Aek Sabaon, The Enchantment of Natural Tourism Full of Historical Value in South Tapanuli

Ticket price: IDR 10,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: district Marancar, Kab. South Tapanuli, North Sumatra.

Aek Sabaon is one of the tourist attractions that you must visit when you come to South Tapanuli. No less beautiful than other tourist attractions in this city, tourist destinations in this regency are also always crowded with tourists.

One of the tourist destinations in South Tapanuli it has the natural beauty of the mountains which are beautiful and soothing to the eye. There are a myriad of beauties in this place that make visitors feel at home to come, both local and foreign tourists.

There you can enjoy various panoramas and attractions that are second to none, also equipped with the facilities available at the following tourist destinations. The natural scenery that is presented at Aek Sabaon makes visitors feel the sensation of a vacation like in Switzerland.

The Attraction of Aek Sabaon

Attraction in Aek Sabaon
Image Credit: Instagram Tengkuryanahmad

Every tourist spot must have its own natural beauty, and Aek Sabaon is no exception. Domestic tourists don’t have to go far to feel a holiday like being abroad. To feel the excitement and coolness while in this place, see the following reviews.

✦ Permanent Buildings of Glass

The first attraction that this tourist spot has is that there is a permanent building which is almost entirely made of glass. This building has 2 floors and people usually call it a foreign style house.

It is true that this building is exactly like the buildings we see in Switzerland. This building will look even more charming because it is directly facing an artificial lake. The scenery in the area will also be more beautiful if seen in the morning when the fog falls.

✦ Available Adventure Park

Furthermore, another attraction that Aek Sabaon has is that there is an adventure park that you can visit at the same time when you come. Around the lake is also inhabited by many colorful fish that are similar to the ornamental fish we usually care for at home, these fish are typical of South Tapanuli.

It is true that since ancient times, some places in South Tapanuli have been synonymous with palm fiber houses. This can be related to the activity of sorik marapi and the use of palm fiber is also believed to be able to avoid the heat of ash coming from sorik marapi.

✦ Lush Green Forest

Apart from that, you can also enjoy the lush green forest, this is one of the attractions that this tourist spot has. As far as the eye can see you will see dense green forest because it is around the foot of Mount Lubuk Raya. It’s so cute that many do preweds at this place.

Aek Sabaon does have natural beauty that is second to none, moreover the atmosphere is still beautiful accompanied by beautiful natural landscapes that make anyone want to come. Understandably, there are rarely tourist attractions like this in South Tapanuli.

Address and Route to Location

Aek Saboon's address
Image Credit: Instagram Nasution Amri Yasin

How beautiful, isn’t this Aek Sabaon tour? To be able to get there, you also have to know first where the address is and how the route is to get to this tour. It’s true that even though this tourist spot is already available on Google maps, you also have to make sure the route is clear again.

This tourist spot is located in Marancar District, South Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra and can be reached using public or private vehicles, both two-wheeled or four-wheeled. So for visitors who want to bring a private vehicle, it’s really possible because the road is also fairly good and paved.

As for the route to get to this place, Abda can pass through the city of Padang Sidempuan then head to Joring Natobang then to Simasom, head to Huraba and enter the Aek Sabaon area. if you go from the center of Padang Sidempuan City, it’s not far, it only takes 45 to 1 hour of travel.

Nature Tourism Entrance Ticket Prices

after knowing where these tourist attractions are located, then you also have to know about the price of the entry ticket. This is important so that you can estimate how much budget to spend and bring. Actually you don’t need to worry because the price of the entry ticket is really cheap.

You are only charged a fee for a levy of Rp. 10,000 and you can enter and walk around this place as much as you like, you know. When else do you want a cool, beautiful tour but the entry ticket price is also really cheap, only in this place.

Even though these prices can change at any time, it will pay off after you see the natural beauty of Aek Sabaon. So for those of you who come from out of town and want to come here, prepare a sufficient budget, here are also available several lodgings that can be an alternative.

Interesting Activities to Do

Interesting Activities in Aek Sabaon
Image Credit: Google Maps Khodijah Humairoh

Then after you know the attractions, entrance tickets and addresses to these tourist attractions you also have to know what interesting activities you can do. Actually there are lots of activities that can be done, you can take part in some of the activities as follows.

1. Seeing Natural Scenery

The first interesting activity that you can do with loved ones and family is just relaxing while looking at the natural scenery in this place. Of course this will be an interesting activity if done with loved ones. There are also many chairs that can be used to relax.

2. Enjoy the Stunning Buildings

Rarely are there tourist attractions that give an interesting impression of the buildings provided. But in Aek Sabaon you can see many amazing buildings and there are permanent buildings made of glass and can be photo spots because the vibes are like abroad.

3. Enjoy the Artificial Lake

Apart from having good permanent buildings like abroad, this place also has an artificial lake which is even more beautiful when there is fog in the morning. This view is getting more and more like being in Switzerland, you know, it’s a beautiful building with glass plus fog and a lake that is still clear.

4. Get to know History

Apart from enjoying the beauty of natural tourism owned by this place, you can also get to know the history contained there. It’s understandable that the local people still highly respect culture and customs, so there are many cultures that we can get to know. Like one of the authentic Tapanuli small houses.

Available Tourism Facilities

Facilities at Aek Sabaon
Image Credit: Instagram

Furthermore, it’s not only interesting activities that you can enjoy, but there are many public facilities that are fully available at Aek Sabaon. Of course this will make it easier for visitors to carry out their activities.

  • Large parking area
  • Clean toilets and prayer rooms
  • Chairs to relax
  • Hut for shade
  • Food or culinary tenants
  • A vehicle for feeding fish

Those are some interesting information about Aek Sabaon which hits in South Tapanuli. Hopefully it can be the best reference for your next vacation destination.