6 Binjai Tourism Recommendations for Year-End Holidays, Come Here!

If you are planning a year-end vacation to North Sumatra, don’t just stop by Lake Toba, yes. The reason is, there are many other tourist attractions that are no less interesting. One of them is Binjai tourism.

Binjai is the third largest city in North Sumatra.

Suitable for a refreshing place, Binjai tourism offers a variety of natural beauty that can spoil the eyes.

Curious what tourist objects can be explored in this city which is 22 km from Medan City?

Come on, see the various recommendations for the following Binjai tourist attractions!

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Latest Binjai Tourism Recommendations

Culinary Village

Photo: Culinary Village (Deliserdangmall.com)

To arrive in Binjai, Moms only takes about 45 minutes by car from Medan City.

There are many famous and interesting Binjai attractions to visit with your family, including:

1. Florida Beach

Quoted from one tourist travel page on the island of SumatraFlorida Beach is actually a natural bath located not far from Binjai.

The exact location is in Namu Ukur Village, Sei Bingai, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra.

Here, Moms can bathe in fresh, clear and natural water while enjoying the cool and beautiful scenery.

Moms can freely swim and play under the waterfall too, you know!

The entrance ticket to Florida Beach is quite affordable, which is IDR 5,000 per person.

Around this Binjai tourist spot is also surrounded by many inns.

So, Moms don’t need to worry if you want to enjoy the holidays even longer than planned.

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2. Binjai Culinary Village

Not only filled with famous tourist attractions, Binjai tourism also offers culinary choices that are guaranteed to spoil the tongue.

One of the highlights is the Binjai Culinary Village.

This Binjai culinary tour is located on Jalan Soekarno Hatta, 100 meters from the Binjai Train Station and 50 meters from the Binjai Super Mall.

Even though it’s a concept food courtBinjai Culinary Village seems to have its own charm, you know!

Moms can choose an area outdoors or indoor.

In the food court Various are also available standsoutlets, and cafes with various menus.

One of them is the Arabica Rooftop Cafe which offers a flying noodle menu.

Moms can also taste Penyet chicken Joko Solo, Village Noodle Soup, Aceh noodles Wak Abu, to Pecel Bude Murni which is no less delicious.

3. Binjai Surprised Market

Want to enjoy Binjai tourism at night? Try visiting the Binjai Surprised Market.

This market opens at 6 pm, located at Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani No. 172, Binjai Week, Binjai City District, Binjai City.

Present as a night tourist spot in Binjai, Moms can sample a variety of foods that are sold at affordable prices.

Starting from Egyptian martabak, boiled clams, canai breadand various other special menus.

Not only that, this culinary village also has many interesting spots to take pictures with, you know!

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4. Binjai Selfie Park

Binjai Selfie Park

Photo: Binjai Selfie Park (Travelingmedan.com)

Taman Selfie is a cafe with a green open space concept with a unique and attractive decoration.

This Binjai tourist spot is located on Jalan MT Haryono no 2, Pepper Gardens, North Binjai, North Sumatra Province.

Carrying the concept semi outdoor that blends with nature, this cafe is filled with shady trees that give a cool and beautiful impression.

Here, Moms can enjoy culinary while taking pictures and relaxing with family.

There are lots of great photo spots instagrammablestarting from tree Housethatched houses, to aesthetic European style houses.

If you visit at night, the twinkling decorative lights will make the atmosphere of the cafe even more beautiful esthetics.

In fact, Moms can also take pictures while wearing unique costumes typical of other countries, you know!

This place is also suitable for children to play because there is a mini golf arena.

Apart from that, you can also invite your children to feed the fish.

To be able to take a vacation here, you need to spend IDR 15,000 per person as an entrance ticket fee.

If your little one wants to feed the fish, prepare an additional fee of IDR 10,000, Moms!

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5. Dewi Sri RTH Park

Dewi Sri Green Open Space Park is one of the newest interesting tourist attractions in Binjai to visit.

The location of the Dewi Sri RTH Park is on Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Binjai Kota District, Binjai City, North Sumatra.

In this place, you can witness the view of the Mencirim River flowing through the residential areas.

You can also see various colorful houses to see the sunrise from here, you know!

6. Merdeka Park Binjai

Merdeka Binjai Park is suitable to be a tourist destination when you visit Binjai.

The location is located on Tangsi Street, Binjai Kota District, Binjai City, North Sumatra.

With an area of ​​1.5 hectares, this park is filled with lots of beautiful flowers and photo spots with the family.

Apart from that, around the park area there are also many modern to traditional culinary menus that are ready to be tasted.

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So, those are various recommendations for Binjai tours that are suitable for visiting with family during the year-end holidays. Interested in visiting which tourist attractions first, Moms?