Barelang Bridge Batam – History, Location and Facilities

If asked anything icon Batam city, surely the first answer that comes out is the Barelang Bridge. Also known as the “Golden Gate of Indonesia”, this bridge combines American and European architectural models.

In addition, the historical charm and beautiful scenery that can be seen from the top of this bridge is too good to pass up. It doesn’t even feel right to visit Batam without stopping by this bridge first. Interested in visiting? Let’s first look at the article below!

History of Batam’s Barelang Bridge

Eagle Bridge
Barelang Bridge (Photo by

Its name is an abbreviation of three islands namely Batam, Galang, and Rempang. The history of the Batam Barelang Bridge began in 1992 to 1998 which was initiated by the Minister of Research and Technology, Prof. Dr. ing. BJ Habibie.

Apart from functioning as infrastructure to improve the economy and industry, this bridge was also built to become a tourist area by choosing a structure Golden Gates which is in San Francisco.

Not only that, this bridge consists of six bridges with different architectures. Each area is also given a different title based on the name of the king who used to rule during the Riau Malay Kingdom.

The names of each bridge are Tengku Fisabilillah, Nara Singa, Raja Ali Haji, Sultan Zainal Abidin, Tuanku Tambusai and Raja Kecik.

Location of the Barelang Bridge

The location of the Barelang Bridge is on Trans Barelang Road, Setokok Island, Bulang, Batam City. Visitors who come do not need to pay an entrance ticket and can visit at any time because this area is always open every day.

Access To Location

Actually, access to the location is easy for visitors who use private vehicles. However, if you choose to use public transportation, you can take the TransBatam bus and transit several times.

Batam Barelang Bridge Tour

Berelang Bridge Tour
Batam Barelang Bridge Tour (Photo by

Founded 23 years ago, this area has become increasingly known by many people. Therefore, the management is also increasingly aggressively developing in the surrounding area. This time, Advontura has several recommendations for Batam Barelang Bridge tourism activities that are suitable for you!

Enjoy the Panorama of the Barelang Bridge at Night

During the day this bridge does provide a beautiful panorama by showing the expanse of the open sea and witnessing the life of the people under the bridge. However panorama at night also can not be underestimated.

Panorama of the Barelang Bridge at night provides a different experience. The sparkling lights of the bridge and the settlements below will be very beautiful to see directly or from a camera lens.

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Hunting Photo

This one activity is a favorite activity of the visitors who come. Not a few photographers also practice taking pictures around the bridge. So for those of you who visit here, don’t forget to bring your camera.

Picnic Ria

In addition to taking pictures, visitors can also try a picnic at Malay Dendang Padang. In this park you can enjoy the breeze and the scenery around freely.

You can also not bring a picnic rug because here has provided a spacious gazebo that can be used for a small family. In addition there are small stalls around the park selling snacks to enjoy your leisure time.

Available Facilities

Even though it is only a bridge, several tourist facilities have been prepared for the visitors who come. Such as a wooden boat rental place, rows of benches where you can relax to a spacious gazebo for those of you who want to lie down while enjoying the Barelang breeze.

Travel Tips

Before visiting, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the following visiting tips so that your holiday experience will be more comfortable, safe and of course memorable.

Bring Camera

Camera is one of the items that must be brought. Don’t regret that you didn’t bring a camera even though the scenery around it is breathtaking. Especially for Advontura friends who like beach tourism or have a hobby of photography.

Bring Food from Home for a Picnic

Especially for visitors who plan to have a picnic under the Barelang Bridge and enjoy the scenery there. You can go to Dendang Melayu Beach while enjoying the view of the bridge as much as you like.

Come in Sunny Weather

One other important thing to remember is to come when the weather is clear. Because if it comes when it rains, you are afraid that the wind will be too strong so you can’t enjoy the scenery around.

Other Nearby Attractions

Batam doesn’t only have Barelang Bridge, there are many other tourist objects that you can visit. Such as the Vietnam Ex-Camp, Ocarina Park, Nongsa Beach, Rear Padang Island, Thousand Steps Habibie Tourism Park, Tanjung Pinggir Beach, Piayu Laut and so on.

Thus our discussion this time about the Batam Barelang Bridge. Hopefully the information above can be useful for those of you who are looking for a destination family vacation alternative. See you in other cool Indonesian tourist destinations!

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