Bangka Botanical Garden, Hits Tourist Destinations & Favorite Educational Facilities

Ticket price: Free, Operational hour: 06.00–18.00 WIB, Address: Jl. Raya Pasir Padi – Temberan Village, Kec. Bukit Diamond, City of Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung Islands; Folder: Location Check

The tourist destinations in the Bangka Belitung Islands are quite complete. Besides being famous for marine tourism in the form of exotic beaches, Bangka also has agro-tourism which is also an icon and pride of local residents, the name Bangka Botanical Garden. Natural beauty with a peaceful and cool atmosphere is the center of attention for anyone who visits. This area was built with the main purpose as a place of research, educational facilities, and do not forget as a tourist attraction.

Anyone who visits will certainly not believe that previously, this area was an abandoned land of former tin mining. Thanks to the hard work of Johan Riduan Hassan, he succeeded in making the land fertile again and even received the Kalpataru award in 2010. This tourist location, also known as BBG, consists of three main categories, namely agriculture, fisheries and animal husbandry.

The concept that is carried out is zero waste, where as much as possible there is no residual waste at all. As an example from the agricultural sector, cow dung is reprocessed into fertilizer needed by plants so that it becomes fertile. This was proven when visitors who came to the Bangka Botanical Garden location were immediately greeted by shrubs dominated by cypress trees. The plants are located along the edge of the road so the atmosphere is very cool.

The attractiveness of the Bangka Botanical Garden

Attractiveness of Bangka Botanical Garden
Image Credit: Google Maps Alqawi Adji Saputra

BBG is not just a tourist attraction, but is also considered the lungs of the city of Pangkalpinang, the capital of Bangka Belitung. All of this cannot be separated from the reforestation that was carried out after massive land exploitation by tin mining companies. This previously damaged area now has an attractiveness that attracts many tourists.

1. Beautiful Fish Pond

From the fisheries sector, the Bangka Botanical Garden has a fairly large fish pond. Fish cultivated from freshwater species, such as tilapia, carp, catfish, and many others. The number of fish ponds to date has reached 14 which are inhabited by various types of fish other than those mentioned above.

This fish pond is included in one of the cultivation programs to complement other programs, as well as research. Interestingly, these fish are cultivated with food processed from cow dung which is also a zero waste concept. Visitors who come can clearly see the feeding process if they are lucky.

2. Beautiful and Cool Atmosphere

It’s no longer the parched land that was obtained after the successful reclamation efforts, but the cool and beautiful atmosphere. Built on an area of ​​300 hectares, the Bangka Botanical Garden or BBG is dominated by shady plants and horticultural plants. In fact, you can find thick trees along the path when walking around the location.

Susana is getting cooler with the existence of an agricultural business which is one of the main goals of making this agro-tourism. The green scenery is sure to get as far as the eye can see. Even though the location is near the city, you feel like you are in the middle of a forest.

3. Cattle Farming Sector

Attraction Owned Bangka Botanical Garden
Image Credit: Google Maps Natasha Irene

Another attraction of the botanical garden is the agricultural sector of the cattle breed. Until now, there are 250 cows, mostly from dairy cows. However, there are types of beef cattle, although there are not too many of them. To complement the types of cattle, the management also has Bali cattle which are known for their heavy weight.

According to the plan, the cattle will be raised in an open area covered with grass. Visitors who come to the location are not only allowed to see the herd of cows, but can also feed them when it’s time. Apart from that, you can also taste the fresh pure cow’s milk which is directly milked, of course by sterilizing the purses first.

4. As Educational Tourism

As said before, one of the main objectives of the Bangka Botanical Garden is as an educational tour. From this function, many visitors came from schools and private groups who wanted to study. The lessons learned can be from the agricultural, animal husbandry, and fish farming sectors.

For the fisheries sector, it has been stated that there are 14 ponds inhabited by various types of freshwater fish. Meanwhile, the livestock are none other than cows which are used for their meat and milk. In addition, there is still an agricultural sector that is dominated by horticultural crops of vegetables and fruits.

Address and Route to Location

Bangka Botanical Garden address
Image Credit: Google Maps Rizal

For those who are interested in visiting the Bangka Botanical Garden, please come to the address Jl. Raya Pasir Padi, Air Itam, Bukit Intan District, Pangkal Pinang City, Islands Bangka Belitung. The distance between the location and the city center of Bangka is about 10 kilometers which can be reached in 20 minutes by car. You can come between 06.00 to 18.00.

