Bangkong Waterfall, Beautiful Waterfall with Its Legendary Mystical Story in Kuningan

Ticket price: IDR 5,000 Operational hour: 08.00-16.00 WIB, Address: Kertawirama, Kec. Nusaherang, Kab. Kuningan, West Java; Folder: Location Check

Tourist destinations in the form of waterfalls are always worth a visit. Not only does it provide a panoramic view of nature when on location, but there are also many exciting activities that can be done. One of the many waterfalls that can be used as a place to fill your vacation is Curug Bangkong which is located in the area Brass. The beauty of the flow of water with a very heavy discharge is suitable to be used as a stress reliever after a tired day of work. With a height of about 21 meters and a width of 3 meters, this waterfall is always crowded with local and foreign tourists visiting Kuningan district. Even at certain times, there are also foreign tourists who take the time to enjoy its beauty. On the side of the waterfall, you can clearly see the shady plants that seem unable to stem the fairly heavy flow of water. The tree provides its own view, where some of the leaves wave towards the waterfall pool. At first, this Curug or waterfall was used as an irrigation facility, to be precise in 1920. However, seeing its pretty good potential for tourism, finally there were individuals who managed it. In 2018, Curug Bangkong was transferred to the village administration, which was assisted by local residents. With good cooperation between them, it has finally become one of the tourist attractions that you must visit when you visit West Java.

The Attraction of the Bangkong Waterfall

The Attraction of the Brass Bangkong Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps Idris Civets

Of course there is an attraction that makes the right reason for tourists to visit this tourist location. The attraction is also inseparable from the panorama that is presented. For those who have never been to the location, they may think that this is what a waterfall looks like. But for those who have come, of course they want to come back someday. Especially for those of you who are still hesitant to visit, some of the attractions of Curug Bangkong might make you sure!

1. The Beauty of Bangkong Waterfall

As said before, the attraction cannot be separated from the panorama and natural beauty that is presented. The water flow is swift enough to produce a roar. Under the waterfall there is a beautiful pool with sufficient depth for swimming activities. on the edge of the pond, a building similar to a mini dam is deliberately made, but water can still flow through the dam. The dam, which is made of large and small stone structures, seems to have its own beauty. The swift flow of water that passes through the stone will break which produces small, beautiful ripples. Moreover, it’s not just one dam, but two dams that are deliberately made with terraces to get more beauty. If you come to Curug Bangkong after it rains, the water discharge will increase so that the flow will be even stronger. At some point, the waterfall will split into two so that it looks like twin waterfalls. Unfortunately, at that time the water became a little more turbid because the soil from the bottom of the water expands under the heavy rain.

2. Mystical Stories

The attraction of the Bangkong Brass waterfall
Image Credit: Twitter Amazon lizard

It cannot be denied that the popularity of this beautiful waterfall is also due to a mystical story that until now has become the belief of local residents. Once upon a time there was a hermit named Abah Wiria. He came from Ciamis and settled in Kuningan district to help residents get jobs by being craftsmen. One of the lessons he taught was how to make Kawung sugar, which until now has been enjoyed by many local residents. One day, Abah Wiria went to Curug Bangkong to meditate. But until now, he has never returned to meet local residents. A few days after the incident, there was a roar like a frog coming from the waterfall. Local residents believe that the sound is the incarnation of Abah Wiria who managed to reach the Ngahiyang level after meditating. Ngahiyang itself is a process of releasing the soul from the body, but not forever so that it can return at any time. Apart from this mystical story, several sources also say that the name Curug Bangkong was used because there used to be many frogs around the waterfall. The size of the frog is not like in general, a little bigger and more and more every day because it continues to reproduce. Please note, in the local language, Curug means waterfall, while Bangkong is nothing but a frog or toad.

3. Easy Access

Most tourist destinations in the form of waterfalls require extra energy when heading to the location. For this reason, not a few visitors discouraged, especially for those who bring children. Not so with Curug Bangkong, where the location is very easy to reach. You only need to bring your motorized vehicle up to four parking lots. Then continue the journey no more than 200 meters to get to the location of the waterfall. This is another attraction and at the same time the reason why many tourists visit. In essence, both children and adults, all of them can visit to enjoy the natural panorama provided.

