10 Latest & Most Hits Visited Tourist Attractions in Mesuji

Find Various Interesting Tourist Attractions in Mesuji, Lampung. The Best, Newest and Most Popular Natural Attractions to Make Holidays More Memorable.

The Mesuji area is known to be very beautiful and amazing. This area has a different charm from the Bandar Lampung area in general. Lots of surprising places that will dazzle your eyes and ears. The area of ​​2,184 km2 holds a variety of very exotic charms.

You will be spoiled with a variety of natural to modern destinations when visiting Mesuji, Lampung. All of that is used to enjoy modernization but still has a natural feel. Curious? Here are 10 recommendations for tourist attractions in Mesuji that are most visited by tourists.

1. Simpang Pematang Square

Simpang Pematang Square
Image Credit: Google Maps Ryan Greg

This one tourist destination provides cheap and lively entertainment. Only with a vehicle and provisions for snacks, you can already enjoy entertainment in this beautiful place. Many games that can be used with the family. There are also interesting spots that are suitable for taking shelter or just sitting back.

The serene view when the sun is about to set is also a special charm for those who want to enjoy nature. The sun that is setting is very beautiful so it will be easier if you take these precious moments with a quality camera.

Ticket price: Free; Folder: Location Check
Address: Simpang Pematang, Kec. Simpang Pematang, Kab. Mesuji, Lampung.

2. SP8 Dock

SP8 dock
Image Credit: Google Maps Tris Creator Gaming

Actually this pier is used for loading and unloading of ships on the Sidang River. This pier has a beautiful view of the sea and the beach. There are also several interesting spots to take pictures or just sit back and relax. The atmosphere in the afternoon will certainly be different from the atmosphere in the morning because the light is also different. Try to come to this pier in the afternoon, of course the atmosphere will be much more serene. Because in the morning, the sun that appears is not so warm. The viewing angle is also different due to the soft light.

Ticket price: –; Folder: Location Check
Address: Sidang River, Kec. Rawajitu Utara, Kab. Mesuji, Lampung.

3. Biodiversity Park

Kehati Park
Image Credit: Facebook Arry Tkh Raembocs

This one tourist attraction is the most popular destination. The reason is, there are many interesting rides and entertainment that are suitable for all ages. Not only for children, teenagers to adults can also enjoy their respective areas without having to be confused and restless.

With an area of ​​up to 12 hectares, of course the whole day will not be felt. Especially if you play and walk around with loved ones. Call it the Children’s Play Ground, Animal Park Arena, Reservoir Area and Water Tourism. The various water tours include Water Boom, Bird Eye, and View Taman Selfie. You can use all these facilities in one payment.

Ticket price: -; Folder: Location Check
Address: Mekarsari, Kec. Tanjung Raya, Kab. Mesuji, Lampung.

4. GSG Bridge

GG Bridge
Image Credit: Facebook Mesuji Biodiversity Park. Lampung

Next, there is another free and fun tour, namely a colorful wooden bridge called the GSG bridge. Actually this bridge is just an ordinary suspension bridge with a wooden base that is nailed. It’s just that the locals paint the base to make it look more attractive. In addition, the function of paint on wood can also maintain the condition of the wood itself so that it remains strong and sturdy.

For those who like selfies, they will usually take a moment to take photos on this bridge. There are also those who deliberately come from far away just to take selfies in this beautiful place.

Ticket price: -; Folder: Location Check
Address: Jl. Cross Sumatra, Mesuji, Kec. Pematang Panggang, Kab. Ogan Komering Ilir, Lampung.

5. Simpang Pematang Grand Mosque

Simpang Pematang Grand Mosque
Image Credit: Google Maps Adam Althusius

This mosque is suitable as a religious tour for those of you who are Muslim. Because the architecture of this mosque is quite unique and interesting. Although the size of the mosque is not very large, its charm has its own atmosphere. With a traditional style that blends with Middle Eastern culture, this building is very beautiful and charming. When visiting please take a moment to be able to enjoy this beautiful building. Don’t forget to keep the environmental conditions neat and clean.

Ticket price: Free; Folder: Location Check
Address: Simpang Pematang, Kec. Simpang Pematang, Kab. Mesuji, Lampung.

6. Rest Area Way Serdang

Rest Area Way Serdang
Image Credit: Realitalampung.com

As the name implies, this place does provide a comfortable place for a short break from fatigue. Both for adults and those who are underage. This one tourist destination does provide a different charm from other tours in Mesuji City, Province Lampung.

In the Rest Area there is a statue of a farmer which symbolizes a fertile area full of peaceful and prosperous people. In accordance with the daily life of local residents who depend on farming. If you are traveling far away, please just take a short break in this place so that your body can make the journey again. Its location close to the main road is indeed suitable as a rest area.

Ticket price: -; Folder: Location Check
Address: Bakauheni – Kayu Agung Road, Food/King Building, Kec. Way Serdang, Kab. Mesuji, Lampung.

7. Crocodile River

Crocodile River
Image Credit: Google Maps Arif Kurniawan95

Even though it’s called Crocodile River, there are no crocodiles in this place. Precisely this river gives its own extraordinary charm. You can also fish in this calm river flow. If you don’t like fishing, it would be better if you go along the river while on a boat.

The beauty of this crocodile river cannot be underestimated because it is surrounded by beautiful green plants. The charm of the Crocodile River deserves to be used as a photo spot with loved ones. Especially for those of you who want a pre-wedding background in the form of nature and water.

Ticket price: -; Folder: Location Check
Address: Crocodile River, Kec. Rawajitu Utara, Kab. Mesuji, Lampung.

8. Mesuji River

Mesuji River
Image Credit: Twitter Miss

The charm of this river is certainly different from the charm of the Crocodile River. Even though the location is still in the same province, the panorama that is presented is very much different. You can walk around along the river while on a boat. The calm waters can also be used as a perfect fishing location. Come at sunrise because the atmosphere will be very much different. The cold water and warm light will amaze you.

Ticket price: Free; Folder: Location Check
Address: Badak River, Kec. Mesuji, Kab. Mesuji, Lampung.

9. Wiralaga River

Wiralaga River
Image Credit: Facebook around Lampung

Come to this river while enjoying the charm of the sunset. Its orange light makes its own romantic feel. For those of you who like nature, of course you cannot refuse the beauty of this river. Apart from going along the river, you can also catch fish using nets like fishermen in the sea. It’s just that the fish in the river are not as big as those in the sea. The largest size is probably the size of an adult’s hand because local residents often fish in this river.

Ticket price: IDR 5,000; Folder: Location Check
Address: Badak River, Kec. Mesuji, Kab. Mesuji, Lampung.

10. Dance Monument

Dance Monument
Image Credit: Facebook Vacationing in Mesuji

This one tourist destination offers a different charm from the others. There is a statue of young people who are dancing. Both of them use traditional Minang clothes as an effort so that future generations will continue to preserve culture. A custom and culture are very important for future generations so that they don’t fade away in time.

Ticket price: -; Folder: Location Check
Address: Simpang Pematang, Kec. Simpang Pematang, Kab. Mesuji, Lampung.

Those are 10 tourist attractions in Mesuji that you should visit while on vacation. Take a moment to enjoy some of the tourist destinations in this city. Busy activity can make the body feel tired because the brain never stops working. Try taking a moment to go on vacation so your body can refresh again. Don’t forget to invite your family or closest people so that the holiday atmosphere becomes more enjoyable. Let’s go on vacation now.