14 Latest Tourist Attractions in Ponorogo & More Hits Visited

Ponorogo is a district in East Java, Indonesia, which has an area of ​​approximately 1,372 square kilometers. Besides being famous for its reog and barong arts, Ponorogo also has a hidden tourist paradise that you must visit.

Each region must have its own wealth and uniqueness, including Ponorogo district. The uniqueness of this hidden paradise in Ponorogo has its own sensation, the polish of God’s creation in Ponorogo will be able to amaze those of you who visit its tourist destinations.

Ponorogo has many unique and interesting tourist attractions ranging from nature tourism, history, water rides and several other interesting tours. If you want to plan a vacation, Ponorogo can be one of the tourist lists that you must visit.

1. Widodaren Waterfall Tour

Widodaren Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps Venom Neo

Widodaren Waterfall is divided into two parts and is classified as a waterfall that is not too heavy, making it one of the unique waterfalls in Ponorogo district. Even though the water is not too heavy, the depth under this waterfall reaches up to 10 meters.

The color of the water which is still clear green indicates that the Widodaren Waterfall area is still beautiful and untouched by human hands. Located in Tritis Hamlet, Talun Village, Ngebel District, to enjoy it you need to make a little effort because the facilities to get there are not very complete or still minimal.

Ticket price: -; Folder: Location Check
Address: Bulu Lor Village, Kec. Jambi, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

2. Coban Lawe Waterfall Tour

Coban Lawe Waterfall Tourism
LImage Credit: Google Maps Venom Neo

Unlike other waterfalls which usually have one stream, Coban Lawe Waterfall has four streams so it looks unique and amazing. This unique flow shape makes Coban Lawe Waterfall interesting to visit.

The condition of the water that is heavy and still clear even in the dry season makes you able to visit Coban Lawe Waterfall in any season. If you are interested in visiting this waterfall, it is located in Krisik Village, Pudak sub-district, Ponorogo district.

Ticket price: IDR 5,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Krisik Village, Kec. Pudak, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

3. Pletuk Waterfall Tourism

Pletuk Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps Desy Ratna

Having a height of up to 100 meters is the highest waterfall in Ponorogo district and is located in the middle of a hilly area. Making Pletuk Waterfall one of the natural attractions that is still beautiful and natural that you must visit.

The beauty of this extraordinary and amazing waterfall does not discourage travelers from visiting it even though the access road to get there is still lacking in facilities. It is located in Kranggan Hamlet, Jurug Village, Sooko District.

Ticket price: IDR 5,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Kranggan, Setumbal, Jurug, Sooko, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

4. Elephant Mountain Tour

Elephant Mountain
Image Credit: Google Maps Zainal Arifin

Located in Gajah Village, Sambit sub-district, Mount Gajah Tourism is a great tourist spot for you to visit with friends. Elephant Mountain Tourism is generally the same as other mountain tours, that is, you can set up a tent if you are at the top and enjoy the beautiful twinkling lights or watch the sunset and sunrise.

Tourist Attractions in Ponorogo, East Java this is perfect for lovers of trekking and camping. To get to the top of the mountain the traveler must do trekking to be able to enjoy the beauty of the elephant mountain peak.

Ticket price: IDR 15,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Ngemplak, Munggu, Bungkal, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

5. Tumpak Pare Tourism

Piled Pare
Image Credit: Facebook All About Ponorogo

Tumpak Pare Tour is a tour that offers wide views of grass. When visiting during the dry season the beauty of the grass will look yellow or orange but if the rainy season will look green.

It is located in Cepoko Village, Ngrayun sub-district, in the same direction if you are heading to Elephant Mountain Tourism. Very good for lovers of photography activity.

Ticket price: -; Folder: Location Check
Address: Slorok, Cepoko, Ngrayun, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

6. Pringgitan Peak

Pringgitan Peak
Image Credit: Google Maps Yunos Arosyid

Located in Wates Village, Slahung sub-district, Ponorogo district, it is perfect to see the beautiful atmosphere of the night in Ponorogo from a height. The twinkling lights that are presented from the top of the pringitan spoil your eyes when you visit here.

To go to this beautiful place you have to do trekking first and have to bring your own equipment because there are no facilities provided.

Ticket price: Free; Folder: Location Check
Address: Wates Village, Kec. Slahung, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

7. Beruk Mountain Tourism

Beruk Mountain
Image Credit: Google Maps Agus Satriyono

Located in Karangpatihan Village, Balong sub-district, Ponorogo district, Mount Beruk Tourism is often referred to as the blue river of Ponorogo. It is not surprising that this tourist attraction in Ponorogo is very trending among the surrounding community.

On this tour visitors can enjoy nature which is very beautiful and natural and can take pictures with the facilities provided. This tour is open every day, but if you want to see extraordinary and unique views you can visit it in the morning or evening.

