Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Bali, Indonesia In 2023

The Bali experience Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud Plog Paulie's Blog
The Bali experience Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud Plog Paulie's Blog from paulgoodchild.me


Bali, Indonesia is a part of the world’s largest and most populous island in the world. It is located in the Indian Ocean, just east of Java and Sumatra, and is a province of Indonesia. It is also known as “The Island of the Gods” because of its rich and diverse culture, beautiful beaches, and amazing landscape. The island of Bali is a very popular tourist destination for travelers from all over the world.

The island of Bali is divided into eight regencies, which are further divided into districts and sub-districts. It is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world such as the “Island of the Gods”, Ubud, and Seminyak. Bali is also a great place to experience the unique cuisine, culture, and activities that Indonesia has to offer.

Getting to Bali

Bali is a fairly accessible destination, and you can fly directly to Bali from many international airports. You can also take the ferry from Java, Lombok or Sumatra. Depending on where you are coming from, there are several airlines that offer flights to Bali. Once you arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport, you can take a taxi, bus or hire a private car to reach your destination.

Visa Requirements

The visa requirements for visiting Bali, Indonesia can vary depending on your nationality. In general, most travelers need a visa to enter Indonesia. However, some countries are exempt from the visa requirement and can enter the country with a valid passport for a stay of up to 30 days. Check with your local embassy or consulate for the exact visa requirements for your trip.

In addition to a valid passport, visitors to Bali will also need to obtain a valid tourist visa. There are several types of visas available, depending on the length of your stay. It is important to note that the visa must be obtained before arriving in Indonesia. Additionally, it must be valid for the duration of your stay in Bali.

Health Requirements

It is strongly recommended that all travelers to Bali, Indonesia be up to date on their routine vaccinations, such as measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot. It is also recommended to get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and typhoid. Additionally, it is important to check with your doctor to see if there are any other recommended vaccines for your specific situation.


The official currency of Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Most major international airports and hotels in Bali will accept major credit cards, but it is always a good idea to have some cash on hand as well. ATMs are widely available throughout the country, so you can easily withdraw cash when needed. Make sure to check the current exchange rate before you travel, as this can fluctuate often.


Accommodations in Bali, Indonesia range from budget to luxury, so you should have no problem finding a place to stay that fits your budget. From beachside villas and luxury resorts to hostels and budget hotels, there is something for everyone in Bali. It is important to note that the prices for accommodations can vary greatly depending on the season, so it is a good idea to book your accommodation in advance to get the best deal.

Safety and Security

Bali is generally a safe place to visit, but it is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. As with any other destination, it is always a good idea to keep your valuables secure and be aware of any potentially dangerous situations. Be sure to check the latest travel advisories before traveling and follow the advice of local authorities.


Visiting Bali, Indonesia is an incredible experience that you won’t soon forget. With its stunning scenery, rich culture, and array of activities, it is easy to see why Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Before your trip, make sure to research the visa, health, and currency requirements so that you can fully enjoy your stay in Bali.