10+ Recommended Lembang Villas, Suitable for New Year’s Holidays with Family, Starting at IDR 1 Million!

Before traveling to Lembang with your family, make sure you have researched various recommendations for Lembang villas that are suitable as a place to spend the night.

Villa is the right lodging if Moms want vacation with family.

Especially if Moms go on vacation to Lembang which is a favorite vacation spot in the Bandung area.

Because, in Lembang there are various interesting tourist attractions, such as Floating Market, Lembang Park & ​​Zoo, Orchid Forest Cikoleuntil Dairy Farmhouse.

Then, villas are not only able to accommodate large families, usually also provide various facilities that can be enjoyed, such as private pool.

That way, if you are planning a year-end vacation to Lembang, you need to know some of the Lembang villa recommendations.

For that, see some recommendations for Lembang villas that are suitable as a place to stay with family, here!

13 Lembang Villa Recommendations

To help Moms determine which villa is suitable for families, here are recommendations for villas in Lembang.

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1. Villa ChavaMinerva

Villa ChavaMinerva

Photo: Villa ChavaMinerva (Instagram/villachavaminerva)

The first Lembang villa recommendation is Villa ChavaMinerva.

This villa is designed with a unique concept, namely in the form of a stilt house where the entire building is made of bamboo.

Interestingly, this stilt house design is claimed to be more earthquake resistant and of course environmentally friendly.

So, if you and your family like lodging with a traditional concept, ChavaMinerva Villa is the right choice.

This villa is also equipped with a large garden which is suitable as a place for the whole family to gather.

Interested in staying here, Moms?

Rental price: Starting from IDR 957,468/night.

Location: Jalan Lapang Desa, Rt.1/11, Cibogo Village, Lembang, Bandung.

2. Villa Istana Bunga

Flower Palace Villa

Photo: Villa Istana Bunga (Instagram/villa_istana_bunga)

Villa Istana Bunga provides complete facilities to pamper its visitors, including private pool.

For Moms who are on vacation with a large family, this villa is suitable to choose because it has a capacity of up to more than 25 people.

This villa also provides beautiful mountain views and a cool surrounding.

This certainly makes the attractiveness of this Lembang villa increase.

Rental price: starting from IDR 1.3 million/night.

Location: Colonel Masturi Street, Km 9 Parongpong, Lembang.

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3. Oemah Kajoe

Uncle Kajoe

Photo: Oemah Kajoe (Instagram/oemahkajoelembang)

The next Lembang villa recommendation is Oemah Kajoe. Oemah Kajoe is a villa with a building made of wood.

So that makes this villa have a quite different atmosphere compared to villa buildings in general.

This villa can accommodate up to 12 people and is equipped with various facilities, such as lounges shared and free wifi.

Not only that, Oemah Kajoe also provides facilities barbecue to enliven the moment get together with family.

Interestingly, the owner of the villa lives right next to the inn, so you don’t have to worry if you need something.

Rental price: Starting from IDR 1.5 million/night.

Location: Jalan Bukagara II No. 168.

4. Serene Hill, A Luxury Family Villa

Serene Hill, A Luxury Family Villa

Photo: Serene Hill, A Luxury Family Villa (Agoda)

Want to staycation to Lembang, but worried about pets at home? Eits, don’t worry Moms.

Serene Hill, A Luxury Family Villa can answer Moms’ worries.

The reason is, this villa allows visitors to bring pets, you know.

So, Moms can still staycation without worrying about pets in the house.

Interestingly, Moms will also be spoiled with mountain views Tangkuban boat and cool mountain air.

Rental price: Starting from IDR 2 million/night.

Location: Jalan Sukanagara No. 288, Pagerwangi, Lembang.

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5. Villa 121 Lembang

Villa 121 Lembang

Photo: Villa 121 Lembang (planetofhotels.com)

If you want to spend the night in a villa with an old-fashioned atmosphere, Villa 121 Lembang can be your next alternative.

This villa, which adopts the characteristics of a traditional building, has 3 bedrooms with a maximum capacity of 12 people.

This villa also provides gazebos complete with a fireplace to light a bonfire, perfect for warming up the night atmosphere of Moms and family.

Interested in reminiscing in this past-style villa?

Rental price: IDR 2 million/night.

Location: Jl. Maribaya No. 121 Cikidang, Lembang.

6. Boscha Villas 101

Boscha Villas 101

Photo: Boscha Villas 101 (tiket.com)

Mediterranean style, this villa can be a reference for the next villa in Lembang.

This villa has facilities infinity private pool with a beautiful view of trees and lakes.

Interestingly, this villa is not far from tourist destinations Dago Dream ParkFloating Market, and Bird & Bromelia Pavilion.

