Aek Sipangolu Bakkara, Natural Springs Full of History in Humbang Hasundutan

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Address: Simangulampe, Kec. Bakti Raja, Kab. Humbang Hasundutan, North Sumatra.

Aek Sipangolu Bakkara is one of the tourist destinations in Humbang Hasundutan. This place has been known by the people for a long time. Even though it is not as crowded with tourists as other destinations, there are still many who come to visit.

The access road to this beautiful waterfall is easy to pass. The gushing water is a spring of a veiled stone lake on the slopes of the mountains. However, it does not only offer natural beauty, this destination is also known as a spiritual tourism object.

Each tourist spot has its own uniqueness in terms of name, history and beauty. All of these things are included in the attraction for Aek Sipangolu Bakkara. Which makes people curious to come visit.

The Attraction of Aek Sipangolu Bakkara

The Attraction of Aek Sipangolu Bakkara
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Indonesia is blessed with a diverse landscape with beautiful tourism potential. Like this beautiful waterfall which has great appeal, especially for the people of Sumatra, among others.

1. The History of the Emergence of Aek Sipangolu Bakkara

There is a pamplek which states that Aek Sipangolu Bakkara was the resting place of King Sisingamangaraja I. He stopped for a moment on his way to Manduamas when his animal, a white elephant, became thirsty.

While sitting, the King prayed to God and then received instructions. He stuck the Hujur Siringis spear into the ground where his mount’s feet had been. It was from there that a spring emerged that flowed to Lake Toba.

The spring that appears is named Aek Sipangolu Bakkara. Which over time turned into a natural and historical tourist destination.

Based on historical search results, Simangulampe Village is the route used by the King. Which, at that time King Sisingamangaraja I was about to go to Manduamas. Even though it is near a lake, Batikraja Village is blocked by steep cliffs that make it difficult to reach the fresh water.

2. Source of Medicinal Water

This heirloom spring, a relic of King Sisingamangaraja, is believed to cure diseases. This is based on a story where some residents suffer from a disease. Then someone suggested taking a bath at Aek Sipangolu Bakkara.

Accompanied by prayer, bathing, and drinking the water, the illness is cured. Then in 1936 the destination which was originally called Aek Lips changed to Sipangolu or life. The unique thing is that this water never recedes or dries up when entering the dry month.

News about residents who fully recovered after drinking water at the natural destination spread widely. And until now many people believe that this water source can cure all kinds of diseases.

3. Resembles Norway’s Styn Valley

This Aek is called similar to the Styn valley so it has succeeded in attracting the attention of tourists and foreign tourists. This beauty is the main attraction for visitors who want to see it in person. No need to go abroad, for a vacation with European views.

Address and Route to Location

Aek Sipangolu Bakkar's address
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It is not difficult to reach Aek Sipangolu Bakkara. If you want to visit, you can come to Bakkara Village. Villages located in the District of Batikraja or included in the Kab. Humbang Hasundutan, North Sumatra. Road access to the location is relatively affordable with good road conditions.

Without using Folder, visitors generally ask residents for the full address of this destination. Locals who are known to be friendly will help show directions until tours are found.

There is no public transportation that crosses this tourist area. Visitors are advised to bring a private vehicle when going on vacation in Aek Sipangolu Bakkara.

From the city center, it takes 4 hours to travel from Pematangsiantar to Jl. Tapanuli. After that, enter the road to Kec. Dolok Sanggul. On the way you will see a signpost for Bakkara. From that point it only takes 45 minutes to reach the destination.

To visit, you are not charged any fees or the price of the entrance ticket to Aek Sipangolu Bakkara is free. There are no fees for tourists who come. Visitors are only encouraged to participate in keeping the environment clean and beautiful.

Interesting Activities to Do at Aek Sipangolu Bakkara

Interesting Activities at Aek Sipangolu Bakkara
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Visiting Aek has the advantage of taking a vacation in a historical place for free. There are several interesting activities for you to do in this tourist area.

1. Bathing and Soaking

The water gushing at Aek Sipangolu Bakkara is so heavy and comes from a direct spring. Before it empties into Lake Toba, there are a number of fountains that are generally used by visitors for drinking.

Don’t worry about the quality, the water is still natural and safe for consumption. These showers are also often used by tourists who want to bathe and pray at the same time.

From the main destination spot, then there is a pool that can be used for bathing and swimming. The position of the Aek Sipangolu Bakkara pond is 3×4 meters in size and is located between residential areas. Even though it’s not too wide, you will be tempted to soak in the clear pool.

While soaking in the middle of the pool, the scenery that is presented is no less interesting. From the pond visitors can see Lake Toba clearly behind several mango trees. You can swim in the middle of the water which is believed to contain this drug while enjoying the scenery.

2. Learn the Bathing Tradition at Aek

Visitors can choose to drink, wash their face, and even bathe in water at Aek Sipangolu Bakkara. However, before that there were traditions that you could learn and follow. As is well known, this tour is still of sacred value to local residents.

The guard of the waterfall acts as a tour guide who will provide directions for tourists. For example, when visiting, it is forbidden to behave and say disrespectful words. As a form of respect for the ancestors, visitors are usually advised to bring kaffir lime or betel leaves.

Then, tourists who want to wash their faces with Aek Sipangolu Bakkara water are required to remove their footwear. Right next to the shower, kaffir lime fruit has been provided. Bringing kaffir lime and betel nut is a ritual that has been carried out by the ancestors and is maintained to this day.

Until now, residents still believe that the water in this tour can overcome all health problems. Not only drinking on the spot, many of them bring bottles and refill water to take home. The taboo that is still maintained by the community when entering the area is not eating pork. Then don’t eat the blood and flesh of dogs.

Facilities Available in Tourist Areas

Facilities Aek Sipangolu Bakkar
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This natural tourism manager provides facilities to support the comfort of visitors. There is a parking area, public toilets and bathing pools. After getting tired of exploring, there is a gazebo to rest while eating regional specialties which are also sold in tourist areas.

If you want to have a religious tour but offer beautiful natural scenery, Aek Sipangolu Bakkara is the solution. Access to tourist attractions is relatively easy and you can enter the destination area free of charge.