Ticket price: IDR 5,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Patihan Reef, Balong, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

8. Ngebel Lake Tourism

Ngebel Lake
Image Credit: Google Maps Marc Dnzwr

Being the most popular tour in Ponorogo district, it offers a very wide and beautiful natural panorama. Having an area of ​​approximately 5 square kilometers can relax your eyes.

The natural scenery in this lake will be more beautiful to look at at the sunrise in the morning. To enjoy it, visitors will only be charged a fee of IDR 4,000, the facilities provided are sufficient.

Ticket price: IDR 15,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Ngebel Lake, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

9. Rabbit Park Tour

Rabbit Park Tour
Image Credit: Google Maps Novia Anjelina

Only by paying a ticket of IDR 3,000, visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature that is presented in this rabbit park. With a substation that is high enough, sturdy and safe, visitors can see and enjoy the beautiful scenery presented.

The facilities of this substation are very unique, such as sunflower-shaped, terraced and several other substation model designs which are certainly good to be enjoyed by doing photography around them. This Rabbit Tourism Park is located in Pandak Village, Bulak sub-district, Ponorogo district.

Ticket price: IDR 3,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Pandak, Balong, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

10. Bedes Ponorogo Hill Tourism

Mount Bedes Ponorogo
Image Credit: Google Maps AnfərˈGedəbəl

Presenting stunning and beautiful peak views, Bukit Bedes is visited by many young people to capture the moment here. The natural scenery that is still beautiful makes Bedes Hill the right place to relieve all fatigue.

Situated in Buyut Hamlet, Ngadirejo, Sooko sub-district, Ponorogo district, it presents a view of Mount Shadows that makes the eyes amazed at the uniqueness of God’s creation.

Ticket price: -; Folder: Location Check
Address: Ngadirojo, Sooko, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

11. Tirta Husada Hot Spring Tour

Tirta Husada Hot Springs
Image Credit: Google Maps Abet Yurigen

Located in Wagir Lor Village, Ngebel sub-district, visitors can enjoy the sensation of hot water containing natural sulfur by soaking and playing in this Tirta Husada Hot Spring tour.

Enjoying the atmosphere of Tirta Husada Hot Springs, you only need to pay Rp. 10,000 and you can enjoy this hot spring for a long time. The facilities provided are quite adequate, namely there is a pool provided and the cool natural scenery will make you comfortable being here.

Ticket price: IDR 10,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Jl. Raya Ngebel, Wagir Lor, Ngebel, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

12. Beji Sirah Pool Tour

Beji Sirah Pool
Image Credit: Google Maps Robby Darwis Nasution

At the Beji Sirah Pool location you can enjoy the beauty of nature that is presented, you can jog in this place or cycle. There are water bicycles provided by the manager that you can use for activities here.

Even though it is often heard that there is a mystical story in this place, it does not make it empty of visitors, because it is open 24 hours and you can enjoy its beauty for free. The Beji Sirah Pool is located in Bedinding Village, Sambit sub-district, Ponorogo district.

Ticket price: -; Folder: Location Check
Address: Krajan, Bedinding, Sambit, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

13. Goyang Land Valley Nature Tourism

Tanah Goyang Valley Nature Tourism
Image Credit: Google Maps Doctor D

Visiting Tanah Goyang Valley, you can feel the unique sensation that the land around this valley is shaking naturally. The swaying ground movement makes it the main attraction for visitors who want to feel the sensation first hand.

This Tanah Goyang Valley Tour is located in Pudak Wetan Village, Pudak sub-district, Ponorogo district. Not only the sensation of the ground shaking, but the scenery presented around it is still very beautiful and natural, making anyone’s eyes amazed when they are there.

Ticket price: -; Folder: Location Check
Address: Ngelo, Pudak Wetan, Pudak, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

14. Supuh Waterfall

Supuh Waterfall
Image Credit: Google Maps Fidia Tantra

The tourist attraction of Suntung Waterfall is very well known among the people of Ponorogo, because this waterfall has its own uniqueness because even though in summer the water never dries up, it remains swift and has a beautiful and natural environment.

Having a water height of about 50 meters, this waterfall is located in Selur Village, Ngrayun sub-district, Ponorogo district. Access and facilities to this waterfall are quite adequate and good, you can enjoy Suntung Waterfall only by paying a ticket of IDR 5,000 per person.

Ticket price: IDR 5,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Dukuh Sambi, Selur, Kec. Ngrayun, Kab. Ponorogo, East Java.

Those are some beautiful tourist destinations in Ponorogo that you must visit. Every place definitely has its own uniqueness and you must make the uniqueness of heaven in Ponorogo district your next vacation playlist.