeing him makes the heart feel calm, the mind becomes more peaceful. Baros Beach is indeed suitable as the main destination for healing or refreshing to refresh the mind. Moreover, the breezy wind that comes is sometimes tiring.

3. Beautiful and Comfortable Atmosphere

The next attraction that is no less important is the comfortable and beautiful atmosphere. This atmosphere is obtained from the existence of mangrove forests that surround every corner of the coastline. In addition, the addition of shrubs is also quite important to provide a comfortable atmosphere. The air is clean, even though Baros Beach is never empty of visitors.

Unlike beaches in other places, of course, because most of them are arid without any green plants that decorate them. Even if there is, it is most likely just a coconut tree which is a typical beach tree. This attraction can be said to be the main one, because it is rare to find beautiful and soothing beaches.

4. Beautiful Photo Spots are available

Almost all activities nowadays cannot be separated from photography. The management of Baros Beach really understands the needs of tourists, so they provide special photo spots for those who like photography. There aren’t many, because only a few spots are viewing posts. But don’t get me wrong, the scenery is very beautiful and deserves to be used as a backdrop.

If you are not satisfied, there are many other photo spots that are also suitable for decorating photo backgrounds. Call it a beautiful stretch of open sea with clear green water. There are times when the water changes color to bluish, depending on the currents and tides. With the waves that are not so big, the photos are guaranteed not to disappoint.

Address and Route to Location

Baros Beach Address, Bantul
Image Credit: Google Maps Yudha F

Visiting Baros Beach is not difficult because of its strategic location. The tourist area is close to several beaches in Bantul, such as Samas Beach, Parangkusumo Beach and Parangtritis Beach. The complete address is in Tirtohargo, Kretek District, Bantul Regency, In Yogyakarta. The distance from Bantul is only about 20 kilometers, quite close, of course.

The road conditions are safe, there are almost no traffic jams except for approaching the beach location. Therefore, you can take it in no more than 30 minutes. You have to pass along Jalan Parangtritis for the best route. Then head to Ngangkruksari Market and turn right onto Jalan Samas Kretek.

Continue the journey until you pass SMP Cimpon and Pasar Petung. About 1 kilometer from the market, you will find an intersection, please turn right onto Jalan Tirtohargo. The next route takes Jalan Gegunung, then to Main Street Baros. Follow the directions provided, about 1 kilometer you will arrive at the location.

Baros Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

Baros Beach Tickets, Bantul
Image Credit: Google Maps Mangoes

This beach is well managed by local residents, so tourists who enter must buy tickets in advance. Funds collected from these entrance tickets will later be used to care for, preserve, and promote tourist areas. Not expensive, of course, because one visitor is only charged a rate of 10,000 rupiah.

For additional costs only in the form of parking, the levy is also cheap. For those who bring motorbikes, a ticket of 3,000 rupiah is charged, while for cars it is 5,000 rupiah. Other than these two expenses, there are no mandatory expenses to be paid. This marine tourism object is open every day for 24 hours.

Interesting Activities to Do on Baros Beach

Baros Beach Activities, Bantul
Image Credit: Google Maps Nurlaila Kurnia

What can you do at Baros Beach? Maybe this question has crossed your mind because you are still unsure of what to get. Because it is a beach, most of the activities are not far from the water. However, because there are mangrove forests, the activities are more varied and all are classified as interesting.

1. Wandering in the Mangrove Forest

It’s not certain that you will get a beautiful and green view of the mangrove forest when you visit other beaches. Make the most of this opportunity when you visit pretty beach in Yogyakarta. Getting around the mangrove forest is guaranteed to be fun, especially when there are birds perched on branches with their melodious songs.

2. Fishing

Baros Beach is relatively sloping when viewed from the coastline. On the edge there are many small rocks where fish gather to find food. This opportunity is not wasted for those who like fishing. Armed with fishing rods and bait from home, you can do this activity while traveling.

3. Camping

Unlike other beaches, which generally have to leave the location at dusk, here you can stay for 24 hours. In general, tourists who stay overnight will set up tents for camping. This choice of activity is classified as anti-mainstream, because camping is usually done in mountains or hills.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Baros Beach Facilities, Bantul
Image Credit: Twitter @gembel_motret

The facilities at Baros Beach are quite complete because they are well managed. No need to worry about the need for support while you are on location. There is a parking lot for those who bring private vehicles. In addition, there are also toilets and food stalls, please select the desired menu. Other facilities are gazebos, photo spots, and of course the prayer room.

It is very important to know the attractions, ticket prices and addresses before visiting the attractions. The goal is to get a glimpse as initial knowledge. From the important points that have been conveyed, it turns out that Baros Beach has many attractions that may not be found elsewhere, so it is suitable to be your main tourist destination.