5 Tourist Attractions in Loji Karawang and its Surroundings for Healing Places

Loji Karawang is one of the areas located in Karawang district, West Java. The area is surrounded by hills and mountains making it suitable to be used as a tourist destination for tourists healing.

The natural scenery is green and beautiful and the air is cool can make you relieve fatigue and stress from daily activities.

In addition, there are lots of natural attractions that can be found at Loji Karawang. Starting from the hill tour, waterfall tourto village tours.

Apart from being known for its tourist attractions, Loji is also known as an alternative route to go to Bogor so for Moms who want to go to Bogor for the weekend, they can stop by here first.

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Loji Karawang Tourism for Healing

healing very necessary to make a sense of stress does not accumulate. By doing healingMoms mind can be clear again.

For the choice of tourist recommendations for Loji Karawang, of course there are lots of them.

Below are five Loji Karawang tours that are suitable for you to visit healing, namely as follows.

1. Pine Peak Twin Hills

Pinus Loji Peak

Photo: Puncak Pinus Loji (instagram.com/@tinaaml_)

The first Loji Karawang tour is Puncak Pinus, which presents views of the hills and very green forests.

To be able to enjoy beautiful viewMoms definitely have to climb for a few minutes because this tourist spot is at an altitude of about 550 meters above sea level.

As the name implies, in this tourist spot there are many pine trees along the hiking trails.

If you bring a two-wheeled motorized vehicle, Moms can ride it with a vehicle.

But if you bring a four-wheeled vehicle, you have to leave the vehicle at the foot of the hill, then walk to climb.

If you are tired of climbing, there are local motorcycle taxis that can take you to the top location by paying a fee of around Rp. 10,000-15,000 per person.

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This natural tourist spot is quite hidden in location, so it is often dubbed as hidden gems-its Karawang.

One of the unique things that you can get when you visit the Loji Karawang tourist spot is the many instagramable spots for taking pictures that are provided by the management.

So Moms can take as many photos as they want with instagramable spots and charming natural scenery.

Location: Cintawargi, Tegalwaru District, Karawang, West Java 41362

Opening hours: 24 hours

Entrance ticket: IDR 10,000 per person

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2. Green Canyon Lodge

Green Canyon Loji

Photo: Green Canyon Loji (instagram.com/@wisnurushadi)

One of the other hidden gems in Loji Karawang is a tourist destination called Green Canyon Loji.

This Loji Karawang tourist destination at first glance is indeed similar to Green Canyon located in Arizona, United States of America.

Green Canyon Loji Karawang was formed due to the erosion of the Cijulang River so that it looks like a rock basin.

The water here is turquoise with a seven meter high waterfall at the end.

At Green Canyon Loji Karawang, you can swim, play in the water, take pictures, and calm down because this tourist location is relatively quiet.

Location: Tonjong Roke Village, Medalsari Village, Pangkalan District, Karawang Regency, West Java

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 06.00-18.00

Ticket price: free

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3. Curug Bandung Loji Karawang

Curug Bandung Loji Karawang

Photo: Curug Bandung Loji Karawang (karawang.center.com)

You can also find waterfall tours at Loji Karawang. Waterfall tour or better known as this waterfall tour is located under the rigid Mount Sanggabuana.

Even though the name is Curug Bandung Loji Karawang, the location is not in Bandung but only in Karawang.

Curug Bandung has a height of up to 25 meters and is surrounded by shady and dense trees.

The air here is very cool so it is suitable to serve as location healing.

The water discharge here is quite heavy, even during the dry season.

The swift discharge of water here makes you have to be careful when playing in the water and swimming here.

Location: Mekarbuana, Tegalwaru District, Karawang Regency, West Java

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price of admission: IDR 10,000 per person

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4. Cigentis Waterfall

Cigentis Waterfall

Photo: Cigentis Waterfall (instagram.com/zulkarnaen_2112)

Apart from the Bandung Loji Karawang Waterfall, there is also the Cigentis Waterfall which is located quite close together because they are both on Mount Sanggabuana.

Cigentis waterfall has a height that is not much different from Bandung waterfall with a height of up to 100 meters above sea level.

When compared to Curug Bandung, Curug Cigentis has more adequate facilities because it is managed very well.

Moms can find many gazebos as a place to relax while enjoying waterfall view.

Location: Mekarbuana, Tegalwaru District, Karawang Regency, West Java

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price of admission: IDR 20,000 for Monday-Friday, IDR 25,000 for Saturday-Sunday

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5. Karawang Tourist Village

Tourist Village

Photo: Tourist Village (instagram.com/kampungturis_)

The last Loji Karawang tourist spot is the Karawang Tourist Village. In contrast to other tourist destinations, Karawang Tourist Village is very family friendly so it is suitable to be used as family travel.

However, you can also come here alone or with friends healing.

Karawang Tourist Village is a lodging village that has natural nuances with a cool and beautiful atmosphere.

Here you can do many activities such as fishing, seeing various animals at the mini zoo, swimming on the rides water parkplay flying foxto ride a duck boat.

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To be able to enjoy the rides here, you have to pay an additional fee of between IDR 10,000-IDR 40,000.

Location: Village of Parakan Rhino, Mekarbuana, Tegalwaru District, Karawang

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 09.00-17.00

Ticket price: Free

Those are some of the tourist attractions in Loji Karawang that you can visit alone, with your partner or with friends.

Of the five recommended tourist destinations, which one do you most want to visit in person?