3 Recommendations for Restaurant Plaza Indonesia that You Must Try

Plaza Indonesia Jakarta, offers a luxury shopping experience with maximum facilities and services. Various boutiques brandedclassy restaurants, five-star hotels to staff service that is ready to serve domestic and foreign tourists.

Not just shopping and having fun, you can also visit various celebrations and art events that are usually present at this shopping center. Interested in visiting? Let’s look at the important information below first!

Plaza Indonesia

Plaza Indonesia is one of the popular shopping centers in Jakarta and a tourist attraction for the city. The building has 4 floors with an area of ​​up to 38,050 square meters and is in the middle of the city, precisely on Jalan MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30 and Jalan Kebon Kacang Raya around the main business area.

This shopping center was inaugurated and started operating in early 1990 with Plaza Indonesia Realty as the developer. Over time, this area expanded its function as a venue for art events and film awards.

There are events like “Plaza Indonesia Film Festival” with different friends every year. Then there is the “Movie Clinic” which provides discussion sessions with professionals in their fields such as Joko Anwar, Tara Basro, Mira Lesmana, Ical Tanjung, Riri Riza and Chitra Subiyakto.

Some of the goods and services sold here include various luxury boutiques, jewelery and watch shops, restaurants and shops with heavy and light menus from abroad, household furniture and electronics stores, health and beauty services, money exchange, ATMs, toy shops. , musical instrument stores and so forth.

This shopping center is open every day. On weekdays you can visit from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., while on holidays the area is open longer from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

During this pandemic, Plaza Indonesia Realty required visitors to implement and supervise health protocols together. So for those of you who visit, don’t forget to keep your distance, wear a mask, always maintain personal hygiene and make sure you are in good health when you visit.

Shopping Privileges Plaza Indonesia

For all visitors who shop, the management has prepared various special shopping rights for consumers. Here are some services that you can enjoy!

Tourist Pass

This one facility is very useful for domestic and foreign tourists who visit. This service provides a variety of attractive offers that make your shopping experience even more enjoyable.

To get tourist pass You can register here at Concierge at Level 1 by bringing a KTP or SIM identity card for domestic tourists and passports for foreign tourists.


On service concierge at Level 1 there are various facilities such as photocopying, printing, scanning and faxing. Likewise other services that ensure your convenience for shopping and your vacation around Jakarta.

You can make restaurant reservations and get some recommendations, get travel and transportation assistance, tourist information, lost and found, charging place cellphone, stroller or baby push, up to wheelchair. In addition you can get vouchers shop at certain outlets here.

For your information, the closest inn to this area is Hotel Grand Hyatt Jakarta which is a five-star hotel with 300 modern minimalist rooms, an exclusive restaurant and complete facilities.

Member Cards

Lots of interesting facilities and opportunities when you have a membership card or member card. To get it, visitors can take care of it in the section Concierge with written requirements.

You can alsoupdates membership card starting from the level Silver, Gold until Platinum. Of course, the higher the level, the more prizes and chances to win the lottery.

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Plaza Indonesia Restaurant

It’s not just a fancy place with a variety of goods branded only what makes this shopping center special, one of the biggest attractions for visitors is due to the various restaurants in Plaza Indonesia.

The comfortable place, delicious food and very friendly service to visitors have made many people come to try various popular dishes at Plaza Indonesia Restaurant.

Dozens of restaurants and various foreign snacks are waiting for you to visit. So that you don’t get confused when you come, this time Advontura provides some of the best restaurant recommendations in Plaza Indonesia. Here’s the list!

Cork and Screw Plaza Indonesia

Plaza Indonesia restaurant
Plaza Indonesia Restaurant (Photo by zomato com)

Cork and Screw Plaza Indonesia serves a variety of European and Asian fusion menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner your best. Not to forget they also provide a variety desserts and drinks as dessert.

Established since 2007, this restaurant has a comfortable feel but still reads modern and sophisticated. They also have many choices wine quality that you can enjoy with other mainstay menus such as steak fresh meats, tapas and salads.

For Advontura friends who are interested in visiting Cork and Screw Plaza Indonesia, you can go to Level 1 from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 9 pm. While the menu offered has a price range from IDR 250,000.00 to IDR 400,000.00.

Momo Paradise Plaza Indonesia

As the name suggests, Momo Paradise Plaza Indonesia is indeed “a lover’s paradise All You Can Eat Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki. It is located on Level 5. They provide various kinds of meat and vegetables in a comfortable atmosphere with wooden ornaments and food served beautifully and fresh.

