7 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Wonogiri, Complete with Locations and Entrance Ticket Prices

Soko Langit and Gajah Mungkur Reservoir are two of the many tourist attractions in Wonogiri that are a pity to miss.

Wonogiri is one of the districts in Central Java and is famous for its stunning natural scenery.

Want to travel to the mountains or take a walk off the coast?

Come on, take a look at some of the Wonogiri tourist attractions that are suitable for your and family’s itinerary for the end of the year!

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Wonogiri Viral Tour Recommendations

There are quite a number of tourist attractions in Wonogiri which are quite famous.

For Moms who like nature tourism, you don’t need to worry because there are also choices of beaches to mountains that you can visit.

Without further ado, immediately note down some of the following recommendations, Moms.

1. Soko Langit

Soko Sky

Photo: Soko Langit (Instagram.com/wonogiri.hits)

One of the main attractions of Soko Langit is infinity pool which has a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains.

This viral and famous Wonogiri tourist spot is located 900 meters above ground level.

This of course makes the scenery there look clear and amazes Moms.

After being satisfied swimming, Moms can relax while swimming.selfies have fun at various interesting photo spots, such as at the Pandang Viewpoint and the Hobit House.

If you want to drive adrenaline, Moms and family can also play flying foxyou know!

The many choices of tourist attractions there make Soko Langit worth visiting at the end of the year.

The following are the entrance ticket prices as well as rides at Soko Langit:

  • Entrance ticket to Soko Langit: IDR 3,000
  • Swimming pool: IDR 7,000
  • Flying fox: IDR 10,000
  • The viewing post is Rp. 2,000

Location: Nlarangan Hamlet, Conto, Kec. Bulukerto, Wonogiri Regency, Central Java 57697

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2. Gajah Mungkur Reservoir

Gajah Mungkur Reservoir

Photo: Gajah Mungkur Reservoir (Instagram.com/waduk_gajah_mungkur)

About 6 km south of Wonogiri Regency, you and your family can find a large dam called Gajah Mungkur Reservoir.

Because of its size, this reservoir has been named the largest dam in Indonesia, you know!

The main function of this reservoir is to control the flood of the Bengawan Solo River.

Nevertheless, Gajah Mungkur Reservoir is also known as the location where Wonogiri residents go to unwind.

Visitors can take a leisurely stroll or ride ducks around the dam.

Interestingly, there are various other tourist facilities that visitors can visit, such as:

  • Animal park
  • Jet skis
  • A floating restaurant or cage serving a variety of Central Javanese dishes
  • Rabbit train
  • Swimming pool

The good news is, you don’t need to spend a dime to go to this reservoir because it’s free!

Location: Godean, Sendang, Kec. Wonogiri, Kab. Wonogiri, Central Java 57615

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3. Kitagawa The Charm of Bali

Kitagawa The Charm of Bali

Photo: Kitagawa Pesona Bali (Instagram.com/kitagawa_pesonabali)

Don’t forget to include Kitagawa Pesona Bali in your itinerary during your trip to Wonogiri.

This place which is also known as Kampung Bali is a famous restaurant that offers a typical Balinese atmosphere.

Moms can eat Island of the Gods food while relaxing in an environment that is thick with Balinese customs and culture.

If your little one is bored, they can also play on the available playground while waiting for the food to arrive.

In short, Kitagawa Pesona Bali is a suitable destination if you and your family want to travel to Wonogiri with an atmosphere like in Bali.

  • Location: Jl. Mbelik Gede, Patemon, Kayuloko, Sidoharjo, Kab. Wonogiri, Central Java
  • Price of admission: IDR 5,000
  • Opening hours: 08:00-18:00 WIB

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4. Muncar Waterfall

Moncar Waterfall

Photo: Muncar Waterfall (Kompas.com)

Next, let’s take a walk to the natural attractions of Muncar Waterfall which is located about 50 minutes from Wonogiri City.

The main attraction of this tourist spot is of course the waterfall which is still beautiful and natural.

To get there, Moms and Dads need to walk through the forest for approximately 1 hour.

Even though it seems far away, the tiring journey to this waterfall will pay off completely when you arrive at the location.

  • Location: Bubakan Village, Girimarto, Wonogiri
  • Price of admission: Free

5. Nampu Beach

Nampu Beach

Photo: Nampu Beach (Instagram.com/pantainampuwonogiri)

There are several beaches in Wonogiri, one of which is famous is Nampu Beach.

One of beach in Central Java It has soft white sand and is surrounded by 2 large green cliffs that make the beach shady.

Apart from being a tourist spot, Nampu Beach is also famous as a beach for fishermen to go to sea.

The locals usually go out to sea at night.

At that time, not a few visitors who used their time to learn fishing methods and techniques used by local residents.

Interested in fishing and enjoying the seafood of the local residents, Moms?

  • Location: Gunturharjo Village, Paranggupito District, Wonogiri
  • Entrance ticket: IDR 5,000

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6. Putri Kencono Cave

Putri Kencono Cave

Photo: Putri Kencono Cave (Instagram.com/dailywonogiri)

Next, let’s take an educational tour at Putri Kencono Cave. This cave is included in the Gunung Sewu karst area.

Visitors can explore the 121 meter long tunnel which is surrounded by beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

The cave is divided into 7 rooms that Moms and Dads can explore, namely:

  • Sitting room
  • Culture Room
  • Library Room
  • Jumenengan Room
  • Workshop Room
  • Panyuwunan Room
  • Family room.

Location: Wonodadi Village, Pracimantoro District, Wonogiri

Ticket price: IDR 5,000

7. Cumbri Peak

Cumbri Peak

Photo: Cumbri Peak (Instagram.com/kiharsan)

Last recommendation, don’t forget to include Cumbri Peak in your and family’s itinerary.

Cumbri Peak is a Wonogiri tour that has been viral lately on social media.

To get to the top there, there are 3 paths to choose from, namely:

  1. East Door: Through Jatisari Hamlet, Biting Village, Purwantoro District
  2. Middle Door: Through Sumber Hamlet, Biting Village, Purwantoro District
  3. West Gate: Through Kepyar Hamlet, Kepyar Village, Purwantoro District

The track to get to Cumbri Hill is actually quite short, but the path you have to go through is quite challenging.

The path there is quite steep, slippery, and draining.

Therefore, visitors usually take about 1 hour to get to the top.

  • Location: Kapyar Village, Purwantoro District, Wonogiri.
  • Entrance ticket: IDR 3000 per motorbike.

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Those are a variety of Wonogiri tours that are suitable to be included in your Moms and family’s holiday itinerary. Have a nice holiday, huh!