Address and Route to Location

Address of Bangkong Kuningan Waterfall
Image Credit: Facebook Yulia Ningsih

In order to get to the Bangkong Waterfall location, make sure you direct your vehicle to the address of Kertawirama village, Nusaherang District, Kuningan Regency, West Java. The distance that must be traveled from the center of Kuningan City is around 9km. With this distance, it takes at least 20 minutes to travel by motorized vehicle. For residents out of town who are not familiar with road access, please take the main standard of Kuningan square. Go straight until you find a T-junction, then take the right direction towards the Syairul Islam Grand Mosque. At that point, you are at Jalan Veteran, continue the journey to Jalan Cikadung. After passing the city border, you will find Kadugede square, please turn right which leads to Nusaherang District. Continue the journey until you find a T-junction, just turn left. Not far from the T-junction, take the left and the tourist location is in sight, please park your vehicle.

Price of admission

Bangkong Kuningan waterfall ticket
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Like other tourist attractions, you prepare funds to buy tickets as an entry condition. It can be said that this time the price is quite cheap, only 5,000 for one person. Parking fees must also be prepared, for motorbikes it is 2,000 rupiah and 5,000 if you come using four wheels or a car. Curug Bangkong is open every day for one week and 24 hours a day. However, it is not recommended to come at night.

Interesting Activities to Do at Bangkong Waterfall

The activities of the Bangkong Kuning waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps R Syahrizal Santoso

There are many things you can do in this beautiful tourist spot. Some of these activities are also an attraction for tourists. Due to the form beautiful waterfall this, then the activity is not far from the name of water. Visitors who come to the location generally do the following activities!

1. Swimming and Playing Water

The most exciting game when visiting a tourist attraction in the form of a waterfall is to get wet. Whether it’s just playing in the water by the pool, or swimming, both are very exciting to do. However, because the pool water is quite deep, it is expected not to swim if you are not proficient. In addition, when certain conditions are also not allowed for swimming activities for the safety of visitors.

2. Tracking to the Bangkong waterfall location

Even though Curug Bangkong is only 200 meters from the parking location, this activity is quite fun to do. The trip is more enjoyable with the trees around. Their presence seemed to accompany every swing step. Not to mention the weather and fresh air that makes the trip so unforgettable. For those who bring children, there is no need to worry because the trails provided are quite good.

3. Papalidan rides

Previously it needs to be explained in advance that Papalidan in the local language means drifting. That is, the exciting activity this time is to sweep you away with the currents generated by the flow of the waterfall. But don’t worry, you are given modified rubber tires as the main means of transportation. Think of this ride as river tubing but not so extreme that it can be done in a relaxed manner. The distance of the river passage is at least 200 meters with artificial rocks in the middle. Even though the distance is quite close, this activity is quite challenging. In fact, this Papalidan vehicle is one of the most favorite for tourists. Therefore, you should be willing to stand in line when you want to get the exciting sensation.

4. Photography Activities

Fun Activities at the Bangkong Kuning Brass Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps Jeroen van der Linde

Do not miss activities that must be done while on vacation, namely photography or taking photos of certain objects. Indeed, there is no specific spot in the form of a building that you can use as a background. However, almost every corner of Curug Bangkong provides a beautiful natural panorama that is a pity to miss. An example is the background of a fairly heavy stream of water filled with lush trees next to it. Some visitors also take advantage of the rocks around the pond to get a beautiful view. The steps that have been described earlier are also suitable to decorate the background of your photo. No need to be a professional photographer if you take pictures of this waterfall. Almost every shot makes for a beautiful photo, as long as the angle is right.

5. Culinary Tourism

After enjoying the beautiful scenery and interesting activities, please try the various dishes available. Many stalls provide food menus, including drinks, of course. Just to enjoy the warmth of coffee and tea too. The price is relatively cheap, both food and drinks are provided. Most of the menus are presented from modern foods, but there are also traditional culinary delights. There are also snacks, such as fried foods or bread that can be used as a stomach booster. For those who don’t want to go home empty handed, blame it on coming to the nearest souvenir center.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Bangkong Waterfall Facility
Image Credit: Google Maps 2kh _ liyah

Bangkong Waterfall is equipped with many facilities to support the comfort of tourists. For those who want to clean themselves or change clothes, there is a toilet that is free to use at any time. A prayer room is also available and ready to be used as a place of worship. In addition, the parking area with a predetermined fee also includes facilities that you can use. At several points, to be precise next to the river flow, there is also a gazebo that can be used as a temporary resting place. Of all the explanations that have been given, there is no reason to ignore Curug Bangkong as the main destination for your vacation. Especially if you are currently near the location, or at least in downtown Kuningan. Don’t forget to always maintain cleanliness and preserve nature when visiting tourist sites.