8 Jambi Tourism Recommendations for Holidays and Culinary With Family

Have you ever traveled to Jambi, Moms? If not, let’s try Jambi tourism as well as culinary delights to prove the side of the island of Sumatra that you may not know about.

Jambi is one of the cities on the island of Sumatra which has a lot of tourism potential, ranging from natural tourism, historical tourto culinary tourism.

Its uniqueness and characteristics are certainly no less than tours in other cities, you know!

That means you need to include Jambi tourism in your list of holiday destinations to Sumatra Island this time.

No need to be confused, Moms can write down the following list of interesting Jambi tours!

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Famous Jambi Tourism

Kaco Lake

Photo: Lake Kaco (Jambiprov.go.id)

There are many popular Jambi tourist attractions that are no less interesting to visit, namely:

1. Lake Kerinci

To quote Jambi Province official websiteLake Kerinci is located at the foot of Mount Raja, Lake Kerinci District.

This lake is the second largest lake after Lake Tobawith an area of ​​4200 hectares and a depth of 110 m.

The location of Lake Kerinci is at an altitude of 783 meters with a diameter of 70 km around the lake.

This lake has very beautiful scenery so it is suitable as a place refreshing.

Not only enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of the lake, you can also camp and fish in this lake, you know!

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2. Sri Soedewi Orchid Garden

Sri Soedewi Orchid Garden is a Jambi tourist spot that is suitable for flower fans, especially orchids.

This tourist spot is located on Jalan Jendral Ahmad Yani, Telanaipura District, Jambi City.

In accordance with the name of the place, you and your family can learn about various types of orchid plants.

There are about 53 types of orchids in the Sri Soedewi Orchid Garden.

Starting from the Arundina orchids, Acriopsis, Cattleya, Dendrobium, Vanda Macan, Oncidium, and many more.

Some of them are also typical Jambi city orchids, you know!

Besides being filled with beautiful flowers, this garden is also equipped with a pond water fountain as well as gazebos.

Well, Moms can sit back and relax for a while after getting tired of walking around the park.

The ticket price is relatively cheap, you know Moms!

Adult visitors are charged a fee of Rp. 4,000, while for children it is Rp. 3,000.

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3. Kaco Lake

As the name implies, Lake Kaco is the name of the people in the Kerinci Jambi area which means glass.

This is because this lake has clear and bluish water, much like glass.

The location of Kaco lake is located in Sei Full, Lempur Village, Gunung Raya District.

If you depart from downtown Sungai Bawah by motorbike, the journey takes about 45 minutes.

So, to reach the location of this famous lake, you must be willing to walk 4-5 hours through the forest.

With the size of the lake that is not that big, which is only 30×30 meters, its beauty is guaranteed to spoil the eyes of you and your family.

4. Semah Fish Curry Restaurant

If Moms like processed curry or dishes with fish ingredients, this restaurant is a must visit when traveling to Jambi.

As the name implies, the mainstay menu at this restaurant is the Semah Fish Curry.

In addition, there are also various other dishes such as meat and vegetables that are no less delicious.

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5. Gentala Throne

Gentala Throne

Photo: Gentala Throne (Jambiprov.go.id)

Gentala Arasy is a clock tower that has a height of 80 meters.

This Jambi tourist building is thick with characteristics Malay and Arabic.

The name Gentala Arasy is taken from the word ‘bell’ which means sound or sound, ‘tala’ which means harmony, and ‘Arsy’ which means radiating to the sky.

Below the tower, there is a bridge that crosses the Batanghari River and the Jambi Culture Museum.

Visit this Jambi tourist spot at night, Moms, because the tower will emit light in various colors.

The tourist rates charged are relatively cheap, namely IDR 5,000 for adult visitors and IDR 2,000 for children.

6. Jambi Paradise

Jambi Paradise

Photo: Jambi Paradise (Andalastourism.com)

Jambi Paradise is a tourist park located in Muaro Regency, Jambi.

This tourist spot with an area of ​​8 hectares has a variety of interesting rides and photo spots instagrammableyou moms!

The rides are also suitable for children.

There are maze rides, water bikes, flying fox, suspension bridgeboats, balloons, ATV motorbikes, to alleys full of plants.

Entrance tickets applied to visitors vary, depending on the day of operation.

If you visit Monday to Friday, you will be charged a ticket for IDR 20,000 per person.

However, if you come on the weekend, the ticket price will be IDR 30,000 per person.

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Jambi Culinary Tourism

Tempoyak Patin Fish

Photo: Tempoyak Ikan Patin (Maggi.my)

Apart from beautiful places, Jambi also has various culinary specialties that you must try.

Various culinary menus that you can choose when exploring Jambi tourism include:

1. Tempoyak Ikan Patin

Tempoyak made from fermented durian.

In Jambi, tempoyak is prepared with catfish mixed with various spices such as chili, turmeric, garlic and shallots.

The combination of tempoyak and spices produces a strong taste with spicy, sour and savory flavors.

2. Kerinci Potato Dodol

Kerinci potato dodol is a typical Jambi food menu that is suitable as a typical Jambi souvenir.

Different with Stupid In general, dodol is made from potato and has a soft and chewy texture.

The taste of this typical Jambi dodol is quite unique, namely its sweetness tends to be lighter than similar dodol.

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Those are Jambi tourism recommendations for holidays with family. While traveling, don’t forget to pamper your tongue by trying various culinary specialties from Jambi, Moms!