Rental price: Starting from IDR 2.5 million/night.

Location: Kampung Areng RT 03/08, Wangunsari Village, Lembang.

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7. Villa Laurent

Villa Laurent

Photo: Villa Laurent (PegiPegi)

Confused looking for a villa that can accommodate 25 people? Villa Laurent is one of the answers.

This 2-storey villa provides 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms that can be used by visitors.

Not only that, this villa also has private pool and karaoke place which can add to the excitement of Moms and family holidays.

To practice family cohesiveness, Moms can also invite all family members to play games in the gazebo provided by the villa manager.

Have you imagined the excitement, right, Moms?

Rental price: Starting from IDR 4 million/night.

Location: The area of ​​the Istana Bunga Villa complex, Parongpong, Lembang.

8. D’Green Villa

D'Green Villa

Photo: D’Green Villa (Instagram/dgreenvilla)

The next recommended villa in Lembang is D’Green Villa.

This villa has a contemporary architectural style that can accommodate up to 15 people.

This villa which consists of 2 floors will pamper you with facilities private pool and jacuzzi.

D’Green Villa also has a balcony on the 2nd floor which is a perfect place to relax while enjoying the beautiful night sky.

Rental price: Starting from IDR 6,600,000/night.

Location: Jalan Maribaya No. 8 Sukamanah Langensari, Lembang.

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9. Villa Lord Residence

Villa Lord Residence

Photo: Villa Lord Residence (sewavilla.org)

This inn has 3 fully furnished floors private pool to add to the excitement of the Moms and extended family holidays.

The location is also strategic, not far from tourist destinations, such as Bamboo Village and Rainbow Waterfall.

Rental price: Starting from IDR 8 million/night.

Location: The area of ​​the Istana Bunga Villa complex, Parongpong, Lembang.

10. Villa Air Natural Resort

Villa Air Natural Resort

Photo: Villa Air Natural Resort (Instagram/vilaairnaturalresort)

Villas with natural nuances are villas that have been chosen to spend the night while on vacation.

Well, one of the villas with natural nuances to choose from is Villa Air Natural Resort.

Villa Lembang is designed with a wooden interior, in line with the concept of a Japanese house.

In addition, there is a pool right in front of the villa which also adds to the natural impression of this villa.

There are various other exciting facilities that Moms and their families can enjoy here, including tennis courts and swimming pool.

Rental price: Starting from IDR 9 million/night.

Location: The area of ​​the Istana Bunga Villa complex, Parongpong, Lembang.

11. Dalil Putra Villa

Dallil Putra Villa

Photo: Dallil Putra Villa (Booking.com)

The next lembang villa is Dallil Putra Villa which is located 11 km from Gedung Sate.

If you stay here, you can bring 5 or more family members.

Because at Dallil Putra Villa there are 3 separate bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. In addition, this villa is also equipped with a beautiful garden and terrace.

If you bring your own vehicle, you also don’t need to worry because this villa has a large free parking area.

Not only can you enjoy the available natural scenery, staying at Dallil Putra Villa, Moms can also do various activities such as hiking and tennis.

Location: Jl. Bukaagara II, 40391 Lembang, Bandung, West Java.

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12. Bandung Lembang Villa

Bandung Lembang Villas

Photo: Bandung Lembang Villa (Booking.com)

The next Lembang Villa that you can rent is Bandung Lembang Villa.

If you have a large family, this villa can be the right choice.

Because it has 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, TV with cable channels, dining area, kitchen and balcony.

In addition, Bandung Lembang Villa is also a villa in Lembang which has a private pool.

The location of this villa is 7.7 km from Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park.

Then, there are barbecue facilities available in this villa so you can use it for a barbecue agenda at the end of the year.

Rental price: Starting from IDR 2 million/night.

Location: Jl. Sergeant Bajuri Graha Puspa Block D5 no. 8A, 40154 Lembang, Bandung.

13.Prananto Villa

Prananto Villa

Photo: Prananto Villa (Booking.com)

The next Lembang villa that you can rent is the Prananto Villa which is located in Lembang.

The facilities available in this villa are 6 bedrooms and 1 large living room that can accommodate more than 10 guests.

Apart from providing 6 rooms, Prananto Villa is also equipped with a fully equipped kitchen that includes a fridge and a toaster.

Then, Prananto Villa also provides a large parking area and a beautiful terrace for Moms to sunbathe in the morning.

Prananto Villa is located 2 km from Lembang, 37 km from Purwakarta and 11 km from downtown Bandung.

Rental price: Starting from IDR 1.8 million/night.

Location: Jl. Raya Maribaya no. 105, 40391 Lembang, Bandung.

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Those are the 13 recommendations for Lembang villas. Is there a villa that you have “aim for” for your next vacation?