7 Famous and Aesthetic Tourist Attractions in Bukittinggi, Not Only the Clock Tower!

Bored with the usual tourist attractions? Relax, West Sumatra Province has a myriad of tourist sites to choose from, one of which is Bukittinggi.

Launch page Center for Urban Area DevelopmentCity of Bukittinggi is the second largest city in West Sumatra Province.

This city was once the capital of Indonesia during the Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

The city of Bukittinggi was also called Fort de Kock during the Dutch colonial period and was nicknamed Parijs van Sumatra.

The city of Bukittinggi has interesting tourism potential, you know Moms.

Mom may already be familiar with the Clock Tower and Sianok Gorge, two famous Bukittinggi tourist attractions.

Apart from these two places, there are still many exciting Bukittinggi tours to kidnap, you know!

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Famous Bukittinggi Travel Recommendations

One of the popular tourism in Bukittinggi is its natural wealth.

No less than other cities, this city also presents beautiful and cool views as a place refreshingyou know!

The following are recommendations for the famous Bukittinggi tourist attractions and estheticsamong others:

1. Sianok Gorge

Sianok Gorge

Photo: Ngarai Sianok (Sumbar.go.id)

Quoted from Sikamek of West Sumatra ProvinceNgarai Sianok is one of the objects natural tourism famous in Bukittinggi.

This Bukittinggi tour is a narrow valley surrounded by hills with steep cliffs and flowed by a small river in the middle.

This canyon stretches for 15 kilometers from the south side of Nagari Koto Gadang to Nagari Sianok Enam Suku.

The depth of the cliff even reaches 100 meters with a gap width of about 200 meters, you know Moms!

This place is suitable for natural tourism because it offers beautiful and beautiful scenery.

Besides enjoying the beauty of nature, Moms can also trekkingwalking, to cycling here.

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2. Gadang Clock

Gadang Clock

Photo: Clock Tower (Bukittinggikota.go.id)

Who is not familiar with the Clock Tower, landmarks and the icon of the City of Bukittinggi.

This Bukittinggi tour has a ground plan of 13 x 4 meters with a height of 26 meters.

Inside there are several levels, with the top level being a pendulum storage area.

Uniquely, the Jam Gadang was built without using supporting iron and cement mortar, you know Moms!

The mixture is only lime, egg whitesand white sand.

The Jam Gadang was completed in 1926 and has undergone three changes to the shape of the roof.

In fact, the pendulum broke once and had to be replaced due to the 2007 earthquake.

3. Limpapeh Bridge

Limpapeh Bridge

Photo: Limpapeh Bridge (Sikamek.sumbarprov.go.id)

The Limpapeh Bridge is a Bukittinggi tourist attraction built in 1996, with a length of 90 meters and a width of 3.8 meters.

This bridge, which is dominated by yellow and red colors, connects the Kinantan Wildlife and Cultural Park with Fort de Kock.

The building is equipped with gonjong, which is the roof of the house Minangkabau customsat the end so that it is interesting to serve as a photographic object.

While in the middle of the bridge there is a traditional Minangkabau house ornament design.

From this bridge, you can see the beautiful view of the city of Bukittinggi, you know!

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4. Fort de Kock

Fort de Kock

Photo: Fort de Kock (Bukittinggi.com)

This Bukittinggi tour is a relic of the colonial era which is located on Jalan Benteng, Benteng Pasar Atas Village, Guguk Panjang District.

Fort de Kock is located about 1 km north of the Clock Tower.

According to the official page West Sumatra Cultural Heritage Conservation CenterFort de Kock fortress was built in 1830 by the Dutch East Indies Colonial Government.

This fort was actually named ‘Sterreschans’ which means protective fortress.

The name Fort de Kock itself is another name for the location where this fort stands, namely Jirek Hill.

This fort was used as a defense for the Dutch army against the people’s resistance led by Tuanku Imam Bonjol.

That said, almost nothing remains of the original structure of this fort.

The visible sights are the remains of the moat that once existed in the fort.

In the upper area of ​​this fort, there is a building with green paint that you can use to see the sights around the city of Bukittinggi.

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5. Bung Hatta Palace

Bung Hatta Palace Bukittinggi Tourism

Photo: Bung Hatta Palace Bukittinggi Tourism (Culture.kemdikbud.go.id)

Bukittinggi Tourism Bung Hatta Palace is a cultural heritage building esthetics.

This building has a characteristic colonial style with a roof made of shingles.

The palace consists of a garden, main hall, living room, meeting room and 8 spacious rooms.

However, there have been additions so that the total number of rooms is 12.

In the building complex, there are two statues of Bung Hatta which are located on the front and side of the building.

The interior of this palace seems simple and far from being grand.

It reflects the figure Bung Hattaa proclamation figure and father of the nation who is known to be simple and unpretentious.

You can see lots of photos about Bung Hatta’s life journey and struggle, from his childhood to becoming the first Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia.

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6. Nasi Kapau Uni lis

Nasi Kapau Uni lis

Photo: Nasi Kapau Uni lis (Sikamek.sumbarprov.go.id)

Tired of walking around Bukittinggi’s tourist attractions, don’t forget to fill up your energy by trying the typical culinary delights of Bukittinggi!

One of the typical Bukittinggi dishes that you must taste is Nasi Kapau Uni Lis.

Kapau rice dish is perfect for Moms who like food with strong and delicious spices.

Don’t worry, it’s not difficult to find this culinary spot because it’s not far from the Clock Tower.

Nasi Kapau is culinary typical of the land of Minang which can be enjoyed with various side dishes according to taste.

Starting from duck curry, tambusu curry, and other delicious menus.

7. Duck Lado Mudo Ngarai

Itiak Lado Mudo Ngarai

Photo: Itiak Lado Mudo Ngarai (Sikamek.sumbarprov.go.id)

Moms are lovers of spicy dishes with strong spices that permeate?

Moms must try this one culinary menu: Duck Lado Mudo Ngarai.

This dish is made from young ducks, usually less than 6 months old.

The spices used to make Lado Muda Ngarai Duck include shallots, garlic, ginger, turmeric, lime leaves, galangal, green chilies, and other spices.

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Those are various tourist attractions in Bukittinggi, from nature tourism, culinary tourism, to historical sites esthetics. While traveling, don’t forget to taste the culinary delights of Bukittinggi, Moms!