This restaurant in Plaza Indonesia is also one of the best places to eat shabu-shabu and sukiyaki in Jakarta. This is not strange because starting from the taste to the service provided is always maximal and makes many people want to come back.

What’s more, this restaurant is a type of dining place that can be enjoyed by a crowd so that the dining experience becomes even more exciting and enjoyable.

Because using the concept All You Can Eat, You have to finish all the food for 90 minutes. But considering that it tastes good and is eaten with loved ones, it’s easy to finish all the menu in 90 minutes.

There are several packages that you can try, but one that many people like is AYCE Packages. 1 serving of AYCE consists of 20 types home grown vegetables and mushrooms, 100% pasteurized eggs, rice, ramen, 4 kinds of broth, chicken balls, udon, tofu, sauce, ice cream and mochi. For the choice of meat consists of 3 packages.

First, US Beef Package with US Chuck eye roll and US Short Plate. Current price lunch Rp. 118,000.00 and Rp. 118,000.00 for children and the elderly. For dinner the price is set at IDR 220,000.00 or IDR 148,000.00 for children and the elderly.

Second, Wagyu Packages with US Chuck eye roll, US Short Plate, Wagyu Bolar Blade, and Wagyu Brisket. Current price lunch Rp. 228,000.00 and Rp. 178,000.00 for children and the elderly. For dinner at a fixed price of IDR 358,000.00 or IDR 228,000.00 for children and the elderly.

Third, Premium Wagyu Packages with US Chuck eye roll, US Short Plate, Wagyu Bolar Blade, Wagyu Brisket and Wagyu Chuck Eye Roll. Current price lunch Rp. 358,000.00 and Rp. 228,000.00 for children and the elderly. For dinner at a fixed price of IDR 428,000.00 or IDR 298,000.00 for children and the elderly.

Tiger Sugar Plaza Indonesia

For Boba lovers and who prefer to eat outside rather than have a heavy meal, you can stop by Tiger Sugar Plaza Indonesia. Their concept is Less is More makes the taste of the drink different from other Boba outlets.

Tiger Sugar Plaza Indonesia is a famous boba drink shop in Taiwan which is now present in Indonesia. The texture of the black balls is so chewy and pleasant that they are not hard to swallow. The taste is not too sweet and the various toppings that add to the taste make this outlet always in demand by buyers.

The price also varies from IDR 25,000.00 for one glass to IDR 45,000.00. Their mainstay menus include the Brown Sugar Boba Series, the Brown Sugar Pearl Series and the Brown Sugar Latte Series.

Haluu World Plaza Indonesia

Haluu WorldPlaza Indonesia
Haluu World Plaza Indonesia (Photo by casaindonesia.com)

As a place to shop and have fun, this time visitors are invited to go on an adventure at Haluu Word Plaza Indonesia. An art installation created by various artists talented in this country.

‘Haluu’ doesn’t mean hallucination it means ‘wish’ in Finnish. Hello, Word Plaza Indonesia tries to visualize a dream world. Like in the “Moulin Rouge” area with giraffe heads with flamingo legs and a pool full of roses in the “Bed of Roses”.

This dream also has meaning, such as dreams of marriage, past memories and so on. But there are also other areas that invite visitors to reminisce on styrofoam noodles, legendary cracker cans to Indonesian chicken bowls.

There are 9 zones in it, including Path to Riches, Carousel of Life, Bullshit ZOne, Castle in the Sky, Overgrowth, Spectrum, Sand of Possibility, Possibilities and Fondest Memories. In each area, you can feel a variety of different experiences.

Meanwhile, some of the main photo spots are Moulin Rouge, Applaze Maze, Fish in the Ocean, Bloon, Bed of Roses and some others. In this photo area you only have 1 to 2 minutes, so make sure to bring the necessary items and use a camera with a lens wide-angle yes.

The exhibition is located on the 5th floor with a ticket price of Rp. 90,000.00 on weekdays and Rp. 110,000.00 on holidays. You can visit from 10 am to half past 10 pm. But this time, Haluu World Plaza Indonesia is no longer open for a while. Let’s wait for their next arrival!

Thus our discussion this time with Plaza Indonesia! Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for it holiday alternatives around Jakarta. See you on other interesting travel discussions!

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