8 Best Restaurant Recommendations for Pacific Place Jakarta

Pacific Place Mall is a luxury shopping center in Jakarta that provides various brands premium. The mall developed by the Dua Mutiara Group is located in the SCBD area, Senayan, South Jakarta. Not only as a shopping destination, Pacific Place Jakarta is also designed as a friendly place for recreation.

The mall, which was built in 2005, operates from 10.00 to 20.00 every day. Overall, the building is divided into 3 distinct sections, namely the six-story Pacific Place Mall, the three towers of The Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Hotel, and the One Pacific Office Center.

As one of the elite shopping centers in Indonesia, Pacific Place Mall certainly spoils its visitors with various advantages that other shopping centers don’t have. Anything? Come on, see the full Advontura review below!

Rows of Shops and Buildings at Pacific Place Jakarta

Pacific Place Jakarta
Pacific Place Jakarta (Photo by jakselnews.mind-rakyat.com)

This elite and luxurious mall is directly connected to the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, a five-star hotel that offer elegant, luxury and perfect design, detail and structure. Equipped with 333 rooms, the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place also offers a variety of complete facilities that will pamper its visitors.

Besides the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, this mall is also filled with various high-end fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Guess, and so on. Brands local Indonesians also don’t want to be left behind, namely Citra Tenun Indonesia, Parang Kencana, and premium batik from Biyan and Iwan Tirta Private Collection.

Not only that, Pacific Place Mall’s prestige value is also further enhanced by its presence department store from France namely Galeries Lafayette. Occupying four floors of a building with a total area of ​​12,000 square meters, Galeries Lafayette provides 330 brands world-famous brand that provides a variety of clothing products, accessories, and beauty products.

For Advontura friends who like luxury cars, Pacific Place Jakarta also provides one showrooms McLaren which is brands leading British automaker. Rows of super cool luxury cars that will line up neatly spoil your eyes on the ground floor of the mall.

Meanwhile, kids can also have fun and enjoy their time at Kidzania which is located on the 6th floor. Kidzania is a place where kids can learn about the world of adults through a small city replica. They can try various professions such as chefs, pilots, to firefighters.

There is also Kem Chiks which is intended for visitors who want to shop for quality food products. Kem Chiks is supermarket which is known for its variety of premium products. In fact, most of its products are dominated by quality imported products.

For those of you who want to shop, this mall also provides M Pacific Place which is a branch of the Metro Department Store. Not to forget, you can easily find a row of restaurants and places to hang out in this mall. For example, Carl’s Jr., Cork & Screw, Liberika Coffee, and so on.

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Facilities Available at Pacific Place Jakarta

Not only filled with a series of shops and elite luxury buildings such as the Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place is also committed to increasing comfort for its visitors through the provision of various supporting facilities. Among them are prayer rooms, nursery room, ATM Center, ladies parkingand various banks.

Its very strategic location makes this mall close to various important buildings and office buildings. For example, the Indonesia Stock Exchange, Artha Graha Building, Plaza Bapindo, KPP Pratama Jakarta Kebayoran Baru, Plaza Asia, and various other buildings. So it’s not just the Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place is also surrounded by many buildings that are no less prestigious.

Recommended Places to Eat at Pacific Place Jakarta

Restaurant recommendations at Pacific Place Jakarta
Restaurants at Pacific Place Jakarta (Photo by qraved.com)

It’s incomplete if you visit a place without trying its various culinary delights. The mall that is directly connected to the Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place is no exception. This mall is equipped with various choices of good places to eat that are quite worth trying. Here are a few restaurant recommendations for Advontura friends who want to visit.

Hard Rock Café

It is one of the best places to eatlegends, Hard Rock Cafe presents a very thick Rock and Roll atmosphere and theme from various Hard Rock exclusive collections along the walls of this dining place. Starting from KISS’s Black Warlock Guitar, Santana’s The Orange Flame Guitar, to various accessories worn by Fergie and Will.I.Am.

While eating the various dishes served, Advontura friends can also enjoy the performance live music which brings rock songs from various genres. This cafe is located on the ground floor and is open daily from 11.30 to 24.00. Rock music lovers, let’s enjoy the sensation of Hard Rock Cafe!