As a starting point, make sure you are on Jalan Pulau Bangka, then head to Jalan Pulau Gelasa. From that road, continue straight until you find a T-junction, please turn right. After a few minutes of travel, there will be another fork. This time you take the direction that goes to Jalan Raya Pasir Padi, to be more precise, turn left.

Pay attention to the direction of the road, later there will be the Al-Hikmah Mosque which will be the main benchmark for getting to the location. After arriving at the T-junction, make sure you take the left and see the signs on the side of the road. From your current location, it takes at least a distance of about 1 kilometer to the agro-tourism location.

As a newly developing educational tour, Bangka Botanical Garden does not burden visitors with entrance fees. You can freely enter this agro-tourism park after parking your vehicle. Likewise with parking fees, there is no need to pay to rent the land provided. It’s just that if you want to contribute to the development of BBG, please buy some plantation products and also milk from cattle breeding.

Interesting Activities to Do at Bangka Botanical Garden

Activities at Bangka Botanical Garden
Image Credit: Google Maps Hendra Nopriansyah

With an area of ​​300 hectares, of course, it is very possible to carry out any activity as you wish. You can do various positive activities at this tourist location, some of which are as follows!

1. Casual Horse Riding

One of the animals that is not only used for livestock is the horse. You can ride a relaxed horse while at the location. There is no need to be afraid because horses are one of the tame animals, especially if there is a guide who is ready to accompany them. For some tourists, this activity is fun to do, especially for children.

2. Learn to raise livestock

The herd of cows in the Bangka Botanical Garden is not just a sight. Besides being able to feed directly, visitors can also learn how to breed properly. In this case, raising cattle seems very easy to do. But please note, cow food should not be careless because it is only from certain types of grass.

In addition, the type of food also greatly affects its growth. The learning doesn’t stop there, you can also see how the process of processing cow manure so that it becomes fertilizer that can fertilize plants around the site. The manufacturing process for fish feed can also be studied if you are interested.

3. The fun of learning gardening

Interesting Activities at Bangka Botanical Garden
Image Credit: Google Maps Kedel items

As a tourist object in the form of agro-tourism, this botanical garden should have produced quite a complete range of horticultural crops. In fact, this is one of its goals, namely greening. Various types of plants are available, ranging from vegetables, fruit, to ornamental plants. For plant lovers, surely this activity is very interesting to do.

You can learn how to do gardening properly, starting from choosing the soil, planting seeds, maintaining it by providing water, until when it bears fruit or produces flowers. Cultivation at BBG uses the Integrated Plant Management (PTT) system so that it is more complete and detailed about what will be studied later.

4. Around Enjoying the Beauty of the Park

It takes a lot of time to go around the vast Bangka Botanical Garden. This activity is of course very interesting and can be an option after the main activity, namely learning to raise livestock and farming. The artificial natural scenery is also very enchanting, not inferior to the natural scenery in other tourist spots.

The garden design is quite unique, with a concept that can soothe the eye. The placement of trees around the location is adjusted to the category or type. You can see the shady trees of several shrubs at one point. Meanwhile, at other points, ornamental plants that have extraordinary charm are clearly visible and beautiful.

Facilities Provided in Tourist Areas

Bangka Botanical Garden facilities
Image Credit: Google Maps Dimas Hamka

The free ticket price does not mean without facilities, one might even say that the Bangka Botanical Garden has adequate facilities that are standard for tourist sites. Prayer rooms, toilets, and parking lots are some of the facilities that you can enjoy when you set foot in this park.

There is also a gazebo or house on stilts which is ready to be used as a resting place. If you are hungry, there is a canteen that sells processed agricultural and plantation products. Pure cow’s milk is one of the mainstay menus most sought after by tourists. In addition, make sure you taste the fresh fruit that is picked directly from the plantation, either eaten directly or by making juice drinks.

A little additional information, Bangka Botanical Garden is located close to Pasir Padi Beach. Thus, you can simultaneously visit two tourist objects in one trip. However, make sure the time you have is long enough so you don’t have to change locations in a hurry.