6 Cibubur Mall, There’s Ciputra Cibubur Mall and Trans Studio Mall Cibubur!

Cibubur is one part of Jabodetabek that is often visited by the community. One of the destinations is the Cibubur mall.

Moreover, the mall is an entertainment destination that is never empty of enthusiasts.

Especially in dry season because many people visit so that the streets feel comfortable and cool.

Well, if Moms want relaxing holiday, visiting the Cibubur mall can be a solution! So, which Cibubur malls are the ones that are fun to walk around with?

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List of Cibubur Malls to Spend Free Time

Here is a row of Cibubur malls that you can visit.

1. Mall Ciputra Cibubur

Mall Ciputra Cibubur

Photo: Ciputra Cibubur Mall (Google Maps/Ciputra Cibubur Mall)

The first Cibubur Mall is the Ciputra Cibubur Mall.

This mall is very famous in the area, you know. So, don’t claim to be Cibubur residents if you’ve never been here, Moms.

Ciputra Cibubur offers all the needs for visitors, from clothing branded to local products.

Shopping home needs you can also visit here. This mall is also equipped with Cinema Complete XXI presents the latest films.

  • Location: Jl. Alternative Cibubur, RT.005/RW.011, Jatikarya, Kec. Jatisampurna, Bks City, West Java 17435.
  • Operational hour: Every day at 10.00 WIB—22.00 WIB.

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2. Trans Studio Mall Cibubur

Apart from being in Bandung, Trans Studio Mall is also in Cibubur! In fact, this one shopping center is quite popular among the people of Jabodetabek.

Not only go for a walk relax while shopping, visitors can also enjoy the rides provided.

Guaranteed, this place will not make visitors confused about choosing activities.

Apart from the play area, Trans Studio Mall Cibubur also provides the TSM XXI Cinema, branded goods outlets, and culinary delights that you shouldn’t miss!

  • Location: Jl. Alternative Cibubur No. 230 A, Harjamukti, Kec. Cimanggis, Depok City, West Java 16454.
  • Operational hour: Every day at 10.00 WIB—22.00 WIB.

3. Cibubur Junction Mall

The next Cibubur Mall is Cibubur Junction Mall which is suitable for relaxing. This mall still exists even though it has been around for a long time.

Even still crowded though is in a pandemic, you know. In this mall there is a Hypermart that fulfills household needs.

To provide a culinary center in famous restaurants. If you want to relax, of course this mall also provides coffee shop to chat.

Don’t forget the Cinemaxx cinema and Inul Vitza Karaoke to meet the entertainment needs of Moms and their families.

  • Location: Jl. Jamboree No.1, RW.7, Cibubur, Kec. Ciracas, City of East Jakarta, West Java 13720.
  • Operational hour: Every day at 08.30 WIB—22.00 WIB.

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4. Metropolitan Mall Cibubur

Metropolitan Cibubur Mall

Photo: Metropolitan Mall Cibubur (Google Maps/Metropolitan Mall Cibubur)

This shopping center was developed by PT. Metropolitan Land Tbk which is located in the Metland transyogi area and is connected to housing, apartments, business areas, to hospitals.

This mall is known to have a middle to upper class target market and offers a variety of entertainment options.

Starting from Gramedia, Cinema XXI, and other outlets.

  • Location: Jl. Metropolitan Park City, Cileungsi Kidul, Kec. Cileungsi, Bogor Regency, West Java 16820.
  • Operational Hours: Every day at 10.00 WIB—22.00 WIB.

5. Cibubur Square

The next Cibubur Mall is Cibubur Square. The mall is fairly popular and is often used as a place to rest or relax for visitors.

Just like other malls, Cibubur Square provides outlets and tenants that meet the needs of visitors.

Not to be left behind, this mall provides restaurants and cafes to reminisce on the past because this mall has been established since 2010.

  • Location: Jl. Rest Area KM X No. 7, RW. 1, Cipayung, Kec. Cipayung, City of East Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 13840.
  • Operational hour: Every day 24 hours

6. Plaza Cibubur

Just like other malls, visitors can buy a variety of necessities and other equipment at Plaza Cibubur.

In addition, this mall is also very suitable for relaxing and spending free time. There are several entertainment venues that can be visited in the mall, such as the XXI cinema.

If you are not satisfied, visitors can come to popular restaurants, such as McDonalds, J.Co Donuts, Hokben, and many others.

  • Location: Jl. Transyogi, RT.001/RW.003, Jatikarya, Kec. Jatisampurna, Bks City, West Java 17435.
  • Operational hour: Every day at 09.00 WIB—21.00 WIB.

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Advantages of Going to the Mall

Mall illustration

Photo: Illustration Mall

So, now that you know the list of Cibubur malls, it’s time to know the advantages of going to the mall that you may not have realized.

1. Cools the Body

As you know, almost all malls are closed and air-conditioned rooms. So, when the weather is hot or rainy, going to the mall can be an alternative.

Visitors don’t need to worry about moving places because the mall always provides everything visitors need.

In fact, the mall is an ideal place to avoid hot weather, you know.

2. Convenient

The mall building is specially designed with a comfortable layout. Each store is positioned with the visitor in mind.

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3. There Are Many Special Offers

The mall is a popular place so that many businesses selling in malls offer offers that work with malls.

This is because business people compete with other stores in the mall, so business people make efforts to attract the attention of visitors by providing attractive offers for visitors.

4. Private Vehicle and Pedestrian Friendly

It sounds trivial, but a tourist spot that provides a large parking area is a comfort in itself.

Well, the mall is a place of entertainment that provides lots of parking spaces for visitors and often parking is even provided free of charge.

As soon as you want to enter the mall door, the parking area has a pedestrian zone. For visitors who bring children certainly do not need to bother.

Those are the 6 Cibubur malls and the advantages of spending time at the mall. Have a nice trip, Moms!