Bali Swing Locations, Tour Packages and Facilities

The Island of the Gods Bali, an island that seems endless presents various tourist locations with its beautiful charm. Making this island much hunted by tourists. One of these tourist sites is Bali Swing Bongkasa Ubud.

Locations where visitors will feel the sensation of swinging above the height, equipped beautiful scenery stunning all around. No wonder this tourist destination is in great demand by tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists.

In the following, Advontura will review the complete Bali Swing Bongkasa Ubud tour starting from ticket prices, opening hours, location, facilities to the closest hotel to this tourist area. For those of you who are curious, let’s read this article to the end.

Bali Swing Tour Ubud

Bali Swing Bongkasa Tour Ubud is a tourist destination that presents a unique ride in the form of a swing above a height, which will drive your adrenaline. Even though it can stimulate the heart of visitors faster, this tourist area remains the prima donna for tourists, both local and foreign.

At this tourist location there are 12 wooden boards which have different heights ranging from 10 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters to the highest 78 meters above the ground. Besides being able to stimulate adrenaline, you feel as if you are flying and floating in the air freely.

With an area background rice terraces, coupled with views of the valley filled with green trees and rivers. Surely you will feel an extraordinary sensation when riding this swing ride. How is Advontura’s friend very interesting, isn’t it?

Here tourists can find a variety of interesting games and instagenic photo spots that can add to your photo collection. The rides and photo spots that visitors can try include the following:


What is a favorite of tourists when visiting Bali swing tourist sites, yup is none other than a swing game ride. In this tourist area there are 12 swings where 3 of them are tandem swings.

If the single swing can only accommodate 1 person, but the tandem swing can accommodate 2 people, so it is perfect if you ride this vehicle with your partner. Covered with beautiful and enchanting views, it is guaranteed to create a romantic feel between you.

Bird nest

Bali Swing Bird's Nest
Bali Swing Bird’s Nest (Photo by

For visitors who are afraid to ride a swing ride. This tourist destination too

providing instagramable spots in the form of bird nests where tourists only need to be able to sit and take as many selfies as they like.

Here there is also a moving ladder that can help visitors to climb to the top of the bird’s nest. But don’t worry when you sit on the bird’s nest, the ladder won’t appear in your photo.

Another Instagramable Spot

Not only swings and bird nests. This tour operator also provides a variety of other interesting photo spots starting from spots with helicopters in the background, forest boats, large rocks and romantic beds on the edge of a cliff, a heart of stone to 4 large rocks on the edge of a valley worth trying.

Rafting on the River

If you are not satisfied with just taking pictures. Tourists can also try other adrenaline-pumping rides, namely rafting on the Ayung river. Here visitors can still enjoy the beautiful view of the water and green trees around the river.

Equipped with swift water, it is a challenge to conquer this river using a rubber boat. Even more fun if you try it with your friends. To enjoy this rafting vehicle, tourists make reservations before going on vacation.

Traveling With Elephants

Want to feel the sensation of riding an elephant while enjoying the stunning natural panorama. Then you can find it at this Bali swing tourist location. Here tourists will be taken to ride on the elephant’s back by sitting on a wooden chair that can be climbed by only two people, namely the passenger and the handler.

Drive around by ATV or Volkswagen Car

If you want to surround the beauty of Bali Swing Ubud, use other transportation besides riding an elephant. Visitors can also try using an ATV or a Volkswagen car with a different sensation for each vehicle.

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Bali Swing Ubud Opening Hours

This tourist location is open every day, so you can come to visit this tourist attraction at any time. Bali Swing Ubud opening hours start at 08.00 WITA until it closes at 17.00 WITA.

Location of Bali Swing Ubud

The Bali Swing location is on Jl. Dewi Saraswati No.7, Bongkasa Pertiwi, Kec. Abiansemal, Badung Regency, Bali 80352.

The location of Kuta Beach is about 23 km to 26 km from the center of Denpasar City and takes approximately 52 minutes to reach the tourist location.

If from Ngurah Rai International Airport, tourists will need a longer time, which is around 1 hour 12 minutes to arrive at this Ubud tour.

Bali Swing Ubud Entrance Ticket Prices

Prices for Bali Swing Ubud entrance tickets and packages vary quite a bit. This price depends on the rides or spots that visitors can enjoy. For children under the age of 5 years will not be charged the entrance fee.

Visitors can choose from a variety of package options. The first is the Bali Swing Entrance or Active Package. Both of these packages include entrance fees, lunch, snack counters and drinks. However, the spot areas that can be enjoyed by the two packages are different.

Entrance packages start at $10/Rp. 150,000 per person up to $25/Rp. 355,000 per person. Visitors can only enjoy helicopter spots, forest boats and large rock spots. This rate also depends on the shuttle service from the location of the visitor’s accommodation. But for the price of $ 10 you do not get the transportation service.

Meanwhile, the active package costs $ 35/Rp. 550,000 to $ 50/Rp. 710,000. This price also depends on the location of the visitor’s hotel, the farther the distance the more expensive but for the price of $ 35 you don’t get this service.

However, this rate includes swing spots, bird nests, helicopters, forest boats, large rocks and romantic bed spots. And don’t forget the food menu that you can enjoy later.

Tourists can enjoy rafting by choosing the rafting + swing package, which starts at $70/Rp. 990,000 to $85/Rp. 1,210,000 per person. With that price, you can already enjoy rafting for 2 hours, lunch, towels and swing active package.

If visitors want to ride an elephant. You can choose the elephant park + swing active package priced from $ 110/Rp. 1,560,000 to $ 125/Rp. 1,775,000. With that price you can ride an elephant for 30 minutes, observe elephants and feed them.

Furthermore, ATV rides by choosing the quad ride + swing active package, which starts at $ 85/Rp. 1,210,000 to $ 115/Rp. 1,630,000. And for the Volkswagen + swing active package, it costs $ 65/Rp. 920,000 to $ 90/Rp. 1,280,000 per person.

Available Facilities

Bali Swing Tourism
Bali Swing (Photo by Google Maps)

In the Bali Swing tourist area, it is also equipped with several adequate facilities that are made with the aim of providing a sense of comfort for every visitor who comes.

The facilities provided range from photo spots, swing rides, changing rooms, parking areas, wifi, public toilets, places for souvenirs, to restaurants that sell a variety of food menus that you can try when you feel hungry.

Hotels Near Bali Swing

For those of you who are tired after enjoying the various rides and natural charm that Bali Swing offers. Visitors can rest by spending the night at a hotel or inn that is located not far from the tourist area.

There are many choices of hotels and inns that visitors can find around this tourist area, with a wide selection of attractive facilities and prices that vary from around 100 thousand to 1 million rupiah per night.

Some inns and hotels near Bali Swing Ubud that you can choose to spend the night are Alam Pracetha Bali, Kubu Ubud Hotel, Our Bali Homestay, The Kampung Ubud Villa, Sangeh Uma Dong Loka Villa and many others.

Thus the information about the Bali Swing Ubud tour. Hopefully the information above is useful and useful for you and your partner or family who are looking for references to tourist locations for a vacation. See you on the discussion of other exciting tourist destinations.

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