Odysseia at Pacific Place Jakarta

Restaurant outdoors with a super cool atmosphere, especially if it’s not Odysseia? Its location in the front lobby of Galeries Lafayette has made many people stop out of curiosity. How come? Its beautiful layout, filled with various green plants around it, is the main attraction for visitors.

Not only does it have an attractive design, Odysseia also provides a wide selection of cakes with a winning taste. Sweet food lovers can try a variety of Odysseia’s signature menus, starting from the Classic Cheese Cake, Ferrer Rocher Cake, to Triple Chocolate Cake. There are also very heavy meals worth it to try like Mushroom Pasta and Creamy Chicken.


Located on the fifth floor, Ippudo offers Japanese specialties such as sushi, ramen, and teppan rice. Not only heavy food, Ippudo also serves Panna Cotta and Green Tea Ice Cream as choices desserts. The majority of visitors will choose Special Chicken Miso Ramen, Bun Platter, and Saikoro Steak as their favorite menus.

Open daily from 10.00 to 22.00, Ippudo also offers dine-in, takeaway or delivery services that customers can choose from. So are you interested in trying Ippudo-style Japanese dishes right away?

Groms at Pacific Place Mall

Want to eat delicious and refreshing ice cream? Just come to Grom! Advontura friends don’t need to doubt the flavors that will be offered, because the raw materials are imported directly from Italy. Grom is brands authentic Italian gelato that uses high-quality ingredients in each of its ice cream creations.

Unmitigated, even for other raw materials such as chocolate, coffee, and mango are also imported directly from Venezuela, Brazil, and Hawaii. Grom’s own recommendation menu, namely Caramello Al Sale and Cioccolato, are priced starting at IDR 55,000. Come on, enjoy Grom ice cream on the 1st floor!

Thai Alley

Inspired by street food In the country of the White Elephant, Thai Alley makes the restaurant as cute as a Thai suburb. For Muslim Advontura friends, you don’t need to worry because Thai Alley provides halal food. Not only that, Thai Alley also provides a variety of food choices Vegetarian Friendly for its visitors vegan.

Located on the 5th floor, Thai Alley is open daily from 11.00am to 6.30pm. Visitor reviews also show that all Thai Alley menus taste good, from food to drinks.

Liberty at Pacific Place Jakarta

One of its flagship menus, French Bakery always tempts visitors to come to this one restaurant. Even though the location is a little hard to find because it’s in Galeries Lafayette. Liberte also serves a whole range of cakes fresh from the oven. Not only that, there are also Italian dishes that are a shame not to be missed.

There is also a choice of the Chocolate Eclair Liberte menu which is super delicious and delicious. The delicious taste of chocolate, as well as its firm texture, make this Liberte’s mainstay menu so popular with many people.


Katsu lovers come here! Kimukatsu will be highly recommended for Advontura friends who really like various katsu dishes. Many choices of katsu menu that can be selected according to taste. Starting from beef katsu, salmon katsu, chicken katsu, to prawn katsu, all can be enjoyed with a choice of set menus or ala carte.

What is the difference? On the set menu option, katsu will be served complete with rice, salad, soup and a variety of delicious sauces. While the menu options ala carte will be served with salad and sauce only, no soup and rice. The customer’s favorite menu is the Beef Katsu Cheese, which is a savory katsu with soft pieces of meat and extra cheese.

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

Located on the 1st floor, TWG Tea Salon & Boutique is designed like in France with elegant golden yellow paint. Besides being suitable for those of you who want beautiful tea, this restaurant provides a variety of other foods, including heavy meals. There is also a Degustation Brunch option for visitors who want to try fancy brunch.

In addition, TWG Tea Salon & Boutique also provides All You Can Eat options for those of you who want to eat as much as you like. Menu provided for weekend brunch All You Can Eat is a special menu consisting of 8 main courses2 soups3 appetizers, 2 choices of tea, and a choice of cakes and pastries.

Those are some places as well culinary choice that you can try when you travel to Pacific Place Jakarta. See you in the next Advontura article and welcome!

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