7 List of Beautiful and Fun Beaches in Malang for Swimming

Moms who are looking for place for holidaystry to visit the beach in Malang.

The beauty of the beach in Malang is no less than other coastal areas, you know, Moms.

So, Moms who want to visit the beach in Malang, here are the recommendations!

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List of Beach Tourism in Malang

South Malang has lots of beautiful beaches, you know, Moms. The following is a list of beaches in Malang that are attractive as holiday destinations.

1. Watu Leter Beach

Watu Leter Beach

Photo: Watu Leter Beach (wikipedia.com)

Watu Leter Beach is one of them tourist destination interesting to visit.

This place is quite unique, because it is surrounded by trees and cliffs filled with shrubs.

During your visit to this place, you can explore the mangrove forest and the mouth of the Sitiarjo river using a rented boat.

In fact, if you’re lucky, you can also see turtles laying their eggs around the beach.

The atmosphere on the beach is still very beautiful with clear water so you can swim with your family.

The waves on this beach are also not too high, so it is safe to swim with your little one.

Address: Rowotrate Hamlet, Sitiarjo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency, East Java

Price of admission: IDR 10,000 per person

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2. Bengkung Beach

Bengkung Beach

Photo: Batu Bengkung Beach (wordpress.com)

Batu Bengkung Beach is known for its beautiful hills, so the scenery is very beautiful.

Not only as a support for beauty, these hills function to stem waves that have a height of 2-3 meters.

In this place, Moms are not advised to swim on the beach because the waves are quite high.

However, on the beach there is a dam as deep as 1.5 meters which can be used for swimming.

Because the water comes from the crashing waves, you can only swim when the sea water is high tide.

If the sea water recedes, you won’t be able to swim in it dam it’s because it’s dry.

Apart from swimming, you can also climb the hills that flank the beach, you know.

So, make sure Moms also bring equipment for hiking yes.

Address: Southern Route Road, RT. 42/RW. 05, Gajahrejo Village, Gedangan District, Malang Regency, East Java

Price of admission: IDR 7500 per person

3. Sendang Biru Beach

Sendang Biru Beach

Photo: Sendang Biru Beach (indonesiakaya.com)

Moms who are visiting Malang, don’t forget to stop by Sendang Biru Beach.

This beach in Malang provides tour boats that can take you to visit Sampu Island or just enjoy the scenery near the beach.

While on this beach, Moms can also enjoy seafood caught directly by fishermen there you know.

Apart from fresh dishes, Moms can also enjoy the thrill of eating on the beach while watching the sunset in the afternoon.

If you want to enjoy the sunrise, you can also stay at homestays which is not far from this beach you know.

Address: Sendangbiru Hamlet, Tambakrejo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency, East Java

Price of admission: IDR 5000 per person

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4. Gatra Beach

Gatra Beach

Photo: Gatra Beach (wordpress.com)

The next beach in Malang that you must visit is Gatra Beach.

Because it has lots of coral rocks, this beach is nicknamed the ‘Raja Ampat’ of East Java, Moms.

Uniquely, when will enjoying the holiday on this beach, Moms luggage must be checked by officers, you know,

This is deliberately done by the manager, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the island from garbage.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of this beach, you can also rent a canoe to explore mangrove forest that’s there.

Moms can also swim and surf in this place you know.

Address: Sitiarjo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency, East Java

Price of admission: IDR 10,000 per person

5. Teluk Asmara Beach

Asmara Bay Beach

Photo: Teluk Asmara Beach (wordpress.com)

Apart from Gatra Beach, in South Malang there is also a similar beach Raja Ampatnamely Teluk Asmara Beach.

This beach in the South Malang area is perfect for Moms who don’t like crowds.

Because it is still very quiet, so you will feel very private while on vacation with friends or family in this place.

Moms got snorkel and enjoy the sunset while building tents around the beach, you know.

Not far from the shoreline, Moms can also capture the moment against the backdrop of the very famous Asmara Bay in East Java.

Address: Tambakrejo Village, Sumbermanjing District, Malang Regency, East Java.

Price of admission: IDR 10,000 per person

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6. Nganteb Beach

Nganteb Beach

Photo: Nganteb Beach (wordpress.com)

Nganteb Beach is also a must visit while in South Malang, you know.

In this place, Moms can enjoy the view very beautiful coral hills.

In addition, the waves that are not too high are considered safer for swimming or surf for beginners.

When you are finished with these activities, you can also enjoy the sunrise or sunset while setting up a tent on the beach.

Address: Sukorejo Hamlet, Tumpakrejo, Gedangan, Malang Regency, East Java

Price of admission: IDR 10,000 per person

7. Balekambang Beach

Balekambang Beach

Photo: Balekambang Beach (wikipedia.com)

Balekambang Beach is also one of them tourist destination of interest in Malang, East Java.

Because, while on this beach, you can visit Puro Ismoyo which has been built since 1985 and is located on Karang Island.

To visit this place, you have to cross a 70 meter long bridge.

While on this island, you will see the beautiful Balekambang Beach more clearly.

Apart from that, you can also visit Anoman Island and Wisanggeni Island which are not far away.

Address: Srigonco Village, Bantur District, Malang Regency, East Java.

Price of admission: IDR 10,000 per person

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Those are the beach recommendations in South Malang for swimming. Don’t forget to stop by, Moms!